IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2012-11-19

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th1ahi aelkner, yvl, replaceafill.16:30
yvlgood morning16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
th1aaelkner:  What's your condition?16:31
aelkneri'm much better thanks16:31
aelkneryvl, thanks for the email, it worked to rebranch everythin16:32
aelknerafter that worked, i fixed the problem in my main inbox simply by rebranching your branch16:32
aelknerthat's annoying because i had know way to know that would have been necessary16:32
aelkneri guess my original suspicion was correct about a networking problem while running bin/buildout16:33
aelkneri think in the future, the first thing to try when weird things like that happen is make realclean16:33
aelknerit just didn't occur to me that i would need to do that16:34
aelknerbin/buildout throws a lot errors even when evrything is ok16:34
aelknermessages like 'Skipping' , for instance16:34
aelkneranyway, lesson leaned, but i appreciate you taking the time to provide a working scenario16:35
yvlno problem16:36
yvlglad it worked16:36
aelknerth1a, i should have a resource report to show you this afternoon16:36
aelknerand now i can do any other report like the attendance report you suggested16:36
aelknerreplaceafill, when i run the section roster report the terminal output has two errors even though the report works16:37
aelknerDirective 'pto_header' could not be processed and was ignored. (file section_roster_art_a_1211190929.pdf, line 144)16:37
aelknersame for the trailer16:37
aelknerdo you get that?16:37
replaceafillaelkner, no, i haven't used that report in some time now16:37
aelknercould you try that real quick right now so i can compare?16:38
replaceafillwhat's the branch again?16:38
aelkneroh, you don't have a reports branch at the moment?16:38
yvlyeah, aelkner16:38
aelknerthat's ok, never mind16:38
yvlit throws that error16:39
yvlhaven't looked at that yet16:39
aelkneri won't worry about it if the report works, i was just curious16:39
yvlweird thing is that is not ignored :)16:39
yvlpto directive is used when you want to add "continued on next page" messages16:40
yvlalso - repeat titles above tables and such16:40
yvlplease continue16:41
aelknerok, i'll let everyone know if i think a failure of a report to work might be related16:41
aelknerotherwise, i won't worry about it16:41
aelknerso that's it for me, just one thing though16:41
aelknerth1a, you never asked for out October invoices16:42
th1aThat's because I'm not paying anyone this month.16:42
th1aSorry I forgot to mention that.16:42
th1aI'm sure you all have plenty of money in the bank.16:43
aelknerwell, now that we one the election, there was that million dollar deposit i noticed16:43
th1aOK, so moving on.16:43
th1aThanks aelkner.16:43
aelkneri'll look for you this afternoon16:43
th1aLets hear from everyone and then get to some general report issues.16:44
th1aso... yvl?16:44
yvlI'm slowly working towards finishing the remade roster report16:44
yvland have added some plumbing on template slots16:45
yvlI think I'll try adding some demoish personal info report16:46
yvlthat's it16:47
yvlalso - I'd like to book plane tickets at some point16:47
* yvl done16:48
th1aYes, we'll discuss that last.16:48
th1aThanks yvl.16:48
replaceafilli've been working on the labels + titles sorting16:49
replaceafillfor skills16:49
replaceafilland skillsets, nodes, documents16:49
replaceafillthere were 11 views listing labels + titles somehow16:49
replaceafilli've changed 9 to use table formatters with sorting ability16:50
replaceafilli finally understood what the subsort parameter does for columns :)16:50
replaceafilli also realized that we need some kind of subscriber, so the section skills stays in sync with the course skill16:50
replaceafillat least for labels + titles16:51
replaceafillnot sure about other attributes, like required and such16:51
replaceafilli also asked glenda for the new verso skills xls16:52
replaceafillapparently sites in the pilot are still not using it16:52
replaceafilland today i confirmed this bug:16:52
replaceafilli know how to fix it (similar to
replaceafillparameters need to be encoded before passed to redirect16:53
yvlyep :/16:53
replaceafillso i'll fix that and write a similar stest16:54
aelknercan we get this stuff into trunk at some point soon?16:54
replaceafilli have one question for yvl16:54
