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th1ahi replaceafill.02:06
replaceafillhey th1a02:06
th1aGlenda seems to have found a bug...02:07
replaceafillwhat is it?02:07
th1aWell, the bottom line is Module schooltool.cando.browser.iep, line 410, in students02:08
th1a    if IStudentIEP(student).active:02:08
th1aUnauthorized: (<schooltool.cando.iep.StudentIEP object at 0x7f2388280758>, 'active', 'schooltool.view')02:08
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mayroniegood night06:31
mayronieanyone there06:47
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th1ahi replaceafill.16:02
replaceafillhey th1a16:02
replaceafillSchool -> Reports -> Custom Export16:02
replaceafilli still need to wire the attendance/report sheets popups16:02
replaceafillbut xls exporting works now16:02
replaceafillwe need a description for the Export as XLS dialog16:02
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hola2buenas, saludos a todos en el canal17:30
hola2paso por aqui para consultar si  SchoolTool tiene algun modulo u opcion para registrar el ingreso de docentes, algo sencillo in greso y salida con reportes que se puedan exportar a varios formatos, texto, pdf, planillas17:32
replaceafillhola2, recien estamos trabajando en un proyecto para desarrollar una vista para esto17:50
replaceafillpero todavia no es parte de la version estandar de SchoolTool17:51
replaceafillprobablemente se integrará al final del año17:51
replaceafillasi es como luce17:54
hola2si eso justo lo que me pidieron17:54
hola2bueno el tema que en mi pais todos los colegios usan software porpietario y muchos son copias sin licencia17:55
hola2entonces estoy buscando alternativa para migrar en los colegios17:55
replaceafillde que pais es hola2?17:55
hola2Sur America17:56
replaceafillyo de El Salvador, Centro America ;)17:56
hola2excelente :D17:56
hola2interesante, este proyecto da muchas herramientas para los colegios y usar ubuntu ideal17:57
hola2estare al tanto del proyecto, me estare capacitando en relacion a este proyecto, cuando tenga esa opcion de los profesores sera una muy buena herramienta para los colegios aqui18:04
replaceafillsi aún no lo ha visto, consulte el libro:18:04
replaceafillhay una traduccion (incompleta) al español18:04
replaceafilly yo usualmente estoy por aca de 11 am - 5 pm hora de bolivia18:06
replaceafillen caso tenga alguna duda18:06
hola2excelente replaceafill18:07
hola2entonces estare por estos lados para molestar xD18:08
hola2replaceafill: muchas gracias amigo :D18:09
replaceafillun gusto hola218:09
replaceafillth1a, you around?18:22
th1aI just arrived back home.18:22
replaceafillquestion about the report sheets dropdown18:22
replaceafillin the custom export18:22
replaceafillwe said we were going to list all the report activities deployed in the year, right?18:23
replaceafillmy question now is18:23
replaceafillthat activity may have been graded in several sections, right?18:24
th1aOh... btw, can you put up david's Data.fs?18:24
replaceafillah ok18:24
replaceafillso, we show the average, right?18:24
th1aI guess we'd have to.18:25
th1aOtherwise it is all different data.18:25
replaceafillyeah, me too18:25
th1aThere's no alternative in this context.18:25
replaceafillin the report card it's not a problem because we list each course18:25
replaceafillbut here, it's just a single column18:26
replaceafilli don't see any18:26
replaceafillkk, i'll code it that way18:26
* replaceafill fixes dally's db18:27
replaceafillth1a, dally is requesting more help19:14
replaceafillhis groups seem empty19:14
th1aOK, yes.19:15
replaceafilli'd need to set up a 2.7 instance + niepa19:15
replaceafillshould i do it now?19:15
th1aI forgot about all that shit.19:15
th1aI completely forgot.19:16
th1aNuke the 2.8, put the 2.7 + niepa in.19:16
th1aI spaced.19:16
replaceafillth1a, 2.7 set, but same issue19:44
replaceafillgroups are empty19:44
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th1areplaceafill, ayt?22:54
replaceafillth1a, yes22:54
th1aDavid sent you a repozo backup.22:54
th1aSo maybe you just need to restore it properly.22:55
* replaceafill looks the book22:56
replaceafillso, i just point repozo to the folder containing the files?22:57
replaceafillth1a, have you run repozo from a sandbox?22:58
replaceafilli don't see it under the bin directory22:59
replaceafillthe vps has it installed though22:59
replaceafillit produced a Data.fs with the same size as the 2014-...fs23:01
replaceafilllet me try starting it23:01
replaceafilli don't think it worked th1a23:02
replaceafillsame issue23:02
th1ajust checking23:03
th1amust be some relationship thing.23:03
th1a(I don't want you derailed by this, to be clear)23:03
replaceafillhere's the output:23:03
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