IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-03-28

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th1aI'm not sure what it means that we're getting more bug reports for
replaceafilltrademark fight!18:52
th1aYeah, but it may be a bit of a sign that we're moving up on google responses and their customer service is failing.19:04
th1aAlso, I was interested to see that Fedena development has kind of ground to a halt according to ARK.19:05
th1aDid you notice that?19:08
replaceafilli really liked their website :)19:09
th1aLast release 05/09/2012 (Last commit 28/01/2013)19:09
replaceafillthe fedena one19:09
th1aThey have a specific user base in India.19:09
th1aThey probably just don't have much incentive to keep it an active open source project.19:09
th1areplaceafill:  I'm confused now... did we do the custom report for Mark or David?19:20
replaceafillDavid Poidevin19:21
replaceafillMark McDougall is the one having trouble with the export19:21
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