IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2013-10-29

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:16
replaceafillhey th1a16:17
th1aI'm just writing instructions for my friend to log onto her demo, but we should probably get this onto port 80.16:17
replaceafillah ok16:18
th1aI think most school firewalls block non-standard ports, we should probably just assume it.16:18
replaceafillalthough the old autism demo is running on port 80 right now16:18
th1aFor that matter, I'm not sure why *I* can see it!16:18
replaceafillcan i shut it down?16:18
th1aWell, yes, that's the question I guess.16:18
replaceafillmaybe we should set up apache now in that server16:18
replaceafilldo we have a dns name for sielibre?16:18
replaceafillmaybe we could start setting subdomains for demos?16:19
th1aWe should that is.16:19
* th1a wonders where he set up sielibre DNS...16:19
th1aIncidentally, I'm watching the world series a day late, so keep your mouth shut about it!16:20
replaceafilli know the score!16:21
replaceafilli watch ortiz grand slam in the hospital16:22
replaceafillvs detroit (i think)16:22
th1aYeah, that was a great series.16:22
th1aOK, I can set up the host settings however you tell me to.16:23
replaceafillcool, i'm installing apache right now16:24
replaceafilli was thinking
replaceafillso you should point to the server16:25
replaceafilland i'll take care of the SOMECODENAME part in apache16:25
replaceafilli'll also stop using root for running demos :)16:25
th1apinging seems to work already.16:30
replaceafillkk give me a few minutes to set it up16:30
th1aServer refused the connection...16:44
replaceafillth1a, done16:46
replaceafilllet me know if you want california_demo renamed16:46
replaceafillthe old socialskills demo is at:16:47
replaceafillwe can also rename it :)16:47
* replaceafill is bad at naming things...16:47
th1aMake the new one /tamalpais16:47
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:54
th1aBetter to do this now than wait until it doesn't work!16:54
replaceafillare you hanging out with your friend?16:54
replaceafillto explain things?16:54
th1aNot at this point.16:55
replaceafillah ok16:55
th1aShe used my grading system at Feinstein back in the day.  ;-)16:55
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