IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2014-01-22

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replaceafillth1a, could you give me 10 mins? i need to go downstairs quickly21:52
replaceafillth1a, back22:15
th1ahi replaceafill, menesis.22:16
th1aAnything to report, menesis?22:16
menesisno, I was in bed with a cold for a week22:17
th1aOK.  Feeling better?22:17
th1aI was in bed with a cold for a morning, so I got off pretty easy.22:18
menesisbut feeling well already22:18
menesiswill work tomorrow22:18
menesisanything you want me to do?22:18
th1aOh... replaceafill?22:20
th1aAnything in mind?22:20
replaceafillreview my ckeditor fix?22:20
replaceafillmenesis, the problem with your branch was just a typo22:21
menesisI saw this22:21
replaceafillmaybe you could land that in trunk now22:22
menesisthanks for tracking this22:22
th1amenesis, Just to be clear, at this point we only have a few thousand extra euro for the year after Douglas and I are paid, so we can't do a lot of billable hours until we definitely have some other money coming in.22:23
th1aI'm not sure if you're going to consider some of this volunteer open source work.22:24
th1aThat's entirely up to you.22:24
menesisYes, I know the situation22:24
menesisbut I missed a few meetings, maybe you waiting for something from me22:25
th1aI've learned to be redundant in online relationships.22:25
th1aNo, nothing in particular.22:25
th1aI unleashed a torrent of LP spam.22:25
menesisGot through that yesterday22:25
menesisAnd I will consider doing something on open source terms22:27
th1aOK, that would be great.22:27
menesisNot sure what my work situation will be in a few months22:27
th1aThanks menesis.22:30
th1aOK, replaceafill.22:31
th1aI took a look at the census forms and the niepa branch.22:31
th1aIs it at all plausible to try to have them use temporal relationships?22:32
replaceafilldo you think that'll simplify coding the forms?22:33
replaceafilli still consider temporal unstable22:33
th1aThere is stuff like Pupil Flow in the Previous Academic Year...22:34
th1aI should probably ask David exactly what the timeline would be and if he wants to risk it.22:34
replaceafilloh, they're loading data from previous years for the pilot?22:34
th1aNot literally.22:35
th1aSo maybe it is an academic point.  ;-)22:35
replaceafillwell, if he's willing to "experiment", i'd say let's go22:36
th1aOK, I see we do have the "resource attributes" in the current niepa branch.22:37
th1aWhat David doesn't fully understand, i don't think, is that entering all this stuff -- each classroom, etc. -- is a lot more time consuming that just writing down the totals.22:38
th1aAnd if you're just going to enter the totals, you might as well use Excel forms.22:38
th1aThat's what I was trying to get through to him, but maybe I wasn't direct enough.22:38
th1aAnyhow, we'll just do what he wants.22:39
th1aSince that is mostly done anyhow.22:39
th1aI didn't get quite as far as I hoped as I ended up arguing with my sister all day about the sielibre website...22:39
th1aAnd sending out your invoices.22:40
replaceafillsorry about the website situation22:40
th1aIt isn't your fault...22:40
replaceafillright, but i feel bad anyway :)22:40
th1aat this point she's just being obstinate about sending us the images so we can try the ZG thing.22:40
th1aIt probably won't work anyhow... but yeah, we're just stuck.22:41
th1aWell, something is going to give soon, regardless.22:41
th1aHow are the new membership forms coming, replaceafill?22:42
replaceafillmaking progress22:42
replaceafilli added the state (date) to the person index22:42
replaceafilland i noticed a new viewlet i didn't know about22:43
replaceafillmaybe we should discuss it22:43
replaceafillit's the one title "Courses"22:43
replaceafillit lists "completed" courses22:43
replaceafillmaybe we'll need some kind of filtering from one to the other?22:44
replaceafilllike not showing sections with completed states in the Sections accordion22:44
th1aHow does it know they're completed?22:44
replaceafillbecause of the relationship states in the section22:44
replaceafillif the student has COMPLETED as one of the states for the relationship22:45
replaceafillthe course is listed22:45
th1aOh, it is new.22:45
th1aIt seems ok this way for now.22:45
replaceafillah ok22:46
th1aThere are certainly other things more in need of attention.22:46
replaceafilli'm now in the middle of adding the dialog we discussed yesterday22:46
replaceafillfor showing the states history for a relationship22:46
replaceafilli should be done with it today i think22:46
th1aAnything else?22:49
replaceafillno, that's it22:49
replaceafillwhat's next?22:49
th1aThere must be more relationship loose ends.22:50
th1aI'm thinking do the niepa stuff next week.22:50
replaceafillah ok22:51
th1aAre you out of relationship loose ends?22:52
replaceafilli have some small tasks22:52
replaceafillchange dates in sample xls22:52
replaceafillupdate test helpers22:52
replaceafilloh, merge the course level stuff22:53
th1aMaybe we should go over relationships tomorrow evening, an hour later than tonight though.22:53
th1aPeople have levels with temporal relationships now, right?22:54
replaceafillthey're not temporal iirc22:54
replaceafilllet me check22:54
replaceafillah never mind22:56
replaceafillyes, states are there22:56
replaceafillboy, i'm losing my memory now :D22:56
replaceafilli have to land that branch too22:56
th1aYeah.  We should just walk through the whole thing.22:56
th1aWe can screenshare my screen as I poke around, how about that?22:57
replaceafillcould we do it friday at 13:30 your time?22:57
replaceafillthat'll give me time to put everything in place22:58
th1aSounds good.22:58
th1aOK thanks replaceafill.22:58
replaceafillok, thanks th1a22:58
replaceafillsee you friday22:58
th1aThanks menesis.22:58
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:58
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