IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-02-20

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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis.16:31
th1aHow's your internet, replaceafill?16:32
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:32
replaceafillth1a, it's back :)16:32
replaceafillthey said it was a "general" failure in the ISP yesterday16:32
th1aAh, well, that's sort of good.16:33
replaceafilltheir service in the whole country went down :/16:33
replaceafillincluding USB modems!16:33
replaceafillth1a, thanks for contacting jelkner for me16:34
th1aOK, so where are we with Glenda's various issues?16:34
replaceafilli have the tables for the completion/progress reports working16:35
replaceafilli have a question for you16:35
replaceafillthese two reports render the results on load16:35
replaceafilli mean16:35
replaceafillyou click VA Progress Report on the term16:36
replaceafillthen you're redirected to it showing you the sections, right?16:36
replaceafillbut that takes a lot of time in big databases16:36
replaceafilli mean, it takes a lot of time to get the page back16:36
replaceafilli was thinking if we should start those report empty16:37
replaceafilli mean, with empty tables16:37
replaceafilland add a Submit button to get the results ONCE you're in the page16:37
th1aYes, perhaps.16:37
th1aLet's not get hung up on that atm though.16:37
th1aAdd it to the list.16:37
replaceafillso, now i'm making both reports aware of multiple score systems16:38
replaceafillthat's kind of expensive16:38
replaceafillsince these are by section16:38
replaceafillbut that's almost done16:39
replaceafilland the last issue16:39
replaceafilli was able to reproduce the problem with the svg's16:39
replaceafillit's a general problem that could also show in the section summary report16:40
replaceafill(glenda reported it in the skills completion report)16:40
replaceafilland it's less likely for a username to have parenthesis in it16:40
replaceafillbut... we need to sanitize the id for the element anyway16:41
replaceafillthat's what breaks our d3 code16:41
replaceafillthe report view doesn't break btw16:41
replaceafilljust doesn't show the charts16:41
th1aIs that going to be a problem to fix?16:41
replaceafilli *think* yvl already has some sanitizing code in flourish16:42
replaceafillfor generating html ids16:42
replaceafill(for naming viewlets iirc)16:42
replaceafilli just have to send the object __name__ through that16:43
replaceafillso i don't think it'll be a problem16:43
replaceafillthat's it16:44
replaceafillthat's what i'm on it right now16:44
replaceafillah, i also discovered some bad i18n in cando16:45
replaceafillwhere we get DYNAMIC_CONTENT in the .po file16:45
replaceafilli'll fix those too16:45
th1aAre you able to replicate Glenda's setup?16:46
th1aShe says she gets the project bug with a clean database.16:46
replaceafillhhmm i understood she gets the bug after re-importing *skills*16:46
replaceafilllet me check her email again16:47
th1aOh, maybe.16:47
replaceafill"After re-importing the correct verso_skills"16:47
replaceafilli don't think she started fresh16:47
th1aOK, which email is that?16:47
replaceafillTuesday, February 19, 2013 1:38 PM16:48
replaceafillthat's the last i have from her about "Project bug?"16:48
replaceafilllast one*16:48
replaceafillyes, she definitely didn't start from scratch, i just logged in into her instance and she has the same scores, iep, etc16:49
th1aCan you replicate it on her instance?16:49
replaceafillbut again, her ids are weird16:50
replaceafilli could ask her for her database and pdb it16:50
replaceafillto know what's going on exactly16:50
replaceafillbut again, we have stests for that feature16:50
replaceafilland starting fresh works16:51
th1aOK, nonetheless, this should not happen, so let's think about that.16:51
th1aShe's got the skills assigned to the section.16:52
th1aThese are the old skills?16:52
replaceafillnot sure, probably16:52
th1aSo one problem really is we have no way of knowing?16:52
th1aAnd now, you want to create a project, you select skills that appear to be the same ones in the section but you don't really know for sure they are?16:54