aelknerit helps to be able to see the changes come in16:54
replaceafillis it possible to override a view without using a skin?16:55
replaceafillhere's the scenario:16:55
replaceafilljelkner wants some customization in the mygrades view for cando16:55
replaceafillhe wants me to insert some columns with schooltool.quiz information16:55
replaceafillbut afaik that's not possible without creating a new skin, right?16:56
yvlwell, it is possible with includeOverrides16:56
replaceafillfrom one plugin to another plugin?16:56
yvlcould work16:57
replaceafillah ok16:57
yvlor you could put it in a zcml slug16:57
replaceafilli'll try that16:57
yvlit could add a bit of maintenance though ;)16:57
replaceafillzcml slug?16:58
yvladd override_this.zcml16:59
replaceafilllike we used to do with the gradebook16:59
yvlthat has includeOverrides16:59
replaceafillah got it16:59
replaceafillthanks i'll try that!16:59
yvlbut it should also work from plugin.zcml16:59
yvlin the package16:59
yvl(if it uses z3c.autoinclude of course)17:00
replaceafilli've been using configure.zcml17:00
replaceafillmaybe that's why i get configuration errors17:00
yvlyou did try with includeOverrides though, right?17:00
aelknerah, that might explain the problem i was having a while back wth schooltool.courseinfo17:00
replaceafillyvl, yes17:00
aelkneri got configuration errors, too, when i tried to includeOverrides17:01
replaceafillok, that's it from me, thanks17:01
yvlyou know17:02
aelknerso, noone answered my question about trunk, when will the reports stuff get in there?17:02
yvlmaybe we should just add overrides.zcml to all our plugins17:02
replaceafilla standard file everywhere17:02
replaceafillto do this kind of stuff17:02
aelknerthat's a good idea17:02
yvland make those included from z3c.autoinclude17:03
yvlafter everything else is in17:03
th1aaelkner:  Not this week.17:03
aelknerth1a, ok, np17:03
replaceafillyvl, so, order really matters in the inclusions, right?17:03
yvlI think so17:03
replaceafillgood to know :)17:03
aelkneralso, the z3c.autoinclude thing, right?17:03
replaceafilli'll try that, schooltool.quiz setup is similar to cando's, gradebook's, etc17:04
yvlwell, z3c.autoinclude gets processed at one point17:05
aelknerok, i'll definitely bookmark today's log for when i have to look at schooltool.courseinfo again17:06
th1aanything else replaceafill?17:09
replaceafillth1a, no that's it17:09
replaceafillwill be done with these views today17:09
th1aThat's another one of those changes that ended up being more complicated than it looked.17:10
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:10
th1aOK, so one big reports issue is grids.17:11
th1aBoth grids in general and grids with diagonal headers.17:11
th1aWhere are we with either yvl?17:12
yvlnot started on those yet17:12
yvlwell, we do have few styles17:12
yvlcovering most of "tables" and "lists" part of the style guide17:12
yvlbut nothing for gradebookish grids yet17:13
yvlthey're on my todo list though :)17:13
th1aShould we work on reports without grids then, I presume.17:13
th1aA lot of them end up having grids of one kind or another.17:14
yvlit would be good to know types of grids17:15
yvlbut we can easily add a very simple table grid, and work from there17:15
th1aI don't have anything too fancy in mind.17:16
th1aA grid, and a grid with diagonal headers.17:16
th1aI just don't want to do a bunch in what will turn out to be the wrong way.17:16
yvltranslation: a grid, and a fancy grid :)17:16
th1aRunning off the page is a big issue.17:17
yvlwe do have to specify column widths17:17
th1aIn fact, we need to make a point of testing that for each of these as we write them.17:17
yvlthus we can calculate how many columns fit, and when we should split a table into two tables17:18
yvlI meant: we must17:18
th1aYes, splitting into two will be the right choice sometimes.17:18
yvlthere's one catch though17:19
yvlassume the table T runs out both horizontally and vertically17:19
yvlwe split it vertically into two: T-left and T-right17:19
yvland automatics will handle the horizontal split17:20
yvlso we'll get17:20
yvlpage 1: T-left17:20
yvlpage 2: T-left continued17:20
yvlpage 3: T-right17:20
yvlpage 4: T-right continued17:20
yvlI hope it's ok, because this is how it works17:20
th1aIt is either that or just not allow the too-wide table.17:21
yvlin some cases we won't be able to limit ourselves probably17:22
th1aOr just shrink them.17:22
