IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-09-02

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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis.16:31
replaceafillgood afternoon16:31
th1areplaceafill:  I've not yet cancelled the server we got for Telly.16:32
th1aI'm hoping we'll need it soon!16:32
th1aFor someone.16:33
th1aAlthough I did get a cryptic chat from her last week which I guess I should follow up on.16:33
replaceafilleither i totally forgot about it or i just didn't know about it :D16:33
replaceafillah, i was wondering about her16:33
th1aShe may need to pay us to extract her competencies from those PDF's, even thought it may literally be a matter of cutting and pasting.16:35
replaceafilllet's do it!16:36
th1ai.e., We may actually subcontract most or all of it to someone just doing data entry.16:36
th1aYes, I'll email her.16:36
th1aShe chatted to me on Google Chat and then was like "Just a sec, let me finish this email..." and never came back.16:36
replaceafillat least she's still in contact16:37
replaceafillthat's good16:37
th1aIt had been a while.16:38
th1aHm... are we expecting yvl to be back from the country?16:41
th1aNo Lithuanian holidays until November 1.16:41
menesisyvl left for vacation in Italy a few hours ago16:43
menesispushed batch retiring of skills in the morning :)16:43
th1aI thought he was going away but couldn't remember exactly when.16:44
th1aDo you know when he's returning menesis?16:44
menesislet me check16:44
menesisSeptember 1616:45
menesistwo weeks vacation16:45
th1aOK, so how are we doing, menesis?16:46
menesisI have to admit that I have done very little in the last few days16:47
th1aWell, did you get the packages updated for the feature freeze?16:48
th1aIt seemed like it.16:48
menesislooked at what has been done last week, wrote changelogs, updated milestones, and similar small things16:49
menesisyes, I have uploaded 2.5.2 releases done on Aug 23rd16:49
menesisbut there are quite a few bug fixes in trunks already16:49
th1aOK, so, you just need to catch up with this torrent of fixes.16:50
menesisyes. I have reviewed them already16:51
th1aWhat's our drop dead date for fixes in the Saucy release?16:51
menesisthere are many tests failing now, though. started looking at them16:52
th1aYes, that's a real headache at this point.16:52
menesisOctober 10th is Final freeze16:52
th1areplaceafill is itching to get to them.16:52
replaceafillactually, it's not as bad as i thought16:52
replaceafillafter the last commit adding the default manager user to the admin groups16:53
replaceafillbut i'm only running the stests, not ftests or unit tests16:53
th1aOh GOOD.16:53
th1aSo really, when all those tests were failing, we should have seen that as an overarching bug in manager permissions!16:54
replaceafillin core iirc, we just have problem with the new Generate in request dialogs16:54
menesisftests fail on remote reports/exports, they need some sort of celery bypass16:55
menesisth1a, yes, many tests failed on addCourse16:55
menesisand really, manager have lost permissions to create courses16:55
menesisfixed now16:56
th1aSo we essentially have a month to tidy up.16:58
th1aMostly with you and replaceafill.16:58
th1aAnd to write documentation.16:58
th1aI'm going to do a Saucy version of the book I think.16:59
* th1a just plugged in his new laptop cooler.17:02
menesisI have made bugfix releases of a few zope packages. but nothing important. haven't reached zope.html/ckeditor yet.17:02
menesisdon't have anything more to report17:02
th1aOK.  How's your schedule look for the rest of the week?17:02
menesisI will try to fix some tests. merge basicperson cleanup.17:04
th1aI mean, do you have much non-SchoolTool work for PoV at this point?17:04
menesisdo some more cleanup, e.g. remove calwidget17:04
menesisbut it would be good to have more tests working17:04
menesisI don't have other projects currently17:05
menesishelp colleagues with a question or two, but no tasks assigned to me.17:06
th1aOK.  Sounds good.17:06
th1aWe may have to move the Monday meeting, I think to Friday might be best.17:06
th1aIt looks like I'm going to be responsible for the kids Monday afternoon.17:07
menesispov has bought me a new laptop :)17:07
replaceafillcongrats menesis!17:07
th1aAlso, I'm going to send a draft of my narrative preview release.17:07
menesisso will have some fun installing it and moving stuff over17:07
th1aI'm living off my seven year old X60s.17:08
th1aIt is doing fine driving an external monitor that would have probably cost a fortune when the laptop was new.17:08
th1aI'm just worried that I'm baking it, so I ordered the external cooler, which seems to be working quite well.17:09
th1aEspecially when I'm working and running YouTube so Julia can watch Swan Lake over my shoulder.17:09
th1aWhat did you get menesis?17:09
menesisThinkpad T43017:10
menesiswith a 180GB SSD drive17:10
th1aIt is The Ultimate 14" Business Laptop, I see.17:10
th1aAt this point I guess I'm sold on the value of getting a solid Lenovo.17:11
th1aEspecially if you're running Ubuntu.17:11
menesiseveryone in the office uses a Thinkpad.17:12
menesisI was very unhappy with my Dell.17:12
