IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-02-27

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:31
replaceafillhey th1a16:31
replaceafillglad that glenda is moving the completion report story forward :)16:32
th1aYes.  I just saw that.16:32
th1aHow goes the attendance war?16:32
replaceafilli haven't been able to reproduce it locally16:32
replaceafilli copied jelkner database from the HILT instance16:32
replaceafilland still, numbers look right16:33
replaceafilli then added a helper to print the journal, similar to the one we have for the gradebook16:33
replaceafillto use in tests16:33
replaceafilland i was setting a tests with 3 sections for the teacher and 4 terms16:34
replaceafilli was going to try switching between terms and sections16:34
replaceafillbut i found the issue i told you about when setting the schedules for the sections16:34
replaceafillit seems like that view is ignoring the periods the user passes16:35
replaceafillbecause it's based in a different base class than the Date(s) option16:35
replaceafillso i'm fixing *that* first16:35
replaceafilland now, i'm adding a test to core for that16:35
replaceafillbut as i told you yesterday, our coverage in the journal is not very good16:36
replaceafillwe have no tests that check stored grades or attendance for instance16:36
replaceafilland two of the three tests we have were broken16:36
th1aGood lord.  OK, well, I guess that's something to work on.16:37
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replaceafillso that's it from me16:37
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:38
th1amenesis, I see you pushed the fix.16:39
menesishi, yes, I've done that yesterday16:39
menesisonly sent release notes today16:39
th1aAny other progress to report?16:44
menesisno, what you want to be done, is not done, yet16:47
th1aOK.  ;-)16:47
th1aThat's fine, just trying to wrap this small meeting up.16:47
th1aOK, thanks menesis.  Keep at it.16:48
th1aHave a good week/end gentlemen.16:48
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:49
replaceafillthanks everybody16:49
replaceafillth1a, i saw it!!16:51
replaceafilli saw the numbers disappear!16:51
replaceafilldon't know how, but i saw it :D16:52
th1aWell, that's a big step!16:52
replaceafillth1a, i've been always confused by this in the journal16:57
replaceafillare the total columns (Abs., Tard. and Ave.) columns supposed to show you a single month or the whole term?16:58
replaceafillsuppose i have Jan, Feb and March16:59
replaceafillif i have attendance or grades in Jan16:59
th1aWhat do they do now?16:59
replaceafillthey show the term16:59
th1aI mean, there's an argument for either.16:59
th1aThat's what I'd prefer.16:59
replaceafillok, it's just confusing for me that if you go to March (which hasn't happened yet) you see numbers in the totals17:00
replaceafillbut ok17:00
th1aIf users don't like it we can change it, but basically, you can SEE how many absence the student has for the month.17:02
th1aNot the term.17:02
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* replaceafill wonders what do we have to do now to create a buildout.cfg...20:18
replaceafillour buildout configuration has changed20:19
replaceafillto ignore local buildout.cfg changes20:19
replaceafill"Run `make develop` to get developer features, e.g. docs and coverage."20:22
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dreichreplaceafill, hey!22:09
replaceafillhey dreich22:09
dreichpgulley said he'd be here today22:10
replaceafillah ok22:10
replaceafillany progress on your task?22:10
replaceafillor questions22:10
dreichnone since the last bzr22:11
dreichbut what's our next specific assignment?22:11
replaceafillpgulley said you were going to add tests for the existing functionality22:11
dreichalright, that'll be a good next step22:11
dreichalright, I am caught up22:13
dreichI didn't hear anything about the last weekend, sorry.  I'll get on it, though, I know I have a lot more free time these days than pgulley does22:14
replaceafillah ok22:14
replaceafillonce you have tests for the existing functionality we're going to move to the student part of the question22:15
replaceafillgrading, answers, etc22:16
dreichwe've already done grading22:16
replaceafilli meant, in general22:16
replaceafillyou usually grade open questions22:16
replaceafilli mean, the teacher does22:17
replaceafillrational shouldn't be graded by the teacher22:17
replaceafilland once it's answered, the student should be able to see if it's correct or not automatically22:17
dreichand it isn't, as of now at least22:17
replaceafillthat's what i meant by grading :D22:17
replaceafilllet me know when you have the tests finished22:18
dreichalright, I'll send you an email, and we can talk about the specifics of grading then?22:18
dreichsounds good22:18
dreichalright, so, pgulley is not showing up, it seems - do you want me to fill him in later?22:23
dreichI'll do that.  See you later, then - I'm getting really excited for pycon!22:24
replaceafillsee you dreich22:25
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th1aHave you figured out how to make data disappear replaceafill?22:30
replaceafillth1a, no :(22:31
replaceafilli've seen it 3 times now22:31
replaceafillbut i don't understand what's causing it22:31
replaceafillit thought it was changing the section22:31
replaceafillin the dropdowns22:31
replaceafillbut the total colums are definitely messed up22:31
replaceafillso i'm focusing on that first22:32
replaceafillthey're getting the meetings in a different way than the worksheet22:32
replaceafillthis is definitely one of the most weirds bugs i've seen22:33
replaceafilli'm swamped in multi-term sections schedule data :|22:34
th1aYes, I'm sure it is a bit ugly.22:34
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