yvlalso an option17:22
th1aHow are we dealing with page size at this point?17:23
th1aDoes that have to be hard-wired?17:23
yvlbut we assume it is17:23
yvlwe can make it flexible of course17:24
th1aWell, we don't use A4 paper here...17:24
th1aAlso, in particular allowing landscape is useful.17:24
th1aSo what kind of overhead are we looking for to support different sizes/alignments?17:25
th1aI mean, do we need to bake that into our infrastructure here?17:28
yvlas we're just starting, putting an extra app preference for paper size is not that hard17:28
yvlwell, we do need to start handling17:28
yvlthat means - not assume margins and such17:29
replaceafillwhat about a report options dialog?17:29
yvland store it in app prefs17:29
yvlwe can even call it Print options17:29
yvlor something17:29
yvlit will probably be mostly ok (as in - we won't need to calculate much)17:30
yvlexcept for some corner cases17:31
th1aWell, that gets right to the other issue I have jotted down here which is reports which require an intermediate dialog.17:31
yvlhow many columns fit horizontally and the text is still readable17:31
yvloh, report options dialog - yes :)17:32
th1aI would say the main thing about those corner cases is that we need to allow the user to print one out and if it doesn't work, have some way to fix it.17:32
th1aIf you can say "oh, too many columns, but I can select which columns will print and fix it"17:33
th1aThen you're ok.17:33
th1aYou don't necessarily need to automagically guess right every time.17:33
yvlwe just need to keep those cases in mind when doing new reports17:33
th1aI'm thinking the only tables that have to split horizontally are big grids that you might want to hang on the wall.17:34
th1aLike a big master schedule.17:34
th1aBut otherwise, I think people will just say WTF if we do that automatically.17:34
yvlyou're probably right17:35
th1aOK... so.17:38
th1aIs there anything in particular we should do plumbing wise to deal with dialogs for reports that have options, including page orientation/size?17:38
yvluser-defined page orientation... need to test, don't know17:39
yvlpage size... I think replaceafill used page_size and margins in all calculations17:40
yvlso just need to check17:40
yvloh, also for reports that have options...17:42
yvlif we want to set school-wide defaults, we need to write a view17:43
yvland if we want to allow overriding these defaults for each report - we'll need to update all report dialogs17:43
yvlbut that is it17:43
th1aWhat about the dialog itself.17:44
th1aDo we want some kind of standardizing widgetry?17:44
yvlwidgetry - no17:46
yvlbut I guess we'll do a default want to download the pdf dialog form17:47
yvlothers will need to extend it17:47
th1aSo... these are things for yvl's to do.17:49
yvljust reiterating:17:50
th1aNow... I'm gathering that the immediate takeaway for aelkner is to use pages_size and margins and whatever else in his templates so they do size dynamically?17:50
yvl(to figure out priorities)17:50
yvlyes, th1a17:50
yvl- dialog to configure the page sizes and margins17:51
yvl-- some default dropdown of page sizes17:51
yvl- school-wide page size options17:51
yvlother things I could/want to do17:52
yvl- finish tweaking default page template, add school logo17:52
yvl- write a test report that includes different sections (person info seems about right)17:53
yvl- write a grid that has slanted column titles17:53
yvlthat's it for now17:54
yvlthe "I want to do" is made of stuff that has some unanswered questions17:55
yvlfor example17:55
yvlif we add multiple sections to the report17:55
th1aOK, so if we can deal with the page size thing by writing the templates carefully, we can hold off on the choice machinery.17:55
yvlhow will we specify title on top of the page?17:56
yvlit's baked into page template17:56
th1aI would say 3,4,5,1,2 above.17:56
th1aWhich page template?17:56
yvlRML page template17:56
yvlit's the format thing17:57
yvlwe need to have convenient machinery that allows plugging in different parts into the story17:57
yvl(and we do have it)17:57
yvlSchool tab in web17:57
yvlor Person home17:57
th1aI don't think title has the same role in a printed report.17:58
yvlbut we also probably need different page templates, that are almost the same, but have different title and header text(s)17:58
yvlI'm not sure we're on the same page here, th1a17:59
th1aI don 't think so.17:59
