IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-08-01

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th1ahi replaceafill.15:59
replaceafillhey th1a15:59
th1aSo one thing I reminded myself of this morning is that the Aug. 8 deadline/milestone was entirely made up by me.16:00
th1aWhich is not to say that we should miss it (nor does it look like we will),16:00
th1aI mean, it is contractual, more or less.16:00
replaceafillsure, i think we'll make it16:01
th1aBut it doesn't correspond to anything in particular happening in Uganda.16:01
replaceafillgot it16:01
replaceafilli was wondering about that16:01
replaceafilli mean, about the next step16:01
replaceafill(in Uganda)16:01
th1aSunesh isn't going to be there, etc.16:01
th1aThey weren't like - WE NEED FEES BY AUGUST 8.16:02
th1aSo we may get very little initial response at all from Uganda.16:02
th1a(which is not a bad thing at this point)16:02
replaceafillit'll help us to switch to cando anyway16:02
replaceafillnot having feedback for a while16:02
th1aBasically, if they do give us quick feedback, we should still get the release and CanDo sorted first.16:04
th1aHow is the report coming?16:05
replaceafillmaking progress16:05
replaceafillmost of the add columns options work now16:05
replaceafillexcept for attendance and report sheets16:05
replaceafillright now, the report starts completely empty16:06
replaceafilli was wondering16:06
replaceafillempty = as in no columns16:06
replaceafillin their screenshot it seems they always have the name of the student16:06
replaceafillany particular reason you suggested the Full Name dropdown?16:07
replaceafillcouldn't we just have First Name, Last Name by default when the report is started?16:07
replaceafillit's just weird to me16:07
replaceafilli had to use this:16:07
th1aThat's fine.16:07
replaceafillXXX Add columns to the rep\|    @property16:08
replaceafillort XXX16:08
replaceafillXXX Add columns to the report XXX16:08
replaceafillthe table also lists only students now16:08
th1aI was really just going down through the personal info and it seemed consistent to give them all equal footing, but consistency and usability don't always go together.16:08
replaceafillthere are two things i'd like to have16:08
th1aGood that you're learning to not follow me blindly.  ;-)16:08
replaceafill1. making the table ajaxy16:09
replaceafill2. not using the requests to set the columns16:09
replaceafillfor 1. we just need some JS similar to the Cando Student Skills report16:09
replaceafillbut 2. is trickier16:09
replaceafillyou need to store the columns somehow16:10
replaceafilllike in a session16:10
replaceafillbut we don't use sessions much in ST16:10
replaceafillso i started thinking16:10
replaceafilland remember the timetable wizard16:10
replaceafillthat uses some hidden json in the page16:10
replaceafillto save each selection in each step16:11
replaceafilli think that'll work for 2.16:11
replaceafilland 3.16:11
replaceafillfor table formatters, having something like the rml converter16:12
replaceafillbut for building the xls16:12
replaceafillmaybe all of this seems complicated, and it is...16:12
replaceafillbut i think it's worth having16:12
replaceafilli can see this functionality used in core some day :)16:12
th1aIt is all reasonable.16:13
th1aDo you want to do some of it now?16:13
replaceafilli think i can get the three by monday16:14
replaceafillbut i'll finish the attendance/report sheets dropdowns first16:14
replaceafilljust in case ;)16:14
replaceafillhaving a dumb report is better than not having a perfect one16:14
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th1aWe don't appear to have any real packaging gotchas for this do we?16:15
th1aJust a new fees package.16:15
replaceafillit shouldn't be a problem16:16
th1aDo we really just need a day for that?16:16
replaceafilli just wonder if the new scoresystem scores they requested will need some kind of evolution16:17
replaceafilli need to look16:17
replaceafillbut i don't think it will16:17
th1aYou mean the reverse order?16:17
replaceafillas long as we use the same values for the old scores16:17
th1aOh, for attendance.16:18
replaceafillno, they requested new scores like "absent - justified"16:18
replaceafillyeah, a day of packaging should be enough16:19
replaceafilltoo much maybe :)16:19
replaceafillbut you never know ;)16:19
th1aOK, so loose ends: fee overview report (for school)16:20
th1amake the attainment fields for personal info16:20
replaceafilladd delete option for IGAs16:20
th1aOK.  Nothing too scary.16:21
th1aOK, guess that's it.16:21
replaceafillthanks th1a16:21
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:22
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replaceafillhello mayronie18:49
mayroniei have a problem getting school tool to have it own server_name in Nginx18:49
mayroniei can access it using
mayroniebut i cant access it over the internet18:51
replaceafillare other services in that server accessible from the internet?18:51
mayronieno other services19:02
replaceafilldoes the server has a public IP you can reach?19:03
mayronieNood speaking19:04
mayroniewhat do you mean by the, do you mean my external IP provided by my ISP19:04
mayronieor the servers static IP19:04
replaceafillhave you seen:
replaceafillby default SchoolTool is accessible only to the local interface (
replaceafillby changing the host line to: host =
replaceafilland restarting the schooltool service you make it available to the server's network19:06
mayronieyes read that, i changed the host to: host =
replaceafilland you restarted the schooltool service?19:07
replaceafill$ sudo service schooltool restart19:07
mayroniedone that as well19:07
replaceafillso you should be able to access through http://YOUR_SERVER_PUBLIC_IP:708019:08
