IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-08-04

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:00
replaceafillhey th1a16:01
th1aHow is it going?16:01
replaceafilli almost finish the xls16:02
replaceafillwe can now convert table formatters to xls16:02
replaceafilli just converted everthing to text though16:02
replaceafillbut adding a column for formatting content as numbers shouldn't be difficult16:03
replaceafillit's basically done16:03
replaceafilli'll update the instance16:03
replaceafillso you can see it16:04
replaceafilllater today16:04
replaceafilland do some QA ;)16:04
replaceafillattainment next, right?16:04
th1aI'll go back over that.16:04
th1aLet me log into my instance.16:05
replaceafilloh and i have the fees left-overs16:05
replaceafill(reports and delete views)16:05
replaceafilli mean, i need to work on those16:05
replaceafillthe views should be quick16:06
replaceafillnot sure about the report, but we'll see16:06
th1aIs there anything we can do to make the attainment info show up in a different section (fieldset, whatever) in Personal Info?16:07
replaceafillmark the fields with prefixes?16:08
replaceafillthat's what we did for the fields for leaving the school16:08
replaceafillto filter them16:08
th1aWhatever it takes.16:09
th1aIt will just look like a mess otherwise.16:09
th1aDoes the person import page look just at column numbers or is it smart enough to look at the header?16:09
replaceafillthe importer still doesn't filter anything16:10
replaceafillit just looks at column numbers16:11
th1aWe should probably change that soonish -- then we'll be able to do things like just let them make a spreadsheet for importing the attainment scores.16:11
replaceafillafter the password column looks for the demographics container16:11
replaceafilli think the importer should use column ids instead of titles16:12
th1aI assume it would not be difficult to make that change.16:12
replaceafillor a combination16:12
th1aThat importer was just done as quickly as possible at some point...16:12
replaceafillthat's one thing i complained over time16:13
replaceafillthat every time we inserted a new column16:13
replaceafillin cando for example16:13
replaceafillwe needed to change all the other numbers16:13
replaceafillcolumns 4 to 1016:14
replaceafillbecame 5 to 1116:14
replaceafilland so on16:14
replaceafilland if you missed one change, chaos16:14
replaceafillnot sure how long it'd take16:14
th1aYeah, it should be fixed, and unless I'm missing something, shouldn't be rocket science.16:14
replaceafillbut we should do it16:14
th1aI mean, these things have ID's presumably.16:14
replaceafilland that's what we should use16:15
replaceafilland the user has the change to set the ID for demographics16:15
th1aAnyhow, that's not an immediate concern, but probably something they'll immediately ask about.16:16
replaceafillso, what goes in the attainment accordion?16:19
th1aI'll go back over those emails.16:19
replaceafillah ok16:19
th1aIt is essentially just a set of scores by subject.16:19
replaceafillattainment should be the only thing left, right?16:19
* replaceafill checks the calendar16:20
th1aDo you want to try a multi-school filtered report if there is time?16:20
replaceafillwhat should be the report about?16:21
th1aI mean, maybe you should do the main package first.16:21
th1aWell, the same xls layout.16:21
replaceafillthe custom export?16:21
th1aYeah.  ;-)16:21
th1aIt might need to be simpler.16:21
th1aLike, maybe you don't get a preview.16:22
replaceafilla sheet per school?16:22
replaceafilli mean, per instance16:22
th1aNo, in aggregate.16:22
replaceafillah ok16:23
th1aThat would be the point?16:23
th1aOr maybe it doesn't make any sense if we think about it...16:23
th1aIt is plausible.16:24
replaceafillwhat i'm afraid of is that we don't have all these services available in the dashboard16:24
replaceafilllike table formatters, etc16:24
th1aYeah, it would be pretty different.16:24
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th1aAt least doesn't sound like a quickie.  ;-)16:24
th1aNever mind.16:25
th1a(for now)16:25
th1aYou could add voiding credits and debits.16:25
th1aI was thinking that's how we should implement it.16:26