yvlI was talking about the top "band" in headlines17:59
yvlthat says... "STUDENT PROFILE"18:00
yvlor "REPORT CARD"18:00
yvlI assume at some point we want to be able to request aggregate reports18:00
yvlthat add all report cards after student profile18:00
th1aI don't think so.18:02
th1aOr, we're thinking of different things.18:02
th1aBut also, I don't think we really want any boilerplate like all reports have a H1 title at top.18:02
yvlwhat kinds of boilerplate do we want?18:03
yvlwe now have the one from guidelines18:04
th1aEssentially optional letterhead type stuff.18:04
yvlthe one that's always the same18:04
th1aAbout the school.18:04
yvl4 lines subtitles at left18:04
yvl6 lines at right18:04
* th1a should probably look at the guidelines. ;-)18:04
th1aOh, that.18:05
yvlso I don't think we want to enforce it18:06
th1aWell, yes, I see.18:06
yvlbut we probably want to bake it into our "simple letterhead"18:06
th1aNo, actually, sorry, it is fine the way Vinny has it.18:06
th1aIf we could decide where a school logo should go...18:07
yvlor Vinny could decide where "page 1 of 4" should go... :P18:08
th1aYou guys have to remember that if you don't tell me what to look at I'll just use my imagination.18:08
th1aI'd say the logo could go to the left of the name/address.18:09
th1aWe just need to try it a few places.18:09
th1a(not the schooltool logo, only the school logo)18:09
yvlit could also be text + logo18:09
yvlschool name  + logo :)18:10
yvlor not18:10
yvllogos tend to include name18:10
th1aWe can't count on that.18:10
th1aOtherwise, we can just try some things.18:10
th1aOK, aelkner, have we confused you?18:11
yvlbtw: aelkner, replaceafill, please pull my reports branch before continuing on reports18:12
replaceafillyvl, kk18:12
th1aOr perhaps we put him to sleep.18:13
th1aOK, thanks yvl.18:13
yvlrandom feature18:13
aelknerth1a, ok, it would help perhaps to conclude some things18:13
aelkneri mean, short term18:13
yvlwe could... add option to select a language when requesting the reports18:14
aelkneryou said something about limiting reports18:14
aelknerto not need the selector of page size18:14
aelknerthat's a good short term way to allow reports to be written18:14
aelkneri noticed that the section roster didn't have anything about it, so my resource report doesn't either18:15
aelknerthe story tag has the ptoheader and trailer18:15
aelkneri'm not sure how they work and there are the warning messages that we discussed18:15
aelknerbut otherwise i don't see anything about page size, so point is18:15
th1aSelector of page size?18:16
aelknerit would be fine to not consider that issue18:16
aelknerby that i mean no keywords18:16
aelknerin the template, no page_size= pr whatever18:16
yvlbtw, aelkner, what report are you working on now?18:16
aelknerso i'm assuming that is working off of defaults18:16
aelknerit just lists the contents of the resource container18:17
aelknerbtw, let me look at something a moment, i wanted to comment18:17
yvlyeah, you can get away with just specifying percentiles there18:17
aelkneri need to call up the resource report again18:17
replaceafillyvl, are table formatters still in your plans for reports plumbing?18:18
yvlyes and no18:19
replaceafillah :(18:19
yvltable formatters are to cumbersome to use as a whole18:19
yvlthen again,18:19
yvlusing a simple one with columns... that's another story18:19
yvlget free sorting and such18:20
aelknerguys, i sent an email to the developer list, it has the resource report attached18:20
aelknerit shows how pto_header, which container the (continued message), works, quite nicely18:20
aelknercontains, not container, sloppy typist :(18:21
aelknerthat's from the small sample data import, so the resources are all of type, Resource18:22
th1aI guess we could have aelkner add school address to the system.18:23
yvlbtw, after pulling, see flourish/skin/   IPlainPDFPage18:23
yvl(and make your report inherit PlainPDFPage)18:23
yvla short comment on my changes:18:24
yvlthere is also IPlainTemplateSlots18:24
yvlthat specify what data could be put into page template when it's rendered in the report18:24
yvlslots like top_center, top_left, title, etc.18:25
yvl(some are missing ATM)18:25
th1aCan you use subheaders to sort by type and add a description column?18:25
yvla class PlainPageTemplateSlots is (by default) used to extract the data from view to the pdf page template18:26
