IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-11-20

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foliwehi , how can i view schooltol install on my local host on the internet?  help16:31
th1a ?16:34
foliweYes, but this works only on LAN16:36
foliwehow can somebody in another parth of the world view it?16:37
th1aOh, well, in that case you need to do port forwarding from your firewall, I'd think.16:37
th1aHave you done that kind of thing before?16:37
foliwei use free DNS16:37
foliwedid you succeed to do portforwarding?16:39
th1aI haven't tried it.  Did you try it with SchoolTool?16:40
foliweif yes, can i view your schooltool16:40
foliwenot yet?16:40
foliwei just wanted to get some advises16:41
th1aBasically, there shouldn't be anything special about it.16:41
th1aThat I'm aware of.16:41
th1aI have to run for a few hours, but check back in if this does or doesn't work for you.16:42
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replaceafillmenesis, i just pushed a revision to lp:schooltool19:16
replaceafilland got conflicting tags again19:16
replaceafillConflicting tags:19:16
replaceafill    2.3.019:16
replaceafilli can't remember how i fixed that message last time...19:17
menesisreplaceafill: pull, then pull --overwrite19:19
replaceafillah ok19:19
menesisoverwrite forces pull (or push) when branches have diverged19:19
menesisand if tags conflict19:19
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