IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2014-01-30

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replaceafillth1a, you around?19:59
th1ahi replaceafill.20:39
replaceafillhey th1a20:39
replaceafillquick question20:39
replaceafillshould we care for old niepa databases?20:39
replaceafillor can i assume they're all starting from scratch?20:40
replaceafillkk, thanks20:40
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th1ahi replaceafill.23:02
replaceafillhey th1a23:02
replaceafillcan you access this:23:02
replaceafillgo to Shared Schools23:03
replaceafillclick Yes23:03
th1aYeah, I think that was just a fluke.23:03
replaceafillyou should see a button displayed23:03
replaceafillAdd school23:03
th1aOK, that works.23:03
replaceafillso far no issues23:04
th1aWhatever is easiest for you.23:04
replaceafilli have some questions23:04
th1aDoes it save the whole form when you do that?23:04
replaceafilli don't like the full reload23:04
replaceafillif i have time i think i can remove it23:04
replaceafillbut we'll see23:04
th1aIt is ok.23:04
replaceafill1. should we update the styles in their reports?23:05
replaceafillthey're not remote either23:05
replaceafillthe Download button seems to work though23:05
replaceafillso i think that could be low priority23:05
th1aI'm considering that a later step, basically.23:05
replaceafillah ok23:06
replaceafill2. i already asked you about the fresh database23:06
replaceafill3. do we really need 2 lines for the village field?23:06
replaceafillall text areas are 3 lines23:06
th1aThat's just how they had it.23:07
replaceafill4. i talked to jelkner today23:07
replaceafillwe talked about the work i did on december23:07
replaceafillfor him23:07
replaceafillsielibre work23:07
replaceafillhe asked me about writing the check23:08
replaceafillhe doesn't remember how he paid last time23:08
replaceafilland i have no idea23:08
replaceafillwe agreed on 16 hours of work23:08
th1aI can send him an invoice.23:09
replaceafillah great, please23:09
th1aTo jelkner?23:09
replaceafillthat's what i'm not sure about23:10
replaceafillhe mentioned writing the check to the carreer center23:10
replaceafillbecause some tax deductions i think23:10
th1aIs he not sure about how to do it or are you not sure?23:11
replaceafillme neither, but i guess that's not relevant23:11
th1aShould I be able to check an earlier invoice?23:12
th1aWould that clear it up?23:12
replaceafillsorry, back23:13
replaceafillcheck an earlier invoice?23:14
th1aHow we did it before?23:14
th1aIf we did...?23:14
th1aI'd have to start Windows to check.23:14
th1aOr basically, just wait for jelkner to decide?23:15
replaceafilli don't know how we did it the first time, i wasn't in that loop23:15
replaceafilland apparently jelkner has forgotten23:15
th1aWell, I'll fire up Windows tomorrow.23:16
replaceafilli *was* in the loop23:16
replaceafillyou started it "Info for Invoice"23:17
replaceafillanyway, not urgent23:17
replaceafilli just wanted to get it out of the way :)23:17
replaceafillth1a, thanks btw for your letter23:17
th1ano problem.23:18
replaceafilli'll go tomorrow afternoon to make that paperwork23:18
replaceafillok, that's it  from me23:18
replaceafilli think we're in good shape with this niepa stuff23:18
th1aI mean, it should be pretty simple.23:19
replaceafillit is, so far ;)23:19
th1aWas it flourish when aelkner did it?23:19
replaceafillhe started it as a 1.X package and then flourished it23:20
th1aOK.  I'll try and see if we can do this meeting with D P about the reports Monday morning (for you).  Is that ok?23:20
th1aI guess that's it then.23:21
replaceafillthanks th1a23:21
th1aLater replaceafill.23:21
replaceafillc u23:22
th1aOh, put the neipa stuff on a server for David to look at -- just update what you've got.23:22
replaceafillafter i'm done, right?23:23
replaceafillor now?23:23
replaceafillit's currently broken23:23
th1aWhen you are done.23:23
replaceafillkk, sure23:23
replaceafillwill do23:23
th1aOK, thanks.23:23

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