IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2012-12-13

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replaceafillth1a, i wasn't able to hear your opinion on khan on friday19:59
replaceafillnice article btw :)19:59
th1aBasically we have a lot of expensively generated research on teaching mathematics which we've not managed to systematically apply, and finally we seem to have decided to just rely on some guy who makes instructional videos off the top of his (admittedly smart) head.20:25
th1aOne key thing to know is that Japan outperforms us in math using methods developed in the US, funded by our taxes.20:25
replaceafillit's like you know the solution, but you don't use it?20:26
th1aPart of this is because math instruction is now part of our overall culture wars.20:27
th1aConservatives think the abovementioned mathematics research is some kind of liberal plot.20:27
th1aMy other point is that the US historically has had low math achievement, which transfers to poor understanding of mathematics by teachers in general (elementary), parents, etc.20:29
th1aIt is like trying to compete against Brazil in the World Cup.20:29
th1aYou need better coaches in every town, better organization at every level, better support from parents, etc.20:30
th1aAnd ultimately, we just don't care about soccer as much, and don't really want to.20:30
* replaceafill thanks th1a for using analogies he can understand ;)20:31
th1aAlthough we may occasionally claim to care.20:31
replaceafillmenesis, you around?21:10
replaceafillth1a, seems like this one just bit jelkner seriously:22:03
th1aHe didn't avoid his own bug?22:04
th1aIs it just in Journal?22:04
replaceafillhe was expecting it was a chrome issue22:04
replaceafillbut he got it in firefox22:04
replaceafilland he didn't realize he had lost his attendance data22:04
replaceafillthe first time he was able to hit Back and Save again22:04
replaceafillthis time, he wasn't22:05
th1aHm.  Do we have any idea what is causing it.22:05
replaceafillno, i haven't seen it22:05
replaceafilli copied his Data.fs22:05
replaceafillmaybe we could save the data from undo history or something22:05
th1aDo you want this or should I give it to yvl?22:06
replaceafillhe says it's not *critical*, since he takes attendance also using eSchools22:06
th1aIt is critical to me...22:06
replaceafillit is22:06
th1aI mean, I should have taken it more seriously before.22:06
replaceafilli can take a look22:06
replaceafillif zodb hackery is needed i can bounce it to yvl22:07
th1aWell, tbh look at what is causing it first.22:07
th1aHow's IEP's?22:07
replaceafillstest coverage is "decent" in the journal22:07
replaceafill(i think)22:07
replaceafillgood, finishing the completion report update22:08
replaceafillit's the last report that needs to be updated to use the iep skills22:08
* replaceafill goes to his weekly quiz meeting with the ACC folks22:09
th1areplaceafill:  We should actually have our business meeting tomorrow.22:15
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