replaceafillif that's not possible, it could be some other problem not related to SchoolTool19:08
replaceafilllike a firewall blocking traffic on that port19:09
mayroniegot that running19:10
mayroniebut how do i make school too accessable without using the http://YOUR_SERVER_PUBLIC_IP:7080  over the internet and not just the servers network19:11
replaceafillif SchoolTool shows up in your servers network19:14
replaceafillmaking it accessible from outside depends on your network setup19:15
replaceafillin the past i've seen people installing SchoolTool in their office desktop at school19:16
replaceafilland trying to access it from their laptop at home19:16
replaceafillthat's an entire different issue that what the book explains19:16
mayroniedirect me as to where to find such configuration to access it from off site location19:17
replaceafillall the book has is:
mayronieso is it possible to access it from a seperate network?19:19
replaceafill*if* you know how to set up the access from one network to the other19:20
replaceafilli mean, you need control on every part19:20
replaceafillsuppose i install SchoolTool in my laptop (where i'm typing) and want to give you access to you at your home19:20
mayroniekno any where to go and read such information19:20
replaceafill1. i install SchoolTool and make it public by changing host to
replaceafillthat alone won't give you access to you19:21
replaceafilljust to my home network19:21
replaceafilli'm behind a home router19:21
replaceafilli need to open access there19:22
replaceafilland set up some forwarding19:22
replaceafilland my home ISP allows me to route traffic in any port19:22
replaceafillbut not all do19:22
replaceafillif i get to that point (set up access and forwarding in my router)19:23
replaceafillyou may not be able to access it19:23
replaceafillmaybe you at home are behind a firewall that's blocking the 7080 port19:23
replaceafillor maybe you can't access any IP from El Salvador (where I am)19:24
mayronienot im at the government school19:24
replaceafillthat part of the process i can't control19:24
replaceafilli could only control my side19:24
mayronieso i should access the schoosl router look for forwarding19:24
replaceafillthat's why i tell you it could be a lot of factors19:24
replaceafillif school has an IT or system administrator, or even an IT teacher19:25
replaceafillmaybe you could ask19:25
mayronieim an system admin for windows19:27
mayroniejust trying schooltool because it seems well put together than the other crap they are using19:28
replaceafilli'd look in the school router first19:29
mayronieubuntu not accessing the router going to try on a windows PC give me couple sec19:30
mayroniefor some strange reason i have no access to the router19:39
mayronieso basically your telling me that im suppose to check the forwarding setting and make sure its for port 8019:40
replaceafillif you can, try setting up port 7080 directly19:40
replaceafilljust for testing19:40
replaceafillso you keep the webserver (apache, ngnix) out of the problem19:40
replaceafilland deal with SchoolTool only19:41
mayroniealso check my firewall for both the windows server and the ubuntu server and make it avaible for TCP/UDP 8019:41
replaceafillagain, i recommend opening port 7080 just for testing19:41
replaceafillonce you have everything working on 7080, you can set up 8019:42
replaceafillonce port 80 is fully working, you disable access to 708019:42
replaceafillbut that's just an advice :)19:42
mayronieso open port 7080 for testing cross network connection19:43
mayronieis this correct19:43
mayronie http {   upstream schools {     server;   }   server {     listen      80;     server_name;     location / {       proxy_pass http://schools/;     }   } }19:43
mayroniesorry let me go again19:43 :)19:43
replaceafillunfortunately i can't help you with ngnix19:44
replaceafilli only use apache19:44
mayronieok same principle19:44
mayronieany further advice19:45
replaceafilldo you have control over the DNS setup?19:45
mayroniei knew i was missing something19:46
mayronieits good to talk to other people19:47
replaceafillin what part of the world are you mayronie?19:48
replaceafill(just curious)19:48
replaceafillnice :)19:49
replaceafillhope you get it working19:49
mayroniewhere are you from19:49
replaceafillEl Salvador19:49
replaceafill(Central America)19:49
mayroniei see, donr you people speak spanish19:50
replaceafillwe do19:50
mayroniei see19:50
mayroniequestion my windows server dns wont affect my ubuntu DNS19:51
replaceafillnot sure i understand your question19:52
mayroniei have a windows server on the network19:52
mayroniewill there be any DNS interfearance between the two platforms ?19:53
replaceafillyou don't need a dns server in ubuntu for running SchoolTool19:53
mayronieso fairewall and route port forwarding and i should be good right ?19:55
replaceafillmost likely, yes19:56
replaceafillcan't tell you for sure :)19:56
mayronieany further advice for the ubuntu novice?19:56
replaceafilldon't give up :)19:57
mayronielol so funny19:57
replaceafilli used to be a windows sysadmin/user19:57
mayroniegave up last year summer already19:57
replaceafilli know19:57
replaceafillit's difficult19:57
replaceafillbut once you get to it, it's magic!19:58
mayronieseems like magic at least some of it19:58
replaceafilland the better part in my opinion, it's free/open source software19:58
replaceafillgood luck mayronie19:59
mayroniewell i guess ill have to tackel this problem later in the evening dont know what happen to to router19:59
mayroniethanks for the advice and all the best to you my friend19:59
replaceafillsame to you19:59
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