IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2013-01-10

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th1aI might have to call aelkner.16:31
th1aI'll call him at 10:00.16:47
replaceafillshould i dig deeper in the issue meanwhile?16:47
th1aI can't actually remember exactly where he was.16:48
th1aI thought the gradebook worked, but it wouldn't be the first time I was confused.16:48
th1aOK, I woke him up and he's going to hop on.17:04
th1areplaceafill: You need to send me your invoice, btw.17:04
replaceafillwill send it later today17:04
aelknerhey replaceafill17:04
replaceafillhey aelkner17:05
replaceafillsorry for waking you up :)17:05
aelknernp :)17:05
replaceafillbut i'm kind of blocked17:05
aelkneryeah, what's up?17:05
replaceafillcan you check my email to the dev list17:05
aelkneryeah, i don't know, let me run it myself17:07
replaceafillth1a, is it me, or we cannot delete a skill?17:16
replaceafilli created one with the wrong scoresystem and i cannot change it :(17:16
th1aYou can't.17:16
replaceafilland i cannot delete it17:16
aelkneryeah, well, we can't change scoresystems on skills for the same reason we can't with gradebook activities17:17
aelknerbut i was able to recreate the fact that hitting save gets an error17:19
aelknerbut i get a different one, ValueError: u'Hammering' is not part of this section17:19
replaceafillmulti term section?17:20
replaceafillsounds like the issue jelkner found last week17:20
aelknerno, this section is ust for the one term17:21
replaceafilloh sorry, in jelkner's case was the student not being in the section17:21
replaceafillhammering is the activity :D17:22
aelknerno, this is something else, right17:22
aelkneri'll have to look into this, i can't telll you what's wrong with the scoring errors at the oment17:22
aelknerclearly, my tests were not extensive enough :)17:22
replaceafilldid you see the skills gradebook issue17:23
replaceafill(skills using cando's default scoresystem)17:23
aelkneryes, that, too17:24
aelkneri'll have to look into both of those17:24
aelkneri'll let you know17:24
replaceafillth1a, since i'm blocked meanwhile, should i work on dwelsh's requests?17:25
replaceafillon VA reports17:25
replaceafillhe wants an extra column in one of the completion reports17:25
th1aOh, that fucking thing.17:26
replaceafilland some names changed17:26
replaceafilllet's look at those numbers!17:26
th1aGo ahead.17:26
th1aGet that out of the way.17:26
replaceafillhe also wants a pdf of the SCR17:28
replaceafillthat would be nice to test yvl's features17:28
th1aOh, please get that shit out of the way so I never have to think about it again replaceafill.18:00
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replaceafillcool hangout about schooltool between arlington - senegal - el salvador :)20:25
th1aWas I supposed to know about this?20:33
replaceafillat some point jelkner said "we should invite th1a to our regular meetings"20:33
th1aIsn't the Quiz meeting on Friday?20:34
replaceafillthis was to try hangouts to senegal20:34
replaceafillif the bandwith was enough, etc20:34

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