IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2014-01-21

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th1ahi replaceafill.22:01
replaceafillhey th1a22:01
replaceafillstill WIP22:01
th1aI was in bed all morning with some crazy bug that's going around the house.22:03
th1aIt is like a 12 hour headache, then you're fine.22:04
replaceafilli haven't felt well lately either, little headache22:04
th1aOK, so this is coming along.  I had a feeling we were being a little over optimistic about it just taking a couple days.22:06
th1aNo big snafus though?22:06
replaceafillwell, i'm still getting to know the code22:06
replaceafillthe reason is still WIP is because i've put the logic to update the status in the wrong place22:07
replaceafillthe baseclasses are doing stuff i didn't expect to22:07
replaceafillbut no, i don't see big problems ahead with this22:07
th1aThat's fine.22:08
replaceafillthat's why i asked you if i could kill old code22:08
replaceafilli feel like it gets in the way some times22:08
th1aSure, kill it.22:08
th1aThat's the advantage of a one man team.  ;-)22:09
replaceafilldon't you think we should show the date of the current status somehow22:10
replaceafillor is that irrelevant?22:10
th1aOh... you mean since when?22:10
th1aIt isn't necessary in the table, but probably should be visible somewhere.22:11
th1aMaybe a pop-up modal if you click the status?22:12
th1anon-modal pop-up.22:12
replaceafillwith a pencil next to the status?22:12
replaceafilli mean, to click22:12
th1aI guess there isn't really any other place it would go.22:12
th1aThe pencil indicates editing, so no.22:13
th1aJust style it like a link?22:13
replaceafillah ok22:13
replaceafillgood idea22:13
th1aIt should be visible from the person view somehow, too.22:13
replaceafillbut we're putting the link only in the edit views, right?22:14
th1aI guess we could just add it to the tree.22:14
th1aThe person's section tree.22:14
replaceafillor do you also want it in the "listing" tables? like group index or section index?22:14
th1aOh... I'd say more the listing tables than the editing tables.22:14
th1aOr perhaps just all.22:14
replaceafillall would be easier i think22:15
replaceafillsingle class for the column22:15
replaceafillmaybe the dialog should list all the statuses of the person?22:15
replaceafilli mean, for *that* relationship22:15
replaceafillsince you can go from pending to member to etc etc22:16
replaceafillok, the tree22:17
replaceafillstatus next to the section link?22:17
replaceafillScience A - 1 (Enrolled)22:17
th1aWell, another level in the tree?22:17
replaceafillYear -> Term -> Status -> Sections?22:18
replaceafillor Status as the top level?22:18
th1aI just thought below sections.22:18
th1a- English22:18
th1a- - Enrolled (Date)22:18
th1a- - Completed (Date)22:19
replaceafillah, got it22:19
replaceafillboy, my TODO.txt is growing :D22:20
replaceafillok, i'll work on these22:20
th1aYeah... there are a lot of loose ends to this.22:22
th1aI'll go over David's new census files tomorrow.22:28
th1aGet that sorted.22:28
replaceafillah ok22:28
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th1areplaceafill, do you have the  site on LP?22:32
th1aWhat's the link?22:32
replaceafillhold on22:32
replaceafillmy firefox is dying :(22:32
th1aOK, we done for now?22:39
replaceafillyes, i think so22:39
th1aThanks replaceafill.22:40
replaceafillthanks th1a22:40
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