IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2014-07-31

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th1aHi replaceafill.15:59
replaceafillhey th1a15:59
th1aHow are the reports coming?16:00
replaceafillmade some progress on the sidebar16:00
replaceafillfilters (Select Students part) work16:00
replaceafillnow working on the add columns functionality16:00
th1aDoes it reload after you make the selection?16:01
replaceafillcan you remind me what should be the Attendance filter values?16:01
replaceafillcurrently yes16:01
th1aCan you start with what the report sheets do?16:02
th1aWe do have absence codes.16:02
th1aI don't know if those are even in the report card layout now.16:02
th1a(I meant report card layout, not report sheets)16:03
replaceafillbut that's for the "Report Sheets" dropdown, right?16:03
th1aStepping back a sec.16:04
th1aI guess they needed to be one menu in report card layout, but here it makes more sense to separate them.16:04
th1a(given how we designed the layout form)16:04
th1areport card layout form16:05
th1aI keep leaving words out...16:05
th1aHere, report sheets can just be report sheet stuff.16:05
th1aAre you just doing current year to date for now?16:05
th1aAm I confusing you?  ;-)16:06
replaceafilla little bit :)16:06
replaceafillyes, it's all active school year for now16:06
replaceafillfor the "Report Sheets" values is was thinking of using the "Add -> Grid Column" values you use in the report card layout view16:07
th1aWhich is?16:08
* th1a goes to the book...16:08
th1aIt doesn't have all the choices.16:09
th1abasically things that are in report sheets should be under report sheets and the attendance stuff under attendance.16:09
th1aZonki easter egg!16:09
replaceafillit doesn't have all the choices? what do you mean?16:11
th1aI mean, there is no picture in the book with the full menu of choices.16:12
replaceafillsure, but i mean the values from
replaceafillthe Grid column source dropdown16:13
replaceafillthat's what you want under "Add Columns -> Report Sheets", right?16:13
th1aWhat would be there if I was clicking the menu to drop it down?16:14
replaceafilleach report sheet activity deployed in that year16:14
th1aYes, that.16:15
replaceafillcool, we're on the same page on that (i think!)16:15
replaceafillbut i still don't understand the "Add Columns -> Attendance" one16:15
replaceafillwhat should be the values there16:16
th1aMaybe we should do it by attendance categories?16:17
replaceafillattendance categories?16:18
th1aI'm all over the place.16:18
th1aAttendance... statuses?16:18
th1aI'm going to get a bit flaky the next two weeks I'm afraid.16:19
th1aScore system!16:20
th1aDo they just use a, t, ae, te?16:21
replaceafillno, they have their own16:21
replaceafillpresent, absent, sick, late16:21
replaceafill(and some others we still need to add)16:21
th1aOK, use those.16:22
replaceafillok, i select Sick from the dropdown16:22
replaceafilland that adds the count of Sick marks for that year?16:22
replaceafillgot it16:23
th1aSorry it took so long.16:23
replaceafillso i was thinking16:24
replaceafillthe Select Students filters, should stay the same when you select a value16:24
replaceafilli mean16:24
replaceafillkeep their selected value16:24
replaceafillbut the Add Columns dropdowns should reset to "--Select--" after you select something16:25
replaceafillthat makes sense, right?16:25
replaceafilland in theory you could add as many "First Name" columns as you want?16:26
replaceafillor should we limit each "Add Columns" to just 116:26
replaceafilli mean 1 column possible for each value in the dropdowns?16:26
th1aI don't consider that a major concern.16:27
replaceafillit's just to know how smart those "Add Columns" dropdowns should be16:28
replaceafilli'll keep it simple for now16:28
replaceafillok, that's it from me th1a16:28
replaceafilli hope to have the table working today16:28
replaceafillonce the table works i think the xls should be easy16:29
th1aOK, a couple points from my Fees and IGA review.16:29
replaceafillah sure16:29
th1aWe need a fairly straightforward overall school fee report, as in "Students with outstanding fees" and maybe a couple other data points (# of fully paid students, etc).16:29
th1aAnd I'm sure people will ask to delete IGA's.16:31
replaceafillah ok16:31
th1aDeleting credits and debits is a bit more of a toss up, so maybe we should hold off on that.16:31
th1aOr people may want to cancel them out but retain the record.16:32
th1aWe can just wait on it.16:32
th1aBut deleting IGA's will definitely come up.16:32
replaceafillso we should add the Delete option?16:32
th1aI'd say so.16:33
th1aI also remembered that we'll have to do the attainment fields next week.16:34
th1aWe leave here the 12th btw.16:34
replaceafillyeah, i know16:34
replaceafillnext week will be chaotic i think :)16:34
th1aThere's not a huge amount to do but both girls will be home all next week, more or less.16:35
replaceafill8 august milestone and th1a planing and packing16:35
replaceafilldo you have any idea for the report layout16:35
replaceafilli mean, it should just contain student names?16:35
th1aIs there any reason to think (post August 8) that it will be a problem to make VA skill import in the background?16:36
th1aSkill import in general, that is.16:36
th1aI'd say Name, Level, debit.16:37
th1aStudents paid in full to date: 34/55.16:37
replaceafilland i guess we should request for some kind of date for the report to filter by?16:37
th1aAt the top.16:37
th1aNo, year to date.16:37
th1aThat's what you'd be looking for.16:37
replaceafillyear to date means last 12 months, right?16:38
th1aIt should be active students with a balance.16:38
th1aOutstanding debit.16:38
th1aYou just want to know who owes you money.  ;-)16:38
th1aWho - right now - is a student and owes me money.16:39
replaceafillwhere should the report be accessed from?16:39
replaceafillSchool tab?16:39
replaceafillanything else on IGAs/fees?16:41
replaceafillskills import16:41
replaceafilli haven't read your last couple of emails to Glenda yet16:42
replaceafillany specific worries?16:42
replaceafilli don't see a problem making that importer a background report16:42
th1aNow her import is timing out.16:43
th1aCould be any number of things in the network or otherwise.16:43
th1aBut we might as well fix that now.16:43
th1a(in 10 days)16:43
th1aAlso, my iPhone is 10% way through uploading all its photos to flickr.  ;-)16:44
replaceafillso, just after the ark milestone we switch to cando maintainance?16:44
th1aArk Milestone/2.8.1 release/CanDo imports16:45
th1aHow long will the import fix likely take?16:45
th1a1 day?16:45
replaceafill1-3 i'd say16:45
th1aOK ARK > CanDo > 2.8.116:46
th1aI'd say.16:46
replaceafillany plans for 2.8.1?16:46
replaceafillwhat do you want there?16:46
replaceafilljust current bugfixes?16:46
th1aAre we done?16:47
replaceafillit'll be a busy august16:47
* replaceafill done16:47
th1aWell, not super busy.16:47
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:47
replaceafillthanks th1a16:47
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