th1aPerhaps they are different ones with the same title and label?16:54
replaceafillthat's why i'm stressing the IDs part16:54
replaceafillit looks like a left-over from the whole story16:55
replaceafillto fix labels, etc16:55
th1aIt might have changed ID's?16:55
th1aI mean, that's the most likely theory at this point.16:56
replaceafillmy point is, this is test data and we shouldn't trust it16:56
th1aWhat if you just search by skill title?  Do you get duplicates?16:56
replaceafilli could try with the *current* acc data16:56
th1aI think Glenda says someone else reported it.16:56
replaceafill"Also evident in my demo,..."16:57
replaceafill"...but have just been notified of another issue"16:57
th1aUntil this bug was reported by Henrico today, I didn't realize the same issue existed in my own system.16:57
th1aJust try searching globally by title for Maintaining Computer Systems skillset and see what you get.16:59
replaceafillhhmm i think that's the name of the project17:00
replaceafilli think i'll be easier to ask her for her demo database17:01
replaceafilli wonder if they were hit by the equivalences bug we had some time ago in the importer17:02
replaceafillprojects rely on equivalences17:02
th1aCan you just humor me and try searching a bit.17:02
replaceafilli am!17:02
replaceafillthat's why i'm saying that's the project title17:03
replaceafillnot a skillset17:03
replaceafillhold on17:03
replaceafillMaintaining Computer *System*17:03
replaceafillsingular ;)17:04
th1aExtra letters don't help.17:05
replaceafillok, i have the skillset17:06
replaceafilli should set this up in the testing instance...17:06
replaceafilli mean, in the vps17:06
replaceafillin glenda's instance17:06
replaceafill081 maintain printer17:07
replaceafillin that skillset17:07
replaceafilland it's id being 08717:07
replaceafillsame as the last verso skill xls17:07
th1aBut there is only one.17:07
replaceafillonly one?17:08
th1aThere aren't two separate instances of the same skill.17:08
th1aThat's what I was afraid of.17:08
th1aWhat's the link between the project skill and the section skill based on?17:09
replaceafillthe project skill lives in the project, right?17:09
replaceafillbut it considers the one in the skills gradebook equivalent toit17:09
replaceafillto it*17:09
replaceafilland at some point we detected the skills importer breaking those equivalences17:10
th1aI mean, is that a relationship, ID reference, etc?17:11
replaceafillyes, relationship17:11
th1aOK.  I'm afraid that after you fix the parentheses bug you're going to have to try to pdb this or something.17:12
replaceafillthat's what sets up the relationship17:14
th1aOK,   I'll update glenda.17:16
th1aDo you need her to send her database?17:17
th1aOK, I'll send an email.17:18
th1aAnything else replaceafill?17:21
replaceafillno, i'm done17:21
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.17:22
menesisI have made releases and packages of everything17:24
menesisupdated release notes in the book17:25
menesis& sent those to Glenda17:25
menesishow well does it work for her?17:25
th1aAh, I guess you've been a bit out of the loop on that.17:26
th1aAs replaceafill and I have been discussing, there are a few bugs.17:26
th1aBut then again, I don't really think they are NEW bugs.17:26
menesisI haven't read everything17:26
th1aright replaceafill?17:26
menesis(of the irclog)17:27
th1aI think they're ones that have been there for a while.17:27
menesisbasically: did she test, did it work?17:27
menesissome things were done late at night... 8-)17:28
th1aThere don't appear to be any new bugs.17:28
th1aWe do need to do a little better job of documenting how to actually use the new features listed in the release notes.  That's really my job but we need a clear workflow.17:29
menesisthere's a place for that at the top of '2.4 release notes' book page17:30
menesisWhat's new in this release with screenshots17:30
menesiswould be nice ;)17:30
menesisthen also since yesterday I was refactoring schooltool and merging branches together17:32
menesisworking on the manage script17:33
menesisalso upgraded and tested with package versions in ubuntu raring17:34
