IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-07-21

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:02
replaceafillhey th1a16:02
th1aPerhaps it is time to release 8.1?16:02
replaceafillfor the journal?16:03
replaceafillcore has a couple of bugfixes16:03
replaceafillpdf page numbers and content warnning for fonts.googleapis.com16:04
th1aThe 2.8 bugfixes in general.16:04
replaceafillgradebook, none16:04
replaceafilli think that user is using 2.616:05
replaceafilli mean, the one with the reports problem16:05
th1aOh, OK.16:06
th1aSo we should ask him to upgrade?16:06
replaceafillyes, probably16:06
replaceafillbut i'd like to see the celery log first16:06
replaceafillmaybe it's something there16:06
replaceafilldid you cc Sunesh in your reply?16:07
th1aMaybe you confused me by saying it is fixed in trunk.16:07
th1aNot yet, I wanted to bounce it off you.16:07
th1aSo... any thoughts about the grading stuff?16:08
replaceafilli'm still trying to understand it16:08
replaceafillso it'll be 3 grades per subject, right?16:09
th1aI think they want to switch to two per term.16:09
replaceafillthe part about "recorded only once in a student's school life"16:09
replaceafillmakes me think this has be out of years somehow16:09
replaceafilllike you said16:10
replaceafillprobably demographics or something16:10
th1aThe first part -- the PLE -- that maybe can just be "demographics."16:10
th1aIt just depends.16:10
replaceafill4 subjects16:10
th1aWe could also make it a course worksheet, and just put all the graduating students in that course.16:10
th1aWe need the high level organization of the school at this point.16:10
th1aDo I get that across by the end?16:11
replaceafillfor the UCE...16:12
replaceafilli assume Senior 4 is a level, right?16:12
replaceafillS1, S2, ...16:12
th1aI think S1 = seventh grade in US terms.16:13
th1aSo S6 is the last year.16:13
th1aSomething like that.16:13
replaceafillgot it16:13
th1aP1-P6; S1-S6.16:13
th1aI would like to just set up all the courses.16:14
th1aOne thing is that they think of these things more as subjects than courses.16:14
th1aSo it is not out of the question that we could just create a "Course" that actually applies across all grade levels.16:14
th1aInstead of English S1, etc.16:15
th1aI'm just not sure at this point.16:15
replaceafillnot sure what division boundaries are?16:16
th1aRight now it is just like "OK, actually we know nothing about your schools..."16:16
th1aThose seem to be score categories.16:16
th1aAggregate score categories.16:16
th1a8 is the lowest score,16:16
th1a8-32 (1 for each subject to 4 for each subject) puts you in first division.16:17
replaceafillgot it16:18
th1aIt is weird.16:18
th1aTheir system confirms to me that just adding things that seem sensible to me is kind of a waste of time.16:18
th1aBecause I'd never come up with something like taking the top 8 of 10 subjects, adding them together with a descending score system.16:19
th1aWe'd better look at our descending score system setup..16:20
replaceafilli'm not sure if it's because it's monday 7:00 am for me16:20
replaceafillbut i'm very confused16:21
th1aThat only comes into play with the passing score.16:21
th1aIt is confusing.16:21
th1aWe don't really know enough to be confused.16:21
th1aI don't even know what levels attend the school.16:21
replaceafilli mean, what can we do with these three paragraphs?16:21
replaceafillin terms of translating some of these into code16:22
th1aAsk more questions.16:22
th1aNothing yet.16:22
replaceafilllet me check your email16:22
th1aI don't see any significant new features, other than perhaps setting goals.16:22
replaceafill"What is TBC?"16:23
th1aWe don't know.16:23
replaceafilli thought of the same question :)16:23
th1aI have no clue.16:23
th1aDon't panic -- this level of confusion at this point is pretty standard.16:24
th1aThey don't realize we know nothing about their schools at all.16:24
replaceafillwell, good thing is that i can keep moving on the income activities front16:25
th1aMoving on, did you look at the screenshots?16:26
th1aLet's talk through that a bit.16:26
replaceafillon them16:26
replaceafillis this the system you saw when you visited them?16:28
replaceafillso, after step I you see a list of students on the right?16:30
