IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2013-09-03

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th1ahi replaceafill22:28
replaceafillhey th1a22:28
th1aDid you have a chance to look at the auto-deprecate?22:29
replaceafillno, not yet22:29
replaceafilli did see your email22:29
replaceafillabout the need of more search options?22:30
replaceafilli can update my cando now if you want to discuss it22:31
th1aYeah, you're going to have to make a few changes.22:33
replaceafillth1a, looking at the retire view22:35
th1aFirst of all, it needs to be changed to deprecate.22:35
replaceafillit's the regular search22:35
replaceafillah ok22:35
th1aIsn't that what we're using in the UI as well?22:35
* replaceafill writes things down22:35
replaceafillsome places still use Visible iirc22:36
replaceafillthe spreadsheets/importer is up-to-date22:36
th1aOK, but we're moving toward deprecate.22:36
th1aWhat fields is it searching?22:37
replaceafillok, got to the code22:39
th1aWhat is it searching?22:39
replaceafillgot it22:40
replaceafilllet me look22:40
replaceafillyes, it creates a long text string from:22:40
replaceafilltitle, label and description for nodes22:41
replaceafilland layers22:41
replaceafillwell, layer titles of nodes22:41
replaceafillfor skills22:41
replaceafillit looks in title, external_id, label and description22:41
replaceafillfor skillsets22:42
replaceafilltitle, label and description22:42
replaceafillcan single skills be retired?22:43
th1aWould it be very difficult to let the user choose the attribute it searches for?22:43
th1aI'd say a single skill should be retire-able.22:43
replaceafillth1a, yes, it would22:44
replaceafillwe're using a text field in the catalog22:44
replaceafillwe create this long string each time the object is added/modified22:44
replaceafilllet me check the catalogs again22:44
replaceafillalthough, the catalogs do have each attribute indexed22:45
* replaceafill thinks about what would need to change...22:45
replaceafillhhmm maybe not so difficult th1a22:48
replaceafillthe query generation part is isolated in a single table22:48
replaceafilland the filter method is very clear to me after a recent change we made22:49
th1aYou'd want people to be able to make this pretty focused.22:49
replaceafilli guess we could insert the search by fields (which would have to be common)22:49
replaceafillat the end22:49
replaceafillof the filter method22:49
th1aIt could just be ID, label, title.22:49
th1aWhich SHOULD BE common...22:50
replaceafilli think they are22:50
replaceafilltitle, label, descrition and retired are common attributes in the catalogs22:51
th1aI think ID is what VA actually needs.22:52
replaceafillsearching for ids containing the year, right?22:52
replaceafill*_2012 or something22:53
replaceafillwe should add regular expressions! (lame joke)22:53
replaceafillso the can search for *_2012$22:53
replaceafillwhat do you suggest for the UI?22:54
replaceafilli mean, how that search should look like?22:54
replaceafilldropdown with attributes?22:54
th1aThat would work.22:54
replaceafillname for the field? Attribute?22:55
th1aor Field.22:55
replaceafillabove layers, right?22:55
replaceafillah ok22:55
replaceafilli like Field!22:56
replaceafillwe should have used that for the Batch Assign view22:56
replaceafillit uses Attribute iirc22:56
th1aYou could change it if you have a minute.22:56
replaceafillCourse attribute22:56
replaceafilli have a minute to write it down!22:56
replaceafillcool, the task looks a lot clearer now22:57
replaceafilli hope i didn't miss something22:58
th1aI think that's it.22:58
replaceafillwhen should this be ready?22:58
replaceafillby this week?22:59
replaceafilli'll probably need to ask you a few thing about the report card tomorrow btw22:59
replaceafillbut i need to set some test data before asking22:59
th1aWell, I don't know if I can ask you to task switch without your brain exploding.23:02
th1aBut I'd like to get this to Glenda.23:02
replaceafill:( i saw that coming23:02
replaceafilli understand23:03
replaceafillok, task switch it is23:03
replaceafillit's fun! ;)23:03
replaceafillyou learn a lot of your own software :P23:03
replaceafilli've been trying to trick selenium into creating me a real Data.fs from my tests runs23:04
replaceafillso i don't have to run the Selenium IDE tests23:04
replaceafill*and* i can leave the tests in the app ;)23:04
replaceafilli really love what yvl did with the test infrastructure!23:04
th1aAh, good.23:04
replaceafillwe should use it more :P23:04
replaceafillth1a, you still around?23:30
th1aYes, replaceafill, what's up?23:36
replaceafillquick question23:36
replaceafillwe're using Active like the opposite of Deprecated, correct?23:36
th1aUm... where?23:37
replaceafillin the checkbox column23:37
replaceafillfor the Deprecate view23:37
th1aI think we should switch it to Deprecated.23:37
replaceafillah ok, yes i was going to ask you that too23:37
replaceafillsimilar to the Set Required/Deprecated view for courses23:38
replaceafillok, thanks23:38
replaceafilli also made the change of Course attribute to Course field, etc in the batch assign view23:39
replaceafilli think we should warn glenda about these UI changes, i mean, so she can update her docs23:39
replaceafillwe need to come up with a style solution for this:
replaceafill(link spanning two rows in the sidebar)23:47
th1aOr shorten the name.23:56
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th1aThat's a skillset?23:56
th1a"Edit Skills" replaceafill?23:57
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replaceafillsorry, electricity failure23:58
replaceafillth1a, i also think of translated options23:58
replaceafilleven if you make the english version shorter23:58
replaceafillsome translations may become two lines as well23:58
th1aOK... indent the second line?23:58
replaceafilli think we need bullets23:59

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