IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-03-31

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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis.22:59
replaceafillhi th1a23:00
replaceafillcould you give me 5-10 mins23:00
replaceafilli want to show you something23:00
replaceafillrunning zc.zrs23:03
replaceafillany change to primary is shown in secondary23:03
replaceafillafter primary goes down, you can change secondary's config to be primary23:04
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th1aSo, just to be clear...23:08
th1aWe have two ZEO servers?23:08
replaceafillwell, yes23:08
th1aI'm not 100% sure I have the basic moving parts down correctly.23:08
th1aSo walk me through it.23:08
replaceafillprimary, server and client of its own23:08
replaceafillsecondary, server (not being used) and client of primary23:09
replaceafillzeo speaking23:09
th1aWhat's the zeo client?  SchoolTool?23:09
replaceafillthe difference with the default config of SchoolTool is that all of this happens through TCP/IP23:10
replaceafillnot regular sockets23:10
th1aSo all of SchoolTool's interaction with ZEO changes a bit?23:10
replaceafillthe zeoclient config, yes23:10
replaceafillall ST instances23:10
replaceafillare zeo servers23:11
replaceafilland clients of their own23:11
replaceafillthrough sockes23:11
th1aWe'll need a simple diagram of this.23:11
replaceafillif we try to get this done23:11
th1aOK, let's say "primary" here is the school site.23:11
replaceafillwe'll need a way to convert the secondary into primary23:12
th1aThen we'd also configure it so that the secondary ZEO instance is running at the central office.23:12
th1aCan that instance be read locally (at the central office)?23:13
replaceafillthat's the trick we'll need23:13
replaceafillcentral office starts as secondary, right?23:14
th1aThat's how I've been looking at it.23:14
replaceafillonce it's been "sync'ed"23:14
replaceafillyou do the "config trick"23:14
replaceafillit becomes a "regular" instance23:14
replaceafillit's own zeo server/client23:14
replaceafilland it can be accessed locally in the central office23:15
replaceafilli'm not sure if this is the best solution23:15
replaceafillbut at least, it's *A* solution :)23:15
replaceafillmake some change to primary23:15
replaceafilland i'll take it down23:15
replaceafillso you'll see what happens in secondary23:16
replaceafillit explicitly tells you about a disconnect error23:16
th1a" ZRS also improves scalability since secondary servers provide additional read-only ZEO connections while maintaining their replication functions. ZEO client storages can thus be configured to connect to any available secondary, or load-balance among the available secondary ZRS servers."23:17
replaceafilli thought about setting multiple zeos in the central office instance23:18
th1aSo we probably couldn't just hook up regular SchoolTools to these while they were active secondaries, but we could theoretically have some kind of reporting system that queried them in some way.23:18
replaceafillbut i didn't try it23:18
th1aWe don't have to get too deep into it.23:19
th1aEssentially, I think it sounds really good to bring up as an option that is relatively "for free."23:19
replaceafillthanks ZC :D23:20
th1aEspecially since people seem draw to having ALL THE DATA at the central office.23:20
th1aWait until I tell David Ally.23:20
replaceafillwell, the good part imho is that we don't need separate reports23:20
replaceafillfor central office and schools23:21
th1aBut one approach literally might be just writing Python scripts that import SchoolTool objects and extract data for reports.23:21
th1aYes, to a certain extent.23:21
replaceafillwe can just write the report23:21
th1aI mean, there would be some different reports.23:21
replaceafillor we could go with python scripts :P23:22
th1aThere are a lot of possibilities.23:22
th1aDepending on what they ACTUALLY NEED.23:22
replaceafillif they want some multi-school reports then python scripts should be the way to go23:23
th1aI assume if you'd just connect the regular SchoolTool interface to a read only ZEO, you'd get fouled up pretty wuick.23:23
replaceafilli'd like to experiment with that23:23
replaceafillhaving several primaries23:24
replaceafill(with their own secondary serving zeos)23:24
replaceafilland try to get data from the secondaries23:24
replaceafilllist of people or something23:24
replaceafillsomething simple23:24
th1aYeah, that would be worth knowing if it works.23:24