replaceafilli don't understand screenshot 216:30
th1aThere doesn't seem to be separate submit buttons, so I'm not sure if it just goes as you do each drop-down.16:31
replaceafillbut basically, you select the students, then the columns you want included, right?16:31
th1aThat's not such an important detail.16:31
th1aAnd you get this table that you can put into your clipboard and paste into Excel.16:32
th1aBasically, on one level I've known we need something like this, but not really known exactly how to approach it.16:33
th1aSo basically we should try to have a simple version of this for the 8th.16:34
th1aThat's kind of the remaining real challenge.16:34
replaceafilli guess we'll harcode the columns to include, right?16:34
replaceafilli mean16:34
replaceafillwe're not going to create a system to detect what to retrieve from the person16:34
replaceafillfor example16:35
replaceafillStep 216:35
replaceafillStudent details:16:35
replaceafill-- Personal details --16:35
th1aPersonal Details would just have all the demographic fields.16:35
th1aIt is hard coded in the sense that that menu is demographics.16:35
replaceafillhe/she, his/her, him/her?16:36
th1aBut the actual choices should not need to be hard coded for PEAS.16:36
th1aWe'll skip the wtf's.16:36
replaceafillok :)16:36
th1aWe just want to show we more or less grok the concept.  ;-)16:37
th1aWe'll just cover attendance and report sheets too for now.16:37
th1aNot CanDo, etc.16:38
th1aFor the 8th.16:38
replaceafillam/pm attendance16:38
th1aIt doesn't need to be super ajax-y.16:38
th1aThat would be the minimum.16:38
th1aAlso, all they care about, so yes.16:38
th1aIt doesn't seem hard, it is just "Ok, THAT is what you are talking about."16:39
th1aAlso, I don't know if it is really easier to just download an xls for us.16:39
th1aHave a table preview and xls download.16:39
th1aWe've not done this clipboard copy thing.16:39
th1aI suppose that might be easier though now that it has been pointed out to us.16:40
replaceafilli think you need flash in the browser for it?16:40
replaceafillAdd [Black line]?16:40
replaceafilllike a separator16:40
th1aI think it is just putting CSV formatted to work with excel in the clipboard, which presumably you can do with javascript.16:41
replaceafilli kind of get the general idea16:41
th1aBasically, Jose's attitude toward sharing this is strange.16:41
th1aI'm not sure exactly what he is concerned about, but it may literally just be that he doesn't want to answer a bunch of questions about it because he's busy.16:42
th1aHm... a little googling indicates that tab-delimited might be what you want for pasting into Excel.16:44
replaceafillwhat's the goal of step 3?16:44
th1aWell, total rows probably add the values from the rows above.16:45
th1aA little googling suggests that in Excel, collating is totalling from a category.16:46
replaceafillah ok16:47
replaceafilli can see a basic version of this16:49
replaceafillvery basic :)16:49
th1aThere's not that much to it though.16:50
replaceafillnot sure about displaying the table16:50
th1aCan't we just use our regular tables?16:50
replaceafillbut i mean16:50
replaceafilllike updating the table ajax-y as you were saying16:50
th1aLet's not worry about that.16:51
replaceafillbut i get the 3 step procedure16:51
th1aI mean, there could be a page reload after you make a selection, right?16:51
th1aThat may be how it works anyhow.16:51
replaceafillit's like those weird cando reports16:52
replaceafillwith filters16:52
replaceafillor virginia reports16:52
th1aThe point is not that it must work exactly like this.16:52
replaceafilli don't remember rexactly16:52
th1aThey seem really NOT to want us to just copy it.16:52
th1aSo I'll work on a design for this this week.16:53
* replaceafill checks the calendar16:54
replaceafillso, income activities this week16:54
replaceafillthese reports next two weeks?16:54
replaceafilloh, and attainment16:55
th1aBasically as much attainment as we can do without significant new coding.16:55
th1aI'll figure out how to fit it to the current paradigm and you can code the setup in the peas package.16:55
replaceafillcan we talk briefly about income activities?16:56
replaceafillso, new activities are defined at the app level16:57
replaceafillmaybe under Customize?16:57
replaceafillin School16:57
