IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2013-05-30

th1aWho is wrong?00:03
replaceafilli added a (lengthy) stest to test the scenario of my spreadsheet00:04
replaceafilland i get the 96!!00:04
replaceafilli was expecting the test to fail...00:05
th1aSo... no bug?00:14
replaceafillno bug00:14
replaceafillcompletely my bad00:14
th1aWell, it is confusing.00:16
th1aI'm certainly glad there is no bug.00:16
replaceafillme 200:17
* replaceafill has realized his english skills are getting worse btw...00:18
replaceafilli read the logs of this morning00:18
replaceafilli used "important" to mean "more weight"...00:18
replaceafilland so on...00:18
th1aWell... it literally only seems to be a problem with this exact issue.00:19
replaceafillhhmm i had the same issue with the cando report, remember?00:19
replaceafilli couldn't explain why i think it was wrong00:19
replaceafillthought* (sigh)00:20
replaceafillmoving on00:20
th1aWe'll live.  ;-)00:24
replaceafillthis user's question shows that those instructions are confusing00:32
replaceafillwell, kind of00:32
replaceafillthe "For example" part saves us00:33
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alex______Hello - usage question - is there any concept of 'self assessment' cando gradebook where a student can enter their view of competency  levels ?00:56
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replaceafillalex______, i don't think so00:59
replaceafilla student can only see his/her grades for the section00:59
alex______ok thanks00:59
alex______But I could distribute a xls worksheet - then have a teacher import that into a standard gradebook01:00
replaceafillteachers can't import skills (in cando) or activities (in the gradebook)01:02
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th1amenesis: ayt?17:26
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menesisth1a: yes18:51
th1aAh, I just sat down again.18:52
th1aI was just confused because I'd seen your release and thought it had included the fix to the weird SSL problem.18:52
menesisth1a: I released cando to fix Add skill18:54
menesisnow I'm release schooltool with report fixes18:54
th1aRight, I figured that out once I checked.18:54
menesisI'm almost done18:55
menesiswill upload in a minute18:55
th1aOK... He should be on 12.04, so make sure it is backported.18:55
menesisyes, will do a separate upload for precise18:56
th1aOK.  Can you ping Mike when he should do the update?18:57
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menesisth1a: will do19:13
th1aThanks menesis.19:14
menesisth1a: I've uploaded all releases21:01
menesisupdated release notes in the book21:01
menesisand sent a mail21:01
th1aThanks menesis, and thanks for sending the email.21:01
menesisMike's email server says that my email server is blacklisted21:02
menesisso he probably did not receive the email21:02
menesisplease forward21:02
th1aAh, ok.21:03
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