IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2014-07-22

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th1aI did some work on our servers replaceafill.15:46
replaceafillah cool15:46
replaceafillwe're killing any?15:46
th1aWell, for better or worse we've got the Tektonic for a month.15:46
th1aSo we've got a month to more SIELibre.com15:47
th1aI removed the credit card though, so it'll stop in a month.15:47
th1aSo we'll get a Linode for that.15:47 is an annual renewal at the end of August as well, so we'll shut that off.15:48 is monthly, so we'll keep that running to the end of the year.15:49
th1aWe got free upgrades on the Linodes, too.15:49
th1aSo dev. is up to 3072mb.15:49
replaceafillyeah, i just noticed the 3GB on dev.schooltool.org15:49
th1aI also greatly increased the swap in both.15:49
th1aUnfortunately 3072 isn't a standard size for a linode.15:50
replaceafillto me the most complicated to move is www.schooltool.org15:50
th1aOh, I see.15:50
replaceafillbecause it contains some other stuff15:50
replaceafillthat menesis handles15:51
replaceafilldev packages, versions, etc15:51
replaceafillbut we could spend some time in august doing that15:51
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th1aWell 360 additional mb a month is as much as upgrading to the next step up (2 to 4 gb) so that's not worth it.15:52
th1aI sent you a link to the spreadsheet.15:52
th1aOf the servers.15:52
replaceafillyes, i'm seeing it15:52
th1aYeah, the timing is good.15:52
th1aWe could just switch the billing and keep www.15:53
th1aThat wouldn't actually be a problem.15:53
replaceafillwe should at least evaluate what will need in www from now on15:53
th1aThere's really no rush to shut them down.15:53
th1awe need to discuss it with menesis.15:53
th1aI think there's some testing apparatus running.15:54
th1aOr, at least something is chewing up RAM.15:54
th1aI mean CPU cycles.15:54
replaceafilli see buildbot running as a process15:55
th1aThe more immediate question is how much memory do we think we really need for a *small* school in china.15:55
th1aYeah, buildbot.15:55
th1aCan we do it with 2 gigs.15:56
th1aIt is like 100 students.15:56
replaceafillyeah, that should be enough if they import them all at once15:56
replaceafilli mean, the most RAM intensive task is the importer, right?15:57
th1aCompared to entering them by hand?15:57
th1aYou mean just so we don't crash the whole freaking thing?15:57
replaceafillwell, maybe reports, but i haven't seen a server dying yet15:57
th1aYou're not going to do that with 100 students.15:58
th1aIt will be fine.15:58
replaceafilli think so too15:58
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