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th1areplaceafill:  Do you think we could get reportlab/rml help from people who don't necessarily grok SchoolTool overall without just slowing ourselves down in the process?00:32
th1aThe more I'm looking at this the more it is all reports.00:32
replaceafilli wouldn't want to sacrifice reuse00:33
replaceafilli mean, for ark00:33
th1aWell, I'm just wondering if somehow we could bring in reports help.00:34
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replaceafillth1a, i'd like your opinion on something00:52
replaceafilllet me set it up00:52
replaceafillth1a, i was looking at
replaceafillcan you go to:00:54
replaceafilland click Students (pencil)00:55
th1aAs who?00:55
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replaceafillit's WIP00:56
replaceafilli just want to know what you think of the scroll + focus00:56
replaceafillto the available box00:56
th1aWhen I start typing it jumps down (if I've scrolled to the top) so it isn't necessary to scroll down before typing.00:57
th1aSo I think I'd be against starting in the middle of the page.00:58
th1aI can't think of anyplace I've seen that.00:58
th1aThe real fix would probably be to put them side by side....00:58
replaceafilli was thinking the same00:59
th1aBut anyhow, I think I'd just make the box active without scrolling down.00:59
replaceafilli'll remove the scrolling, it seems confusing to me00:59
replaceafillhold on00:59
th1aThat seems fine.01:01
th1aWhy not?01:03
replaceafillit's almost the same as scrolling, you lose top of the page01:03
th1aWait, what is supposed to be happening?01:03
th1aI was confused because the browser tends to return you to wherever you were before.01:04
replaceafillyou should see it in FF01:05
replaceafilli assume you're using chrome01:05
replaceafillfirefox doesn't center the page in the middle01:05
replaceafillas chrome does01:05
th1aWell, it also isn't really as much of an issue with the checkbox form.01:05
th1aThis was meant to be a quickie.01:05
th1aSo I think we should defer it.01:05
replaceafillit is :)01:05
replaceafilli just started with it ;)01:05
th1aQuickie if we don't change it?01:05
replaceafillok, i'll defer it01:06
th1aI'll write the comment.01:06
replaceafillff (left), chrome (right)01:08
th1aOK moving on...01:08
replaceafillsee comment 201:11
replaceafilli like the By Group tab showing no batch idea01:12
replaceafillsorry for asking stuff at 10 pm your time :)01:13
replaceafillit's just that i'm going through pending stuff01:13
th1aIt is 11:00.01:13
replaceafillthings that i don't have your opinion on01:13
replaceafillgo to bed th1a01:13
replaceafilli'll ask tomorrow01:14
replaceafillwhat's the saying? "ask your pillow"?01:14
replaceafillor something like that :D01:14
th1aMaybe actually just a Mass Delete link under Actions.01:15
th1aOr hide it under server.01:15
th1aOnly let the Site Manager do it.01:15
replaceafillmeaning "delete all"?01:16
th1aNo, but I just don't want people to think deleting people is something they should ever do routinely.01:16
th1aIt is only for, say, catastrophic import foulups.01:16
replaceafilli think the real complain was about the (+) (-) buttons01:17
replaceafillMatt just worded it differently01:17
th1aWell, you don't just want people out of students probably in this case.01:17
th1aYou probably want rid of them entirely.01:18
th1aLets not do this now either, frankly01:18
replaceafill"let's put a bird on it"01:18
th1aI'm not sure if I checked over the things that had been ranked high for you already.01:19
replaceafillyou did01:19
replaceafillbut i didn't have "decisions" about these01:19
replaceafilli have about some of the critical ones01:19
replaceafillthanks th1a01:19
th1aGood night then, replaceafill.01:19
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th1areplaceafill: I'm here now.22:04
th1aIt rained.22:04
replaceafillah ok :)22:04
replaceafillso, from now on you want to meet (your current) 9:00 pm?22:05
replaceafilli didn't get your last question22:05
replaceafill(in your email today)22:05
th1aWell, not generally.22:05
replaceafillah ok22:05
th1a8:00 is good usually.22:06
th1aUnless I'm going to be skating.  ;-)22:06
replaceafillso, i tested zrs for the scenarios you asked22:07
replaceafillnothing weird (errors) happen22:08
replaceafillif you make changes to the secondary instance22:08
replaceafillwhen zeo connects back to the primary, it gets rid of every change22:08
replaceafilli also read your notes22:09
replaceafilli have a couple of questions22:09
replaceafillwhat's the "substitute teacher functionality" supposed to do?22:10
th1aPick a substitute teacher (we'll need a group, I guess, but not with special permissions)22:10
th1aAssign them for a period of time to the section, which gives them temporary instructor relationship.22:10
replaceafilli guess what we're missing is the "period of time" part22:11
replaceafillall i've found22:11
replaceafillis a Substitute status for teachers22:11
replaceafillwhich is ACTIVE22:11
th1aThat's more of an interface issue than plumbing, right?22:11
replaceafillsince period of time means START-END22:12
replaceafillstatuses only have START22:12
replaceafillwe'll need to set a END date22:12
replaceafillwith an INACTIVE22:12
replaceafillwe're on the same page?22:13
replaceafillmy next question is about student leavers22:14
replaceafillyou wrote "Part of instance setup"22:14
replaceafillyou mean "That's done"?22:14
