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th1amenesis: ayt?19:02
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menesisth1a: ?19:40
th1ahi menesis.  I forwarded an ssl issue to you.19:41
menesisit is the same one19:42
th1aI couldn't remember if I had only sent it to replaceafill before.19:43
menesisas 4 days ago. haven't looked.19:43
menesislet me try to reproduce19:43
* th1a goes to pick up Julia.19:54
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replaceafillth1a, i set up ssl in my apache but i couldn't reproduce the issue21:12
th1aYes... I'm not surprised by that.21:12
th1aCan you think of any reason this would only come up with certain views, or I guess a PDF?21:12
replaceafilldid the user reply to you (after your follow-up)?21:13
replaceafillto me it looks like the pdf is trying to get an image (probably the schooltool logo)21:13
th1aOh, that's you replaceafill.  ;-)21:13
th1aOK, well, that's something.21:14
replaceafilli started to google and the moment i hit a "this could be a issue with restrictive proxies..." i was like "ok that's virginia"21:15
th1aI forwarded the reply to you.21:16
replaceafillth1a, i wonder if the ssl certificate they're using was built only for the cando server21:18
replaceafilli remember reading about an old openssl version in ubuntu not able to read certificates issued by some CA21:19
replaceafillmaybe they're using their own signed certificate21:19
replaceafillyou know, those that the browser doesn't complain about21:20
replaceafillas untrusted or something21:20
th1aIt just doesn't make sense that it would only break for certain views.21:21
th1aFetching the logo would at least be something that maybe only one view is trying to do.21:21
replaceafillif you see the error, just before urllib gets involved, seems like rmls is:21:22
replaceafillfileObj = super(Image, self).fromUnicode(value)21:22
replaceafillfileObj =
th1aThat's the logo?21:30
th1aWas that always in that report?21:31
th1aOr is it just the new standard header?21:31
replaceafillit's the footer21:31
replaceafillthe schooltool logo21:31
th1aHas that code changed in the release?21:31
th1aWhat were you saying was moved the other day?  Fonts?21:32
replaceafillyes, on 12.04 i needed to install the fonts package21:32
replaceafillno, as far as i remember we've been using the same pdf layout since the beginning, including the logo21:33
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replaceafillth1a, have a min?23:04
replaceafillsomething is wrong with my averages23:04
replaceafillor... maybe it's because i haven't assigned values to all the activities23:05
replaceafilli remember you talked about this in one of your emails23:05
replaceafillnow, if i could find the email i'm referring to.... :)23:06
replaceafillah got it!23:06
replaceafillincoming block:23:07
replaceafillAlternately, we could give the student a 66% average (with a 0 for the incomplete category) , which would be correct for the end of term grades but isn't really what you want to display during the term, because it makes everyone's grades look worse than they should until the final activity is completed.23:07
replaceafillit's in your 16th/january/2013 email to Mr. Keiper23:07
replaceafillthat's what i'm getting23:07
replaceafillfeels like incomplete averages23:08
th1areplaceafill:  You're not telling me what your problem is.23:08
replaceafillit's probably not a "problem", it's the right math23:09
replaceafillit just looks weird compared to the old way of calculating averages we had23:09
th1aI think this is what my wife feels like talking to me sometimes.23:10
th1aI don't know what you are talking about at all.23:10
replaceafillhold on23:10
th1aAre you not doing it the way I suggest above?23:10
replaceafilli am23:11
replaceafillhhmm how can i compare both methods in a screenshot...23:11
* replaceafill sets up a second trunk instance23:12
replaceafillth1a, give me a minute23:12
replaceafillyou'll see what i mean23:12
replaceafillboy, that was a lot of gimp :D23:21
replaceafillth1a, A1 and A2 are assignments worth 60%23:21
replaceafillE1 and E2 are exams worth 40%23:21
th1a and?23:22
replaceafillyou ok with it? :D23:22
replaceafillsorry if it sounds dumb23:22
th1aIs there some reason you're changing it?23:23
replaceafillbut i'd get worried if i see a 84% drop to 42%23:23
th1aDid jelkner ask for this?23:23
replaceafillno, i removed the 100% requirement when setting category weithgs23:24
th1aSo... does that imply this change?23:24
th1aRequire this change?23:24
th1aDoes it require the change?23:25
th1aI don't like it.23:25
replaceafillme neither23:26
th1aIt isn't necessary is it?23:26
replaceafillno, you just asked the 100% not being enforced on the  weights form23:27
th1aYes... I don't know why we're having this conversation.23:27
replaceafillsorry th1a23:27
replaceafilli should try to be more clear23:28
replaceafillbut don't know how23:28
replaceafillhangout maybe?23:28
replaceafillor tomorrow?23:28
th1aCan you hang out?23:30
replaceafilli can't believe it >:(23:36
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