IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2014-07-24

th1aThanks replaceafill.00:21
replaceafillnow onto the other bugs :)00:22
th1aAnd if you can look at the other one I pinged you about yesterday too.00:22
th1aAt least to let them know what's up.00:22
replaceafillah ok00:22
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th1ahi replaceafill.16:05
replaceafillhey th1a16:06
th1aI think I caught your headache this morning.16:06
th1a(mine is probably not as bad)16:06
th1aHow is yours.16:06
replaceafillnot bad as yesterday16:06
replaceafilli think the new pills are starting to kick in16:07
th1aI think I just got dehydrated or undercaffeinated or something.16:07
th1aAny other bug insights yesterday?16:08
replaceafilli investigated about the student detail report failure16:08
replaceafillthe message seems related to an unhandled ampersand somewhere16:09
replaceafillthat's why it looks weird16:09
replaceafilllike unescaped16:09
th1aWhich bug is that?16:09
replaceafillhold on16:09
th1aSo... perhaps in a comment or something?16:10
replaceafilli started setting up some test data in order to reproduce16:11
th1aDid you take a peek at the other one?16:11
replaceafillon Rena's bug the error.log doesn't have much16:11
replaceafillwe need the celery log16:11
replaceafilli'll ask her right now16:12
replaceafillGlenda's case seems solved16:13
th1aThanks for that.16:14
replaceafillmessage posted for Rena16:16
replaceafillth1a, so i plan to have income activities *done* by today16:18
replaceafilloh no16:19
replaceafillnew error for Glenda16:19
th1aThis is kinda typical insofar as actual CanDo bugs seem to be preceeded by a long sequence of other screw-ups.16:20
th1aMaking it seem like CanDo/SchoolTool itself is even more buggy than it is...16:20
th1aGlenda is very patient though.16:20
th1aThat certainly seems odd.16:21
th1aForbiddenAttribute 'today'16:22
th1aWhy don't you try to fix this today.16:24
replaceafillyeah, i'm starting my instance16:24
th1aOh, right.16:36
th1aYou've got it running locally.16:36
replaceafilli suspect the evolve script set something different than the relationship views16:37
replaceafillthe error comes from the State column in the section view16:37
replaceafillthe one that tells you if the student is enrolled, withdrawn, etc16:38
th1aI guess the good news is you can just fix the evolve script, not having to re-evolve the data.16:38
th1aGlad we got to this before releasing 8.1.16:44
replaceafillconfirmed, when the relationship view is used that attribute becomes a temporalstateaccessor16:46
replaceafillwhile the evolve script sets a sharedstate16:46
replaceafillno idea why :(16:46
replaceafillwill investigate16:46
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* replaceafill goes to get breakfast, bb in ~3017:31
th1aayt replaceafill?18:35
replaceafillth1a, yes18:35
th1aOK, got the PEAS exam situation sorted.18:36
th1aThe first one is a test they take BEFORE getting to PEAS,18:36
th1athe second is one that most students take upon leaving.18:37
th1aThey're both external.18:37
th1aSo they're just "demographics" to us.18:37
replaceafillah ok18:37
replaceafillwill we add extra functionality to set those two fields?18:38
th1aWe'll go over the details later, but it is just a little evolution or whatever for the PEAS script, essentially.18:38
th1aIt is more like 18 fields or whatever.18:38
th1a9 subjects each.18:38
replaceafillgot it18:38
th1aWe can start with the simplest possible implementation for now.18:39
th1aThat was the whole premise anyhow.18:39
replaceafillwe could use prefixes to filter those fields out of the basic add/edit forms18:39
replaceafilland add a couple of views18:39
replaceafillto set them18:39
th1aYeah, later.18:40
replaceafillcan those values be strings?18:42
replaceafillor do we need to store decimals for them?18:42
th1aWe do need to make calculations on them.18:44
replaceafillah ok18:45
th1aAlthough literally converting them from strings to do the calculations might be easier.18:45
replaceafillif you want to skip initial validation, sure18:46
th1aWe'll figure it out.18:48
replaceafillth1a, i get 10 subjects?18:51
replaceafillMath, English, biology, physics, chemistry, agriculture, entrepreneurship, history, religious education (CRE/IRE), and geography18:51
th1aI guess so.18:52
th1aI'm trying not to distract you now replaceafill.18:52
replaceafillah ok18:52
replaceafillth1a, i'm starting to suspect that the virginia sections importer has something to do with Glenda's issue...19:14
replaceafillnot sure though19:14
th1aYeah, makes sense.19:14
replaceafilli just set a 2.6 sample db19:14
replaceafilland evolution was correct19:15
th1aThat's the problem with multiple importers, I guess.19:15
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