yvlwhat it gives now, is that you pdf templates and views are decoupled18:27
yvland for you it means, you can add, for example, subtitles_left property in the view and it will be rendered18:28
* yvl done interrupting18:28
th1a"Resource Report" needs to go into the gray bar at top.18:30
th1aAlong with the year.18:30
th1aOr maybe that's what aelkner was planning on doing this afternoon.18:31
aelknerno, actually, what i'm showing now is what i planned on for this afternoon18:31
aelkneri was able to do it while you discussed reports in general18:32
th1aOK, do you need to ask yvl anything to do what I suggested?18:32
aelknerwell, perhaps, but i don't know what to ask yet18:32
yvlplease don't forget to inherit from
aelkneri need to grok the new changes yvl pushed just in case they impact things18:33
yvlmy change will probably break your report now, inheriting will fix18:33
th1aLet's wrap this up then.18:33
aelknerand what about the seciton roster, was that ever ok th1a?18:33
aelkneri was working off of that, so it that's wrong, working off of it is not a good plan :)18:33
th1aActually that has the same problem.18:33
yvland in your view, aelkner, you can add attributes/properties: name, scope, title18:33
yvland section roster is updated :)18:33
yvllemme send it18:33
th1aaelkner:  You need to look at Vinny's doc.18:34
aelkneri can fix the section roster as i fix the resource report18:34
aelkneryeah, i was looking, they don't subheaders btw18:34
aelknerunless you mean the bottom of the page header18:34
aelknerthat's where we have Resource Report (or Section Roster) now18:34
th1aNo, they don't have subheads.18:35
aelknerthe guidelines have Courses (continued) in one case18:35
aelknerBasic Info in another18:35
aelkneranyway, what should we do about subheaders?18:35
aelknerdo we have a tag?18:36
aelkneryvl, what have you sent?18:36
yvlupdated section rosters pdf18:36
aelkneran email or a push?18:36
aelknerah, got it18:37
th1aWe don't want the second Section Roster there, ofc.18:37
yvlof course18:38
aelkneryeah, well, isn't that the place for the subheader18:38
aelkneri mean, if we are having subheaders for each resource type18:38
aelknerthen as a particular resource type continues potentially over many pages18:38
yvlumm, no18:38
aelknerwe would want to repeat that subheading, so to speak, no?18:38
yvlsubheaders are the little text lines below title18:38
yvlMath --- title18:39
yvlInstructors: John Peter -- subtitle (left)18:39
aelknerth1a, is that what you meant?18:39
yvlI added the second section roster for testing purposes actually18:39
yvl(because such form is used sometimes -- for General Info, Courses and such)18:40
th1aI meant subheads in the table (as well).18:40
aelknerth1a, specifically, what are you thinking?  continue them?18:40
aelkneror do they appear only at the beginning of the table change?18:40
aelknerso, for instance:18:41
aelknerwe have, say three groups of resources18:41
aelkner5 rooms (location)18:41
aelkner7 projectors (equipment)18:41
aelkner40 whatevers, that third type we haven't really defined well18:42
aelkneranyway, the first page has two tables (because there is room)18:42
aelknerand before each table is a heading (like the h2, or is it h3?) before our tables in html18:42
aelknerand the third table also starts on page 1, but is so long that it continues to the next page18:43
aelknerbut on page 2, no mention of the subheading18:43
th1aWe have subheaders in our regular tables.18:43
aelknerregular, read: html?18:44
aelknerthe answer is yes18:44
aelknerbut html pages are always single pages18:44
aelknerthere is no concept or need to worry about continue to next page18:44
th1aPut the header and the sub-header at the top on each new page.18:45
aelknerjust the batching that appears below the table subheader, but that's differetnt18:45
aelknerthere you go, that's what i was looking for18:45
aelkneryvl, you see my point?18:45
yvlif you have a single subheader though, it's easy to do18:45
yvlsince you can specify how many top rows to repeat18:46
th1aI don't know why you'd do it differently...18:46
yvlbut if you have, say...18:46
yvlrow 0:   Title | Description18:46
yvlrow 1:  Projectors18:46
yvlrow 7: projector7  | very good one18:46
yvlrow 8: Locations18:46
yvlrow 9:  Ball room | the big one18:47
yvland you want on second page repeated:18:47
yvlrow 018:47
yvlrow 818:47
yvlI don't know how to do that at the moment18:47
