IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2013-11-09

th1aYeah... it works for us, but certainly it is a bit of an evolutionary dead end.00:00
basic`it seems to work just fine, and it's python so there's a lot to love00:01
th1aYeah, the bottom line is that it works.00:01
th1aIf it didn't work at least, we'd all have given up a long time ago.  ;-)00:01
th1aThis seems like the most up to date explanation of ZEO:
basic`thank you th1a :)00:10
th1aThank you basic`!00:10
basic`is there an api available?00:11
th1aAh... well, at this point in the conversation I say "Not really, because there isn't a standard one for this stuff, but we can provide pretty much whatever you want however you want it if you're serious."00:13
th1aAnd then I never hear from you again.00:13
th1aI don't know why that happens...00:13
th1aBut Zope does make it easy for us to do web services quickly.00:13
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basic`ah, d'oh he left02:34
basic`povbot: tell th1a i will have to see if we even need an api.. or if we can just use the xls imports02:34
povbotbasic`: Error: I haven't seen th1a, I'll let you do the telling.02:34
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