th1aBecause I'll probably end up proposing it as a possible solution.23:25
replaceafillmy only concern is23:25
replaceafillabout tcp/ip access23:25
replaceafillthe central office should have access to the local site23:25
replaceafilli see it more as a pull action23:26
replaceafillthan a push from the school23:26
th1aIt isn't entirely practical.23:26
replaceafillimagine blocked ports and stuff23:26
th1aWhat is it by default?23:26
th1aPull or push?23:27
replaceafillnot sure, but i imagine pull from the zeo client23:28
th1aThe whole idea is a little impractical, but they might like it.23:28
replaceafilli'd like to know what zookeeper is :)23:29
replaceafillit's in the zrs component.xml23:29
replaceafilland it's briefly mentioned in the docs23:29
th1aThis is sort of the fallback if their current data warehouse only understands undocumented blobs from Capita/MIS.23:29
replaceafillso, should i try to make the multi-clients report?23:30
th1aYeah.  It is worth a few hours.23:30
th1aIt is actually an Apache thing.23:32
replaceafilli found their website23:32
th1aI couldn't imagine that you hadn't.  ;-)23:32
th1amenesis, ayt?23:33
replaceafilli won't go that deep though :P23:33
th1aSo I'm going to start on the RFQ in earnest tomorrow.23:33
th1aDid you look at the student finance piece?23:33
th1aI mean work on it over the weekend?23:34
replaceafillwell, kind of23:34
replaceafilldidn't get too far23:34
replaceafillinterfaces and stuff23:34
replaceafillnothing working23:34
replaceafillbut their email helped me23:35
replaceafilldoesn't look that scary23:35
th1aWe should try to get back to release cleanup, though.23:36
th1aWe have two weeks, and then we'll move on.23:36
replaceafilltwo weeks of bug fixing?23:37
replaceafillah ok23:37
th1aStart on the ARK stories after Easter.23:37
replaceafillone thing i did during the weekend is that i went back to the past23:37
replaceafillusing bzr23:37
replaceafillwhile i was working on the sakeji report23:38
replaceafilli started noticing some gradebook methods requiring things the gradebook already knows23:38
replaceafilllike worksheets23:38
replaceafilland i started wtf?!?23:38
replaceafillso i started replaying the gradebook bzr history :D23:38
replaceafilland i realized when some changes were done23:39
replaceafilland at some extent, why23:39
replaceafilland i tried fixing the selenium/chrome issue23:39
replaceafillbut i failed :(23:40
th1aSo are those things that can be unwound or is it more of a "oh, that's the reason" situation.23:40
replaceafillwell, we just need to update the code23:40
replaceafillthe code started working in some way23:40
replaceafillwas changed in some parts23:40
replaceafillbut not all23:40
replaceafilland when you see those unchanged parts23:41
replaceafillyou get confused23:41
replaceafillbut it's not a big deal23:41
replaceafillwe can move on23:41
replaceafillthe selenium thing is more worth to fix23:41
replaceafillbut only affects downloads at this point23:42
th1aOK.  Well, it seems like a lot of the small fixes/mini-features are in the gradebook.23:42
th1aBut generally, the bugs are identified and prioritized, so just go ahead.23:43
replaceafilli have some fixes that i need to commit23:43
replaceafilli'll update the bugs accordingly23:43
replaceafilli'll keep working on zrs just for today23:43
th1aOh, I guess we want to do bugs probably until Palm Sunday, not Easter.23:43
th1aThat's two weeks of work.23:44
replaceafillif no external request comes ;) we should do a lot of fixing23:44
th1aThat gives us two weeks head start in theory, but probably not at all.23:44
th1aProbably a little.23:44
replaceafilldid you see jelkner's email?23:45
th1aOh, shit.  Thanks for reminding me.23:46
th1aHe sent that friday night or something.23:46
th1aOK, replying now.23:47
replaceafilloh now that you mention hours!23:47
replaceafillhave you changed your time yet?23:47
replaceafill+1 hour?23:47
th1aIf menesis isn't here we're pretty much done.23:47
th1aYeah, we did.23:47
th1aCan we shift an hour earlier?23:47
replaceafillso, we're meeting 9 pm your time now?23:47
replaceafillah ok23:47
replaceafill8 pm your time, correct?23:47
replaceafillthat'll be 1 pm for me23:47
th1aOK, yeah.23:48
th1aThat's right.23:48
replaceafillok, thanks23:48
replaceafillthat's it from me th1a23:48
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.  I'll keep you posted on the bid.  I guess we have two weeks for that as well.23:49
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.23:49

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