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th1ahi replaceafill.18:05
replaceafillhey th1a18:05
replaceafillsorry i couldn't connect yesterday18:06
replaceafillhouston airport wireless was not very good18:06
th1aWhat's the situation with the CanDo fixes?18:09
replaceafilli'm writing an email to menesis about z3c.form18:09
replaceafillth1a, so i tried the total row approach yvl suggested18:16
replaceafilland it works18:16
th1aSo... if menesis can sort that hopefully we can have a release by Monday?18:25
th1aCan you send Glenda some screenshots where it is relevant so she knows what's going on?18:42
th1aAnd we can clear up any issues before the release?18:43
menesisI will look at z3c.form issue19:06
menesisbut it is not blocking a release19:06
replaceafillmenesis, it blocks the tests passing19:15
replaceafillbut again, it's working if i pin down the version19:15
menesisthey have z3c.form at 2.5.119:16
replaceafillah ok, i'll pin down to that then19:16
replaceafilli also noticed some gradebook tests failing because of stuff like attributes being "xxx" instead of "xxx"19:17
replaceafilloops, i meant "xxx "19:17
menesissomeone else upgraded z3c.form in ubuntu, I expected breakage, but haven't tested much yet19:18
menesisthat's probably unrelated19:18
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?20:55
th1aHi replaceafill.20:55
replaceafilli'm putting together the pdf + the new completion report20:56
replaceafilland was wondering about the wording of the button20:56
replaceafillis "Download as PDF" ok?20:56
replaceafilli remember you mentioned something about it during the sprint20:57
th1aWhat is on the page?20:57
replaceafilllet me get a screenshot20:57
replaceafilli was thinking of putting the PDF button next to Submit21:04
th1aOh, right.21:04
replaceafillbut i don't know if you prefer it next to Done21:04
replaceafillor both?21:04
th1aI'd say not next to submit because then it confuses the search function.21:05
replaceafillah ok21:05
th1aAre you printing the results of a new search?21:05
replaceafillthe pdf uses the values of the filters21:06
replaceafillunless the results are 021:07
replaceafillin which case the button is not rendered21:07
th1aSo if you change the values what prints will be different than what you see on the screen?21:07
replaceafilli think in that case makes more sense to put it at the bottom21:07
replaceafillyou know21:07
replaceafilli was thinking this button should be different because of that21:08
replaceafilli was thinking of rendering a link instead of a button21:08
replaceafillwith the parameters you just used attached21:08
replaceafillso it really becomes a "export" of your results21:08
replaceafillcool, i'll change the button to be a link21:09
replaceafillwhat should be the label?21:09
replaceafillexport results...21:09
replaceafillexport table...21:09
replaceafillor is just "export as pdf" ok?21:09
th1aExport as PDF is ok.21:09
th1aProbably it should be between submit and the top of the table.21:10
th1aWithout a huge amount of padding.21:10
replaceafilli think we have some lists with that layout21:10
replaceafilllet me check21:10
replaceafillah no, /persons has both buttons at the same level :(21:11
replaceafillok, but i can try set the style just for this21:11
replaceafilli think this "export as pdf" approach becomes confusing if you have batching...21:12
replaceafillthe completion reports don't have batching btw21:13
th1aOh, well, export results as pdf is fine too.21:14
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb in ~4521:25
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th1aDo we still have to do SCR report by section, replaceafill?22:51
replaceafillyou mean22:52
replaceafillstudent competency report?22:52
replaceafillor skill completion report?22:52
replaceafillnow i get confused by the term :D22:52
th1aI'm just passing on Glenda's question: 2.  We still need a PDF SCR report by section. Right now, the teacher has to select each student to run an SCR report. In previous years, this could be run by section.22:53
th1aI just forwarded her email to you.22:54
replaceafillah i was wondering where was that :)22:54
replaceafillhhmm haven't received it22:55
replaceafillth1a, checking the old cando22:55
replaceafillwe created a big pdf from all the individual pdfs22:55
replaceafillwe have the individual pdf now22:56
th1aBut it is the same report, just big.22:56
replaceafillone single pdf for all th students22:56
replaceafillwant me to squeeze that in the monday release22:56
replaceafill(i'll work during the weekend, so...)22:56
th1aI guess it shouldn't take long, but it is just a matter of whether you want Glenda to be extra happy.22:57
th1aI'm feeling like we may have all the CanDo sites upgrading to Celery to do their year end reports.22:57
th1aUnless it doesn't work...22:57
th1aWell, unless you want to jerry rig something to download reports again.22:58
replaceafillin the old version22:58
replaceafillthe option is called:22:58
replaceafillSection SCR Archive (PDF)22:58
replaceafilli assume we're going to put this into the gradebook view22:59
th1aWe could just call it Student Competency Reprort (Section)22:59
replaceafilli'll remove the pdf and put it in a request dialog22:59
th1aMainly can you just sent Glenda an email with a run-down on what's in the update and some screenshots?23:00
replaceafillok, let me get the screenshots23:01
replaceafilli have lots of Data.fs floating around...23:01
replaceafilloh, i just received the fwd23:02
replaceafillah! /sections23:05
replaceafillthat's the view that has a Search and a Done button next to it23:05
replaceafillthat Total row looks to VA specific to me23:23
replaceafilltoo VA*23:23
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