IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-03-13

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th1ahi yvl...15:31
th1areplaceafill might not be up yet.15:31
yvlhey th1a15:31
yvloh right!15:31
th1aDid you happen to mention the time change to menesis?15:31
* yvl managed to forget the meeting was moved15:31
th1aWe can do it later easily enough.15:32
* yvl poked menesis15:33
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th1ahi menesis.15:34
th1aHow's it going menesis?15:34
menesisis ok.. had a holiday on Monday15:35
th1aYes, that's fine.15:35
menesisthe packages that had to be added before feature freeze are there15:36
menesisthat's cando, ldap and the book15:36
menesisthere are increasingly more problems with our old server15:38
menesisincluding that it has python 2.5 only15:38
th1aOK, I'll nudge Helen again about that.15:38
menesisand recent python 3-supporting releases no longer work on 2.515:38
menesisI've added pins for a few packages to fix the buildbot15:39
menesisbut later configured a new buildbot on the new server15:39
menesisit works, the old one is also running15:40
menesisI will redirect more services there15:41
menesisbut if it had the proper domain would be easier15:42
th1aYes, I just need to nag Helen.15:42
th1aWe had it more or less sorted and then she didn't reply to a few emails.15:43
th1aI man just have them update the record without transfering it though, since we're getting relatively close to when all these SchoolTool IP issues will have to be sorted out.15:43
th1aThere's no particular reason to think we'll be moving these again in the next year and a half, right?15:46
menesisno, why15:46
menesiswe just need to move from a breaking hardware server15:47
menesisother than that, I've continued with makefile/buildout updates15:48
th1aI know, I'm just saying having their sys admin update the IP addresses is sufficient.  They don't have to switch control of the DNS over to us at this point.15:49
th1aThat's a bit more complicated technically and politically.15:49
th1aOK, anyhow.15:50
th1amenesis:  Do you think you'll be able to fit the Intervention > Goals switch in?15:51
menesisI don't think just changing a toplevel link is worth a change15:52
menesisthere are also messages that are not goals15:52
th1aI guess we should wait for that step.15:53
th1aOK.  Anything else?15:55
menesisI think that's all15:56
th1aOK, cool.  Thanks.15:56
th1aOh, is replaceafill traveling today?15:56
th1aThat's right.15:56
yvlah, the conference15:57
yvlI worked on report messaging15:57
yvlfinally got it the way I like15:57
yvlwell, mostly like15:57
yvlstill few hours away from finishing15:57
yvlbut it's "finish straight" now15:58
yvlor what's the saying15:58
yvlI didn't look at journal bug yet15:58
th1aHome stretch?15:59
yvlyes :)15:59
th1aOK, so what'll be next after that?16:00
yvlthat, journal bug,16:01
yvlthen - remote task test setup16:01
yvland it would be good to do some stress testing16:01
yvland port few more reports16:01
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yvlafter that - it would be good to improve messaging16:02
th1aIn what respect?16:02
yvlso that new messages (report generated and such) would appear without a reload of the page16:03
th1aHm... should all reports work this way?16:04
yvlthat's a good question16:05
th1aI guess in theory some single person reports should never require long processing times, but all reports should end up in the same place.16:05
yvlbenefit of generating this way is the report is stored16:05
th1aI had been assuming all reports would be done this way.16:05
yvlwe can do that16:06
yvlthe newly written reports will be easy to "port"16:07
yvli.e. will need to replace the dialog [to generate off-line] and not the report itself16:07
yvlthere are a few older reports I think16:07
yvlbut they'll probably also be easy16:08
th1aI'd think we'd want to port all of them by the release.16:08
yvlwell ok16:09
yvlkeep in mind, that all reports work now anyway, just not get stored16:10
th1aYou mean, the old way still works.16:10
th1aIt isn't friendly for users to have two systems.16:10
yvlnot the worst thing in some cases16:11
yvlfor example, making ID16:11
yvlif user changed photo and wants to remake his ID pdf16:11
yvlprobably does not care about the old one16:12
yvlalso we'll need to figure out when and for what resons to delete the reports16:12
yvlit's not necessary for this release though16:12
th1aWe should get at least on CanDo site to test this architecture, since they have problems with long running reports.16:14
th1aAnything else, gentlemen?16:15
th1aDefinitely have a look at the journal bug soon.16:16
th1aJust to be clear -- at this point people do have real data in their journals and are experiencing the bug, so we have to have a data-saving evolution.16:16
th1aInsofar as it seems like all the data is there, just not necessarily in the right place.16:16
th1aotoh, it should be pretty easy to guess what the correct section is.16:17
th1aJust based on the day, course, etc.16:17
th1aThat is, if for some reason we have duplicate sections showing up in the same day/period, we just have to combine the data from both, turn it into one.16:18
th1aHopefully what's happening isn't SO weird that it isn't possible.16:18
yvlthere's probably some simple and stupid bug there16:19
yvland I think the data should be there16:19
yvljust hidden16:19
th1aI'm pretty sure it is there.16:20
th1aOK, cool.  Thanks guys.16:21
yvlhave a great rest of the week16:21
th1amenesis:  Hopefully replaceafill is finishing some fixes we'll want to release for CanDo soon.16:21
th1aSo keep a look out for that.16:21
th1aHave a great week/end.16:21
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:21
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Douglas_Houston airport connection reminds me home's...21:11
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