th1aI wanted to replace this a couple years ago but jacking up the memory and adding an SSD was just a much, much better deal than anything else.17:12
menesismostly because of NVidia graphics, artefacts on the screen and flickering on scrolling in vim17:13
menesisand it gets very hot17:13
th1aAdding an SSD was like buying a new laptop.17:13
menesisyes, I asked Marius „what about SSD you have?“. he said „makes you never want to go back to a spinning drive“17:14
th1aOn my home PC I think I just have /usr on SSD.17:15
th1aI happened to have a small one lying around.17:15
th1aOK, we should move on.  ;-)17:16
th1aThanks menesis.17:16
replaceafillworked on several things last week17:16
replaceafillfixed some issues with the cando reports17:16
replaceafilli spent some time cleaning the overview viewlets and Done buttons in administrative views17:17
replaceafillmenesis, i have a question17:18
replaceafillis there any side effect to do "bzr push --overwrite"17:18
replaceafilli mean, with builds in LP for example17:18
replaceafillit's just that i noticed i commited a weird message in the gradebook17:19
menesisIf you do a mistake and notice quickly, then nothing17:19
replaceafillusually i do small commits with dumb comments like "CI"17:20
menesisnot sure what LP builds do17:20
replaceafilland then revert everything17:20
menesismaybe they do fresh checkouts every time17:20
replaceafilland then do a big "serious" commit17:20
menesisbuildbot fails17:20
replaceafillit's not that i have to do it right now, i just was wondering17:20
menesisbut then I login and do pull --overwrite to fix it17:21
replaceafillah got it17:21
replaceafillwell, good to know, thanks :)17:21
replaceafillth1a, i also worked again in the report card17:22
replaceafillsorry that has taken so long17:22
replaceafillbut switching contexts have been difficult lately for me17:22
th1aYeah, I know.17:22
replaceafillhopefully this week we'll have less requests from cte17:22
th1aI've had you putting out fires all over the place.17:22
th1aYes... although that was invaluable for finding bugs!17:22
th1aJust a little hectic.17:22
replaceafilli'm glad when i read glenda's latest emails saying "everything looks good"17:23
th1aI should have a crack at Glenda's sheets & the new auto-deprecate.17:23
th1aI know.  She's great.17:23
th1aDidn't completely freak out on us.17:23
replaceafillat one point i thought that was coming!17:23
th1aDave was getting a bit itchy.17:24
replaceafilli also met with jelkner17:24
replaceafilland Sean Kinnard17:24
replaceafilland set up instances for their HILT17:24
replaceafilland AMHS schools17:24
replaceafilltake a look17:24
replaceafillnot sure if th1a will like it... but:17:25
replaceafillSean asked me if it was possible to change the color of the top bar17:25
replaceafillbecause some students got confused17:25
replaceafillusing both instances17:25
th1aOh, I see.17:25
replaceafillso i told him about colors.css17:25
th1aAs long as it doesn't frighten them.  ;-)17:25
replaceafilljelkner said "i'm glad we have the teal now" :D17:26
th1aThere are other colors in the spectrum.  ;-)17:26
replaceafilli noticed something about security17:26
replaceafillwe have this security options under Server -> Security17:27
replaceafillabout the admins/clerks having the ability to edit the gradebooks/journals17:27
replaceafillbut the gradebook doesn't allow you, as a manager, to edit it even if the option is set17:28
replaceafilland the journal allows clerks to change grades even if the option is not set17:28
replaceafillso, a few loose ends there17:28
th1aSite Managers shouldn't be able to change grades.17:29
th1aBut yes, the switch should work for admins/clerks.17:29
replaceafillfinally, i've been helping someone in LP:17:30
replaceafillhe's asking basic questions17:30
th1abtw, I'm going to make it clear in the documentation that since Site Managers and Clerks can elevate their own group memberships, the limitations of those roles are more to prevent accidents than provide airtight security.17:30
replaceafilland i'm mostly referring him to the book17:30
th1aOK.  Did you hear anything else from the guy interested in Quiz?17:31
replaceafillone thing he asked about is how to customize the school logo17:31
replaceafillwhich i think is not in the book yet?17:31
replaceafillth1a, ah not yet17:31
th1aYeah, I need a whole new pass through the book.17:32
th1aWhich is the plan at this point.17:32
replaceafillok, i guess that's it from me17:32
th1aOK.  Hm... should yvl's last checkins be in the PPA, menesis?17:33
menesisth1a, not yet17:34
menesisexpected in two hours17:34
replaceafill"waiting to build"17:34
th1aOK.  thanks.17:35
th1aAll right.  Same time Wednesday.17:35
th1aThanks guys!17:35
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:35
replaceafillthanks everybody17:35
menesisonly the batch retire skills feature has not reached the ppa yet17:36
replaceafillnot workrelated comment: i got 93% in french level 217:36
replaceafilllevel 3 starts today ;)17:36
th1aAh, great.17:36
replaceafillcan't talk s**t still :P17:37
replaceafilldamn french R17:37
th1aYou may eventually be convinced to move to the US.  ;-)17:41
replaceafillbut there's always toronto :P17:42
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