IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-07-25

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th1ahi replaceafill.17:43
replaceafillhey th1a17:43
th1aI had to take the girls to get haircuts.17:43
replaceafillsomeone just asked me (in spanish) about sielibre's hosting and customization prices17:44
replaceafilli asked him for more details: how many users and what kind of customization he needs17:44
th1aSo I guess Glenda's bug sucked up the day.17:46
th1aSo it wasn't their importer?17:46
replaceafillyeah, unfortunately17:46
replaceafillit was the evolve script17:46
replaceafillwhen it couldn't find the term it was ignoring some part of the evolution17:47
replaceafillbasically because we were iterating wrongly17:47
replaceafillbtreecontainers return iterators on .items()17:47
replaceafilland we were changing the container inside the iteration17:48
replaceafillit needed some pdb17:48
replaceafilland pdb'ing a 1GB evolve script is very very slow17:48
th1aWe'd probably better shift back to ARK mode.17:50
th1aI'll send an email to Welsh so he knows there are bugs in the pipeline.17:50
th1a(if they're thinking about running the evolution)17:50
replaceafillso my question for you17:51
replaceafillare we going to assume nobody has changed yet from 2.6 to 2.8?17:51
replaceafilli mean17:51
replaceafillshould we fix the current evolve script17:51
replaceafillor add a new one17:51
replaceafilladding a new one would be more difficult i think17:51
th1aWell, this doesn't always come up, right?17:52
replaceafillonly when you have deleted years17:52
th1aAh, ok.17:52
th1aBoth of these bugs actually?17:52
th1aBoth Glenda's17:53
replaceafilland while i was trying to reproduce it, i found that trying to delete the active year raises a server error17:55
replaceafillwith a decent exception message though:17:55
th1aThat is probably a good thing, actually.17:55
replaceafillValueError: Can not delete an active schoolyear, unless it is the last school year available!17:55
replaceafilli was thinking we could just ommit the Delete link on the active year?17:55
replaceafilli'll file a bug17:56
th1aAnyhow, I guess we can probably assume that anyone who hit that bug would have complained about it.17:56
replaceafillah definitely17:57
replaceafillall enrollments get screwed up17:57
replaceafillit becomes unusable17:57
th1aYou should have a backup.17:57
replaceafillso, fixing the current evolve is enough, right?17:57
th1aI'd say, yes.17:58
th1aWe don't have to fix the mess.17:58
replaceafillbug filed:
th1aI worked a bit on sketching out the search UI.18:02
th1aIt seems pretty straightforward, and I think we can just do it in the sidebar.18:02
replaceafilldo you have new screenshots?18:03
th1aThat I made?18:03
replaceafillyes, i mean, with the changes18:03
replaceafillyou showed me your initial version i think18:04
replaceafillnever mind18:04
replaceafillyou showed me /manage18:04
replaceafilluser answered back: 1000 students and 40 teachers18:05
replaceafilland he's asking about parent access18:05
th1aIn the CanDo filtered report, how are the selectors formatted?18:05
th1aThe label above the menu?18:05
replaceafillhold on, let me check18:06
replaceafillth1a, you mean the Per Student Skills report?18:08
replaceafillthe one with the d3 charts?18:09
th1aI guess, yes.18:09
th1aAh, you have a populated screenshot.18:09
th1aIn glenda's instance?18:09
th1aCan you just send one to me.  I don't have one handy and you know how it is setting up a CanDo demo.  ;-)18:10
replaceafillis that the one you need?18:11
th1aYes, thanks.18:15
th1aOK, so I'll send you a sketch.18:17
th1aYou're going back to IGA?18:18
replaceafillIGA, nice :)18:18
th1aOK, sent my sidebar sketch.19:12
replaceafillah ok19:13
th1aIt might make it seem a bit simpler.19:13
th1aOf course there are additional options, etc.19:14
th1aBut this should cover the basic format.19:15
replaceafillgot it19:15
th1aShould put us on the same page.19:15
th1aIs that what you were thinking?19:15
replaceafillso, every change on each select submits the change19:15
th1aI'd say.19:16
th1aI mean, whatever works.19:16
th1aWhatever is straightforward in the simple implementation.19:16
replaceafillany way to "remove" columns?19:17
th1aI guess we need that "Delete Last Column" button they have.19:17
replaceafillgot it19:17
replaceafilldo you think we need to store the options selected?19:18
replaceafillfor next runs19:18
th1aProbably they should be savable.19:18
th1aIt just depends on how much time we have.19:19
th1atbh, if we get the basics working, it might be best to get a basic multi-school implementation going if possible.19:19
th1aAlthough I guess their server isn't running anyhow.19:19
th1aAnyhow, we'll see where we are.19:19
th1aThat should be enough to get started.19:20
th1aI'll let you get back to work and go make dinner.19:20
replaceafillthanks th1a19:20

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