replaceafilllike not delete, but don't take into account?16:26
replaceafillin the balance16:26
th1aThat's the way you think of it in accounting, more or less.16:26
replaceafillyeah, i think so16:26
replaceafilldo we keep the Delete action?16:27
th1aI'd say delete IGA's, yes.16:27
th1aIGA's are just not going to be as high stakes as personal accounts.16:27
replaceafillbut i meant, the delete action for student fees, for credits/debits16:28
replaceafillcurrently you can delete them16:28
th1aYes, that would be instead of.16:29
replaceafilloh, cross-schools reports are scheduled for next week16:29
th1aOr maybe just leave it then.16:29
replaceafillah ok16:29
th1aWe're going to take a break from ARK.16:29
th1aUntil September.16:30
th1aFlip the next two months.16:30
th1aAnd as it goes we may delay the whole thing more, frankly.16:30
replaceafillah true16:30
th1aIf we aren't going to get more feedback, we just can't write reports from the air.16:30
replaceafillso, you'll work on defining the attainment fields16:31
replaceafilli'll work on these fixes16:31
replaceafillvoiding, new fee report, etc16:32
th1aIf we have delete, I'm not sure I care about voiding.16:32
th1aI thought we didn't have either for credits and debits.16:32
replaceafillwe do16:32
replaceafillit's in the credit/debit view16:33
replaceafillthe link for deleting is in the credit/debit *edit* view16:34
th1aAh, ok.16:34
replaceafillso, no voiding?16:34
th1aWe can just see if they complain, yeah, skip for now.16:34
th1aOK, I'll read back through the attainment thread and send you an email.16:35
replaceafilli'll go get something to eat16:35
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:36
replaceafillthanks th1a16:36
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th1aI sent you an email, replaceafill.17:21
replaceafillth1a, ah ok17:22
th1aIt seems pretty simple.17:22
th1aJust took a while to figure that out.17:22
replaceafillth1a, so we have Year of sitting PLE and PLE aggregate score17:23
replaceafilland we're adding the PLE subjects17:24
replaceafillone text field for each subject?17:25
replaceafillPLE English, PLE Maths, PLE Sciences and PLE Social Studies?17:25
replaceafillsame for the UCE ones17:25
th1aWe can convert them to ints easily enough when necessary.17:25
replaceafillUCE Math, and so on17:26
th1aI guess.17:26
replaceafillcan you explain the 1-9 pop-ups part?17:26
replaceafillyou mean accordions?17:26
replaceafillor 1-9 dropdowns?17:26
th1aDropdown... menu...17:27
replaceafillPLE scores as text fields and UCE scores as dropdown (1-9) values?17:27
th1aI mean....17:27
th1adropdowns, ideally int values.17:28
th1aAs opposed to just fields.17:28
th1atext fields.17:28
replaceafilli think, currently, demographics enum fields just store text17:28
replaceafillbut i'll check17:28
replaceafillenum fields are the ones that produce the dropdown menues17:29
replaceafilland we present them in a different accordion in the index page for students, right?17:29
replaceafilli mean, in a separate accordion17:30
th1aThey don't necessarily need a whole new accordion, but definitely not just mixing them in with no divider.17:30
replaceafillah ok17:31
replaceafilltheir own section maybe in the Personal Info accordion_17:31
replaceafillsame way we split general info (name, last name) from demographics fields17:31
replaceafilland for editing these?17:32
replaceafillsame person edit view?17:32
replaceafillor a separate edit view?17:32
th1aYeah, just like that should be fine.17:33
th1aJust the split should be ok.17:33
th1aI don't want it to be too high maintenance.17:33
replaceafilland it should be possible to import these values, right?17:33
replaceafillthat's where the IDs change come in play17:34
replaceafillok, i have enough to start17:34
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?19:03
replaceafillth1a, yes19:03
th1aCan you throw up an empty 2.8 instance for David Ally?19:04
replaceafillempty db?19:04
replaceafillor sample data?19:04
replaceafilli just saw the 2.8 part :P19:04
replaceafillon it19:04
th1aEmail david and I the link.19:05
replaceafillth1a, is trunk ok?19:07
replaceafillor do you want 2.8 exactly?19:07
th1aI'd think 2.8 exactly.19:10
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