IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2014-01-29

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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis.22:00
replaceafillgood... evening?22:00
th1aIt is indeed evening.22:00
th1aI am sleepy.22:01
th1aOK, I checked in a new page.22:01
th1aDid you get a chance to look at:
replaceafillno sorry, not yet22:02
th1aI'm just wondering if it is a python rounding integers thing.22:03
th1aOr it could be the way we intended it at the time.22:03
th1aI really don't know what the "right" answer is.22:03
th1aProbably most people would assume rounding (up).22:04
replaceafilli'm going to try to reproduce22:04
replaceafillmaybe we could take the chance to take weights unnecessary code out of the way?22:05
th1aAnyhow, we can table that for the moment if you want.22:06
replaceafillsure, i'll take a closer look after the meeting22:07
replaceafilland now i've started to fix test helpers22:07
th1aThat fits in the category of things to squeeze in because it shouldn't be complicated...22:07
replaceafillso at some point at least the selenium tests should pass again22:07
replaceafilli made the changes we discussed22:09
th1aOh... Enrolled should be Active, right?22:10
replaceafillah! true22:10
replaceafillit is in the code ;)22:10
th1a"Enrolled" might have somewhat different meanings, too.22:11
replaceafillthe issue i mentioned yesterday breaks some gradebook views though22:11
replaceafillsince the teacher can't access, for example history of the student22:11
replaceafilland so on22:11
th1aIf we just let them have permission, nobody will complain for a long time if ever.22:12
replaceafilli think we should22:13
th1aFine with me.22:14
replaceafillcool, i'll modify that crowd then22:14
replaceafillso, as i was saying22:14
replaceafilli started cleaning tests22:14
replaceafillnow that the relationship views are more stable22:14
replaceafillwhat's next?22:16
th1aThen transcripts.22:16
replaceafillthe Spreadsheet example was no good :(22:17
replaceafill(for our purposes)22:17
th1aWe just need a grid.22:17
th1aIt is kind of hard not to make it seem more complicated than it is...22:18
th1aOr maybe it is more complicated than it should be...22:18
replaceafillaccording to my notes i can start with the teacher employment states22:20
replaceafillsince we'll need that22:20
replaceafillwhat about this meeting with David?22:21
replaceafillabout the report card22:21
th1aOh, he wants to install the report, basically.22:21
th1aI thought we should just have a chat about it.22:21
th1aInstead of sending a bunch of emails.22:22
replaceafillno date/time set yet, right?22:22
th1aRight.  He'll probably email early tomorrow.22:22
replaceafillnigeria will be easy with this kind of spec:22:23
replaceafill"Number and Street (3 lines)"22:23
replaceafilli like it :)22:23
replaceafillthe grid will be used with lists, right?22:24
replaceafillB.18 List of School Grants22:24
replaceafill    - Title22:24
replaceafill    - Date22:24
replaceafill    - Description22:24
replaceafilllike ^22:24
th1aIt could be.22:25
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th1aI mean, as I was going through I wasn't really thinking about grids until the end, where there are a few were you just have to have them.22:25
replaceafillhow can we handle?22:26
replaceafill"D.8 Head Teacher and Assistant Head Teacher (2 people)"22:26
replaceafilllike dropdowns22:26
replaceafillwith the persons in the system?22:26
th1aFor the grants, maybe just have an add button that lets you enter the info in a dialog?22:27
replaceafillah ok22:27
th1aIf that is easy, it would be... easy.22:28
replaceafillmental switches always scare me22:29
th1aSwitches of?22:29
replaceafillniepa seems very strange22:29
th1aIt is kinda weird.22:29
replaceafillremembers me of cambodia22:29
replaceafilland that was strange!22:29
replaceafillso, we'll aim for a huge form, right?22:30
replaceafillat least at first22:30
th1aYeah... see how aelkner had it.22:30
th1aThere was some kind of division I think.22:30
replaceafillah ok, i'll check22:31
replaceafilli thought it was a single form with several fieldsets22:31
replaceafillbut i'll see22:31
replaceafillcollapsable fieldsets!22:31
replaceafilllike accordions22:32
th1aIs that what he had?22:32
replaceafillnever mind :)22:33
replaceafillok, some of these seem straightforward22:33
replaceafillstudent/staff changes22:33
th1aThey mostly are very.22:33
replaceafillwill you be around tomorrow?22:33
replaceafillcan we meet friday 1:30 pm?22:34
replaceafillso i can make some progress tomorrow22:34
th1aYes... Tomorrow at 9:00 (an hour later than today) would be good.22:34
th1aOK.  See you then.22:36
replaceafilllast thing th1a22:36
replaceafilli asked you for a letter22:36
replaceafilldid you see it?22:36
th1aOh, yes, I'll do that tomorrow.  Is that ok?22:36
th1amenesis: Anything to add?22:36
menesisI fixed one issue.22:37
menesisevolution failure if there were years/terms deleted22:38
menesisand an error trying to delete year/term that contains accented chars22:39
menesisthe first one prevented me to upgrade to temporal code22:40
menesisand second one discovered while testing the fix.22:40
menesisbut that's all.22:40
th1amenesis, did you look at this:
menesislooks to me like a mix of old (pre-celery) and new config files22:43
th1aCould you at least nudge him along in some way?22:44
menesisthe instructions in the book only apply to 2.4 or older22:44
menesisneed to be updated, there are a few new files and ports that need to be different22:45
menesisok I can answer something22:45
menesishave not looked at it yet22:45
th1aOK, thanks menesis.22:45
th1aThanks guys.22:45
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:46
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