IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2014-03-27

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th1areplaceafill: if David is going to do school IT he's going to have to learn to step back from the bleeding edge.19:26
replaceafillth1a, what do you mean?19:27
th1aJust using precise, etc.19:36
th1aOf course, you could say the same thing about SchoolTool...19:36
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?21:24
replaceafillth1a, yes21:24
th1aI'm afraid I'm feeling less confident that the ARK guys know what they want.21:24
replaceafillfixing the export bug21:24
replaceafilli get the same feeling21:25
th1aFeeling a bit more like it is some guys in England trying to guess what teachers in Uganda need...21:25
replaceafilldid they reply to your last email?21:26
th1aNot yet.21:26
replaceafillah ok21:26
th1aI don't understand why they completely have dodged the question of talking to their server.21:26
th1aI mean, there are a number of possible explanations...21:27
replaceafillmaybe they need to talk to a tech guy?21:27
th1aThey should be the tech guys... but maybe there are different departments.21:28
th1aLike the international foundation and the UK schools might be different organizations.21:29
th1aI think I may have to reverse engineer some Excel features.21:30
th1aI think the filtering and slicing they want may be coming from excel.21:30
th1aI mean, those terms didn't come out of thin air, so they have something specific in mind.21:31
replaceafilli watched a youtube video explaining "slicers" in excel21:31
replaceafillimho it's still filtering :)21:33
th1aYeah.  I can actually get a free Office setup from the university I think.21:33
th1aFrom a quick look, yeah, it isn't clear how these things are different.21:34
th1aBut yeah, when people are like "yeah, we want ALL the data to go to the central server," then I wonder if they know what they need.21:35
th1aOTOH, they may end up being really happy I'm forcing them to ask these questions.21:36
replaceafilli think that's what we'll need to do21:37
replaceafillif they don't know what they want21:37
replaceafillnarrow the scope21:37
th1aI guess the only real problem is that it might take longer than I originally thought.21:40
th1aWell, just for the reports, really.21:40
th1aAnd the server possible.21:40
replaceafillfor me the API access thing is what worries me the most21:40
replaceafilli feel it's like not under our control21:41
replaceafillbut we'll see :)21:41
th1aAccess to their server.21:41
replaceafilli think of how long it took to get the virginia script straigth21:42
replaceafillthe one for getting skills21:42
th1aYeah, although that's super insane by any measure.21:43
th1aBut yes, it could be a bit of a nightmare.21:43
replaceafilli was wondering21:43
replaceafillwhat do you think of designing a basci fee system?21:43
replaceafilllike the one they want21:43
th1aWhat do I think of it?21:44
replaceafilli mean, in my free time21:44
replaceafilli know i'm busy fixing bugs :)21:44
replaceafillthis weekend for instance21:44
th1aWell, I want to know a bit more about it.21:44
th1aYou could get started.21:44
th1aYeah, the basics won't change.21:44
th1aI'm certainly not going to stop you.21:45
th1aThe only thing I'm a bit afraid of is if we have to add systems to automatically charge for things like individual course enrollments.21:45
th1aWhich is still not HARD.21:45
th1aBut then you have like, ok, you added someone, they were charged, they were withdrawn, is there a certain withdrawl date after which you won't be charged...21:46
replaceafillbut it's more complex than just saying Tom paid X on Y21:46
th1aNot necessarily21:46
th1aI have no idea how a school in Uganda handles it.21:46
th1aIt might just be $150 a term.21:46
th1aOr they might be charging kids for pencils.21:46
th1aWho knows?21:47
th1aPerhaps the guys in London don't know.21:47
replaceafillfor payments21:47
replaceafilli hadn't considered that :(21:47
th1aI mean, there is a reason we haven't just done it.21:48
th1aBut still, if they have a system, it can't be THAT hard.21:48
th1aIf we were trying to cover a bunch of cases and make a lot of guesses, I didn't even want to start that.21:49
th1aBut if you want to set up debits and credits, invoices and reciepts, that's probably 80% of it.21:52
th1aOK gotta put the girls to bed.21:55
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