replaceafillin any case, a global container for the activities16:57
replaceafillfor the activity: title, description, projected income16:58
replaceafilland the user should be able to "close" an activity16:59
replaceafillmeaning you cannot add debits/credits anymore16:59
replaceafillthat's what i have in my notes16:59
th1aI'd give the whole thing a section on the main part of the School page.16:59
th1aThat is, it is another misplaced thing in the Year tab.16:59
th1aAnd then you just get the Income Generating Activities page and make tings from there.17:00
th1aJust not under Customize.17:00
replaceafillwhat info should that section have?17:01
replaceafillall of the activities?17:01
th1aThe open ones?17:01
replaceafillah ok17:01
replaceafillmaybe with projected income and current income columns17:02
replaceafillother than the above, the rest is the same functionality of fees, right?17:03
replaceafilladd credits/debits17:03
replaceafilllet you edit them, delete them17:03
replaceafillbalance somewhere, now maybe called current income or something17:03
th1aWell, the opposite.  ;-)17:03
th1aOK, you have an "income generating activity" and you receive a credit.17:04
th1aDo you print a receipt I guess?17:04
th1aIf you have a debit...17:05
th1aan invoice?17:05
th1aDoes that make sense.17:05
th1aAn invoice says "you owe me money."  A debit in an income generating activity says "I just spent some money on this."17:06
th1aJust call the reports "Activity Credit"17:06
replaceafillso, the initial projected income is the only credit?17:06
th1aActivity Debit17:06
th1aNo, that's just metadata.17:07
th1aJust so you can look and say if it was a success.17:07
th1aIt doesn't affect the balance.17:07
replaceafillgot it17:07
th1aHopefully that will go quickly.17:09
replaceafillyeah, i hope17:09
replaceafilli'll try to have something to show tomorrow17:09
replaceafilloh btw17:09
replaceafilli'll be out around 45 mins - 1 hour today17:10
replaceafilli need to take a blood test17:10
replaceafillor the doctor needs... whatever :)17:10
replaceafilland tomorrow i'll have an appointment at 9:30 my time17:11
replaceafillto discuss the results17:11
replaceafilli've been having headaches like 3 days in a row :(17:11
th1aTake it easy.17:12
th1aI think we're doing fine here.17:12
replaceafillwill try ;)17:12
replaceafillok, i'll go get ready17:12
th1aOh, I have a skype chat tonight with a guy who works for an outfit that runs English language schools across Asia.17:13
th1aCould be a big deal.17:13
th1aOr nothing!17:13
th1aI'll let you know.  ;-)17:13
th1aI have not details at this point.17:14
replaceafillgood luck!17:14
th1aFor some reason most of our inquiries come over the weekend.17:14
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:14
replaceafillthanks th1a17:14
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replaceafillth1a, you around?20:04
th1ahi replaceafill.20:51
replaceafillhey th1a21:31
replaceafillsent you an email21:31
replaceafillabout a place for the income code21:31
th1aI'd say put it in fee21:37
replaceafillah ok21:42
th1aWell, that went pretty well replaceafill.22:31
replaceafillah great22:31
replaceafillmight be a good fit?22:31
th1aYes, not huge or anything though.  They tried OpenSIS this year and didn't like it.22:32
th1aBut their Chinese IT guys don't want anything to do with Linux, so they want hosting.22:32
th1aWe can get a Linode in Japan, which hopefully will be sufficient.22:32
replaceafillwhat was wrong with opensis?22:33
th1aBuggy and no Chinese translation I guess?22:33
th1aI didn't get the feeling they were paying for support.22:33
th1aResponse time for DNS to from inside china is 4.4 seconds.22:40
th1aThat's weird.22:40
replaceafilla lot22:40
th1aThe rest of it is not bad.22:40
replaceafillhow are you testing it?22:41
th1aThere's a website
th1aIt is hard to tell what the deal is with the DNS though, whether it is just an artifact of their firewall or what.22:53
th1aIt seems like Linode's Japan server is generally considered a reasonable approach.23:09
th1areplaceafill: ayt?23:46
replaceafillth1a, yes23:53
th1aDoes Glenda need to check her server log?23:54
replaceafillerror.log probably23:56
replaceafilli mean, in apache23:56

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