aelkneryeah, i would think that we need to solve this grouping design up front18:48
aelknerit's a common report function as it is a common sql query18:48
aelknerand we should have consistent look and feel for grouped reports18:48
aelknerth1a, sounds like you favored putting the subheadings at the top18:49
aelknerand not mixing them in with the rows as yvl just suggested18:49
aelknerbut you may change your mind, ofc18:49
th1aWhen you go to the next page, I'd think you'd want the header and subheader (continued).18:49
aelkneri think that makes sense18:50
th1aUnless anyone thinks the user should just remember the state themselves.18:50
aelknerwhen you have a 300 page printed report18:50
aelknerstrike that, we all know that the subheading needs to continue, never mind18:50
aelknerit's just a matter of how and where18:51
yvlok, so th1a was not talking about table subheaders as in "a table row shaded in gray"18:51
aelknerhe didn't say so specifically18:51
aelknerthere's no point in trying to guess about something like that :)18:52
th1aI'm talking about "sub-section title" in the guidelines.18:52
aelknerwhat page number?18:52
th1a(which may need some tweaking to look less like the regular header.18:52
th1aPage 418:52
aelknerthere you have more than one table on the same page, and the tables are not even the same dimensions18:53
aelknerthe column headings are all you have there18:54
aelknerthey don't have a h2 or h3 -like thing at the start of each table18:54
yvloh, repeating subsection title and stuff... ok, thats what <pto> is for18:54
aelkneryeah, the column headings are the same regardless of resource type18:55
yvlnow I see18:55
yvlso no18:55
yvlI don't know how to do that18:55
aelknerthe pto, as you said18:55
th1aOK, so this is not just baked into RML?18:56
yvlsomething similar is baked in18:56
yvlyou can repeat a number of top table rows on each page split18:56
yvlthat's how we get repeated  Full Name | ID header rows each page18:57
aelkneryvl, can you explain why the continued thing works?18:57
aelkneri see that it works nicely, but i can't see why yet18:58
yvlbut we could probably work around that by splitting a table into many tables18:58
aelknerthe resource report, like the section roster, has the pto section18:58
aelknerwherein the continued message is there18:58
aelknerbut the first page has just the Section Roster message,18:59
aelknerhow is it that it doesn't get rendered each time?18:59
yvlbecause of pto_header and pto_footer18:59
aelknerit's not inside the pto tags, so it can't be tat18:59
yvlbut I don't think you can do that *inside* of a table18:59
aelknerso it's a bit if magic, yes?18:59
yvloh, the section roster19:00
yvlit's in the pdf template19:00
aelkneryeah, i'm speaking of section_roster.pt19:00
yvlalong with the page header and the page footer19:00
aelkneryou see, pto contains pto_header and pto_trailer19:01
yvlyou could look at skin/flourish/rml/pdf_plain_page_template.pt19:01
yvland notice drawStrings and such19:01
yvlwell, it's getting late19:04
th1aOK, yes.19:04
yvlcan we arrive at some resolution? ;)19:04
aelknerare we meeting tomorrow same time19:04
yvland I think we should do a hangout some time19:04
th1aWell, I can't meet tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment.19:04
th1aBut you guys probably should meet.19:04
th1aCheck in at least.19:04
aelkneryes, a hangout with screenshare would help19:04
th1aOr just send an email aelkner.19:04
aelknerabout what?19:05
th1aWhatever problem you need to discuss.19:05
th1aIn the meantime...19:05
th1aThanks guys.19:05
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.19:05
replaceafillthanks everybody19:05
yvlthanks guys19:06
aelknerok, thanks guys, cya wed?19:06
th1aSo... replaceafill, yvl - sprint Jan 28-Feb 1?19:06
th1aWednesday, definitely.  Tuesday if necessary for you.19:06
yvlsounds good th1a19:06
replaceafillth1a, ok19:06
th1aThat would be arriving Saturday.19:07
th1aWarm up Sunday.19:07
replaceafillarrive saturday, leave next saturday, right?19:08
replaceafills/next/following :)19:08
yvlI think so :)19:09
yvlsee you guys soon19:09
*** yvl has quit IRC19:09
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veloutinhey, so you guys have been playing with ZODB a lot... what's your opinion on it now?20:05
*** replaceafill has quit IRC20:34
th1aveloutin: ayt?20:43
*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool20:46
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