IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2013-02-19

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replaceafillwhat's with pypi?17:42
replaceafilli can't build anything17:42
replaceafilli'm getting: " Connection reset by peer" messages17:42
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replaceafillhhm i should install the latest debs...18:21
th1aTo look at glenda's bug, replaceafill?18:30
replaceafillth1a, yes18:30
th1aI guess you'd better.18:30
replaceafillbut i think i got the issue with the svg's18:31
replaceafillshe's referring to18:31
* th1a cringes and opens the latest bill from our lawyer.18:31
th1a(it isn't a new invoice, actually)18:32
th1areplaceafill:  So maybe what happened is something like the project was created, then for some reason the section skills updated and then they didn't match up?18:37
replaceafillth1a, yes, probably18:38
replaceafilland i know glenda tries weird scenarios to see if things break18:38
replaceafilllike in this case :D18:38
replaceafillfor the svg case i'm tracking parentheses in the __name__ of sections18:39
th1aI'd say wait before you try very hard to replicate this if it is working for you.18:39
replaceafillth1a, yes18:39
replaceafillthat's why i asked her to try fresh18:39
replaceafillparentheses in the section id break the skills completion report18:44
* replaceafill realizes is not safe to use __name__ as id="..." attributes for js18:44
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Douglas_th1a: zyt?20:38
th1aAh, Douglas_.20:38
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th1aAre you at a coffee shop?20:38
Douglas_hey th1a i'm at the mall :)20:38
Douglas_we have not connection at home20:38
th1aI told Glenda we'd try a hangout.  Do you think you have the bandwidth.20:38
Douglas_i don't think so20:39
Douglas_i cannot even check my email20:39
Douglas_could you do me a favor?20:39
Douglas_i'll try again20:39
th1aYou can get IRC but not email?20:40
Douglas_yes, yahoo or gmail don't load20:40
Douglas_nope :(20:41
Douglas_it doesn't work20:41
Douglas_could you please send jelkner an email20:41
th1aJust a sec.20:41
Douglas_telling him i'm getting connection trouble20:41
Douglas_we were supposed to meet today to talk about quiz20:41
Douglas_it's probably because the food court gets so crowded at noon :/20:42
th1aSIELibre might have to get you a cellular modem.20:42
th1aIf you've got such things.20:42
Douglas_we do, but i have a 2 year contract with this damn ISP20:42
th1aWell, backup.20:43
th1aIt worked really well for the first few years.20:43
th1aare you still there, Douglas_?20:46
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Douglas__sorry, got dropped20:46
th1aAh, there you are.20:46
th1aOK, these are not done yet, right? "Got it. I thought we were also getting "printable" admin reports, by section and/or by location. What will admins use at the end of the year? "20:47
th1a(that's glenda)20:47
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Douglas__th1a: no, that's what i'm working on20:47
th1aOK, I just wanted to make sure.20:47
Douglas__and tell her i was able to reproduce the problem in the skills completion report20:47
Douglas__i'll fix it20:48
th1aRight, ok.20:48
Douglas__ok, since i can't load s**t, i'll go back home, this works better at 8:30 am ;)20:49
Douglas__see you later th1a20:49
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