th1aWe'll probably need another quick bugfix release this week, if replaceafill makes progress.17:36
menesiseverything excluding reportlab upgrade works17:36
menesisreportlab was upgraded to 2.6, and z3c.rml to 2.0.0 in raring17:36
replaceafilli'm shooting friday, just like last week :)17:37
menesisit was required17:37
menesisby the newer z3c.rml17:37
th1aGood news menesis.17:37
menesisbut that broke something in schooltool, last I checked17:38
menesisI'll have to come back to that soon17:39
menesisafter I'm done with the new scripts for celery17:40
menesiswhen people report bugs through
menesishave to choose a project17:41
menesisthe default was CanDo (first by alphabet)17:41
menesisbut since that project ( is dead17:42
menesisI have removed it from the Project17:42
menesisso now the default is SchoolTool17:42
menesisand there's only one cando17:43
menesisquiz, too17:43
menesisthey are owned by CanDo developers anyway17:43
menesisreviewed bugs clearly not belonging there17:44
th1aThanks, good thinking.17:44
menesisand that's all what's finished17:44
th1aOK, thanks menesis.17:46
th1aI'm going to send in invoices today and revise the cando docs.  I almost got through the whole skills setup process -- which is the most painful part -- until I discovered a bug in the end that I'll have to work around and re-do all the screenshots, etc.17:47
th1aOK, thanks guys.17:48
th1aKeep me posted replaceafill.17:48
th1aHave a good week/end.17:48
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:48
replaceafillth1a, will do17:48
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pgulleyreplaceafill, hey!22:13
replaceafillhi pgulley22:13
pgulleyI'm here a little early, but won't be able to stick around until the normal time22:14
replaceafillhhmm, isn't the normal time 3:00 pm?22:14
pgulleyI recall 3:30, but I may be wrong.22:15
pgulleyeither way22:15
replaceafillhow are you doing?22:15
replaceafillhave you been working with dreich?22:15
pgulleyGood- dreich sent me your list of fixes, and we've been working on them, yeah22:15
replaceafillah ok22:15
replaceafilldo you know what's next?22:16
pgulleytests, I presume.22:16
replaceafilldo you have everything you need to do that?22:16
replaceafilli mean, there's a lot of examples22:17
replaceafilli hope it won't be an issue22:17
pgulleyI'm sure, yeah. We haven't looked at it yet, but I don't see it being an inssue.22:17
replaceafillany other question?22:18
pgulleydreich may have talked to you about this, but we weren't totally sure how you wanted to handle the code for the validator function, just as far as placing it in the code22:18
pgulleysince putting it in a package with utils was a little unnecessary- should it just be src/RationalValidator ?22:20
replaceafilllet me check one thing22:20
replaceafillyou already have such a function, right?22:21
replaceafilli mean22:21
replaceafillit's here:22:21
replaceafillin the module22:21
pgulleyyes, exactly- and it works and everything. We just weren't sure where the code for it should live22:22
replaceafillah ok22:23
replaceafillutils is fine22:23
pgulleyokay, cool.22:23
replaceafillalso, you can move stuff around after you have good tests22:23
replaceafillthe only thing i dont understand in that diff:22:23
replaceafillwhy was the utils module removed and then added back?22:23
pgulleyI can't honestly say I know.22:26
replaceafillthe rest is fine22:26
replaceafilland i manually tested the code and everything seems to work22:27
pgulleyIs there anything else we may want to look at before tests, or are we safe to move on?22:29
replaceafillgo ahead and start adding tests22:29
pgulleyperfect, we'll get on that this weekend22:30
replaceafillcool, let me know if you need any help22:31
pgulleyalright, will do. And this is good timing, I need to get going.22:35
replaceafillsee you pgulley22:36
pgulleythanks! We'll push to our branch when we have tests running22:36
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th1aAny progress on the project bug, replaceafill?22:36
replaceafillth1a, haven't checked glenda's db yet22:36
replaceafilli did download it22:37
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