replaceafillbecause we'll need the reason of leaving and destination school categories22:15
th1aWell... it is if we just make the destinations and other extra metadata part of student demographics.22:15
th1aWhich would owrk.22:15
th1aUnless people leave multiple times.22:15
replaceafillgot it22:15
replaceafillare we going to create new UI for it?22:16
replaceafilli guess the student should be removed from everything, right?22:16
replaceafilli mean, make inactive22:17
replaceafillgroups, sections22:17
th1aYes... is that what happens now?22:17
th1aMaybe next Monday we should walk through the current changes...22:18
th1aUh... can you withdraw students now?22:18
replaceafillfrom individual sections, yes22:18
th1aWell, from the student group?22:19
th1aOK, so we'd have to trigger some events from that, which we aren't yet?22:20
replaceafillthat's what i meant by the new UI22:20
th1aOK, we should probably do that and just make it automatic.22:20
replaceafilli was thinking of just a custom view to trigger them22:21
th1aWhen would you see that?22:21
replaceafillLeave School option for persons?22:21
replaceafillask you why and where (setting the demographics) and removes you from section/group relationships22:22
th1aOK, that is reasonable.22:22
th1aYou could do that nowish.22:22
replaceafilli'd say that reports should be faster (than 2-4) if they're well defined22:25
replaceafill"this, this and this data, here and here"22:25
replaceafillbut what you wrote sounds reasonable22:25
th1aI don't want to be over optimistic.22:26
th1aSo for setting up a control panel to view the SchoolTool secondaries, is there any way other than just triggering scripts to restart with different config scripts?22:26
replaceafillthe problem is the read-only error ST gives22:28
th1aYes, but basically we can just have some scripts that switch the secondaries to primaries for a local SchoolTool temporarily?22:29
replaceafillthe only thing we have to guarantee22:29
replaceafillis that zrs is not working when the secondary ST is acting as "primary"22:30
replaceafill(we need more words)!22:30
replaceafillremember a couple of days ago i mentioned we need a "trick"22:30
replaceafillthat's the script you're talking about i guess22:30
th1aIt is hacky but cheap.22:31
replaceafillwe can ask the karoshi guys :D22:31
replaceafillthat's what they do, right? ;)22:31
replaceafillweb interface for messing with bash22:31
th1aThe web interface is written in bash!22:31
th1aThat's how you do it!22:31
th1aALL BASH.22:31
th1aecho "<html> ..."22:32
replaceafillpff who needs web frameworks!22:32
th1aTemplates are for pussies!22:32
th1aThe funny thing is that with CSS, you can totally get away with it now.22:32
replaceafillthat's one thing i wanted to mention22:33
replaceafilli know they haven't asked about it22:33
replaceafilli'd like to try to "move/unplug" (not sure the right word) the skin22:33
replaceafillthe reason22:33
replaceafillwell, two reasons22:33
replaceafillif we need to make some custom app22:34
replaceafillfor accessing individual schools from the central office for example22:34
replaceafilli guess it'll need to look similar to ST22:34
th1aI figured something like that would be necessary.22:35
* th1a waves his hands around.22:35
replaceafilland my second reason22:35
replaceafilland more important imho22:35
replaceafillit'll give us a way for people to customize it22:35
replaceafilli'm not sure if it's worth it22:35
replaceafilli mean, for the app, we could just copy the css22:36
replaceafilland design it using the same basic dom structure22:36
th1aWhen are you thinking about doing this?22:36
replaceafilllate in the process22:37
replaceafillagain, it's not fundamental22:37
replaceafillit's just something i'd like to try22:37
replaceafilli don't think it'll be too expensive22:37
replaceafillhow do you plan to track what's done/left22:38
replaceafilli know you don't like blueprints, right?22:38
th1aFor ARK?22:39
th1aI'd rather just use bugs.22:40
replaceafillah ok22:40
replaceafillwe could create a schooltool.ark project22:40
replaceafillto track them separately22:40
th1aOr tags.22:41
th1aThere is a variety of metadata.22:42
replaceafillah ok22:42
th1aWe will need a project though.22:42
th1aThere will be a little code specific to them.22:42
replaceafillok, that's all i had22:43
th1aOK.  I'm feeling pretty good about this.22:44
th1aNarrowing down the tasks for the "beta."22:44
replaceafillyeah, same for me22:45
replaceafillreading your notes is not so scary22:45
replaceafillnow make a killer proposal :P22:45
th1aI don't think it has to be killer.22:46
th1aThat would probably involve promising things we can't deliver.22:47
th1aIt should be solid though.  It is ours to lose, really.22:47
th1aI think the zrs scenario makes us look good -- we've been able to cook up a plausible plan based on some cool technology.22:48
th1aAnd I certainly wasn't thinking that when I talked to them before.22:48
th1aIt was more like "Oh, that would be writing a totally new piece of software."22:48
replaceafilli cannot even imagine how to do that :(22:49
th1aWrite a data warehouse?22:49
replaceafillwrite zrs22:49
th1aWell... all that zodb stuff is dead simple and utter magic.22:50
th1aAt the same time.22:50
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.22:52
replaceafillthanks th1a22:52
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:53
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