IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-11-13

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th1ahi aelkner, yvl.16:30
th1aDo we still need to fix the skill ordering in the gradebook?16:33
aelknerare you referring to the sort by label issue from before?16:37
aelkneri seem to remember douglas adding a fix to the cando gradebook to sort the columns by label16:38
th1aI guess the question is whether it got released or not.16:38
aelknerthe verso_skills.xls file now has the labels in the same order as the cte database16:38
th1aOK, anyhow.16:38
th1aHow did your report exploration go aelkner?16:38
aelknerwell, i have questions for yvl about the branch he emailed us16:39
aelknerbut as far as your suggestion that i pick reports, i would think i should do16:39
aelknerreports that i did in the past, like the report card16:40
aelkneryvl, i'm confused about the nature of the merge revision:16:41
th1aWell, don't start with the most complicated one.16:41
aelkneroh, what would you suggest16:41
th1aMaybe the failure report?16:42
th1aThere are several that are pretty much just lists.16:42
aelknerah, ok, that's a good idea16:42
yvlaelkner, I was building on Douglas' work16:42
yvlit that's what you're asking16:42
aelkneryvl, but the question i have is, is any of that diff in trunk already?16:42
aelkneror has douglas held these changes in his own branch for all this time?16:42
yvlheld his changes, hence the diff16:43
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yvl(I think)16:43
aelknerth1a, now we can ask menesis about the release of gradebook changes16:43
yvloh, crap16:44
th1amenesis:  I sent you an email.16:45
aelkneri'm just wondering why the important pdf infrastructure work is not in trunk yet16:45
aelknerit seems well-defined, and all of our reports are going to be based on it16:45
aelkneralthough, when i say well-defined, i'm not saying i don't have questions about it16:46
th1aIf we're using trunk to merge bugfixes, then the new stuff shouldn't go in trunk yet.16:46
aelknerok, so should i just use yvl's branch as my schooltool core for now, i suppose i could16:47
aelkneryvl, i see you say you mismerged, so i'm basing my question on whatever adjustment you are about to make16:48
yvlscrap that16:50
yvleverything turned out to be fine16:50
yvllet's move on to the questions16:51
aelknerlook back, you see that i asked a question that you haven't answered yet16:51
aelknerdo i need to pretend that your branch is schooltool core for now?16:52
th1aUm... yes?16:52
aelknerok, now i noticed that there is one report that douglas wrote, the section roster16:53
aelkneri'm confused however about the existence of both, and f_section_roster_rml.pt16:53
yvlI will remove f_section_roster_rml.pt16:54
yvlbut only reports/ is used16:54
aelkneroh, good, that makes sense, so i'm not as confused now16:54
yvlI also renamed reports to rml today, will update the branch16:54
th1aAnything else aelkner?16:57
aelknerok, as long as the section roster report works on yvl's branch, i can use that as an example to follow16:58
th1aI just forwarded to you guys a bug from welsh.16:58
yvlI will update the branch today, in an hour or so16:58
aelknerok, cool16:58
yvlso please pull, aelkner16:58
aelknerwill do, thanks16:59
aelkneryvl, are there tests for the section roster report in your branch?16:59
aelknerif not, could you please do a manual test to make sure it works?17:00
th1aI think replaceafill is going to be in transit today, so can you guys take a quick look at the bug?17:02
yvlno tests yet, aelkner17:02
yvlhmm, th1a, looks like the old bug where17:03
aelknercan you do a manual test of the section roster report?17:03
yvlsure aelkner17:03
yvlth1a, seems a worksheet was deleted, but some teacher got stuck with it as "last visited"17:04
aelkneri thought we didn't allow worksheets to be deleted?17:04
aelknerjust hidden17:04
yvlin UI, yes17:05
th1aThis is in CanDo.17:05
yvlbut these are not your normal worksheets17:05
yvlso the bug is in17:05
yvlFile "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/schooltool/cando/browser/",17:05
yvlline 146, in __call__17:05
yvl  url = absoluteURL(current_worksheet, self.request)17:05
yvlcurrent_worksheet has no __parent__ aparently17:05
yvlthe bug should be fixed in gradebook17:06
yvlgetCurrentWorksheet should return None if current_worksheet.__parent__ is None17:07
aelknerth1a, glanda's note seems to suggest they still don't have the gradebook sort fix that douglas wrote17:07
th1aaelkner, indeed.17:07
yvlalternatively... we can modify code in CanDo17:07
th1aI would say that in all cases that error should be captured without a traceback.17:08
th1aSo it shouldn't be CanDo specific.17:08
yvlI would agree17:08
th1aaelkner:  Do you think you can do that today?17:10
th1aCapture that bug and send the user to a worksheet?17:10
th1aAlso, is there any way for this user to workaround and get to another worksheet without getting a bugfix from us?17:12
aelkneri'm not sure how the section skills views work, there's a bit of black magic there17:12
aelknerit's not your grandmother's gradebook :)17:13
aelkneralso, i'm not sure how to reproduce the bug, we shouldn't be deleteing worksheets17:14
aelknerso how to make the problem happen again on purpose17:14
th1aI assume it is because the course skillsets have been changed.17:14
th1aThe skillset has been removed, I'd think.17:14
th1aBut can't we just capture the bug, check to see if there are any worksheets, if so, go there, if not, create one?17:15
yvloh, user workaround17:16
yvlgo to your section17:17
yvland go to cando gradebook from there17:17
yvl(the tiny link at the left bar)17:17
th1aI'm not sure that we can stop someone from removing a skillset from a course.17:17
aelkneryou think that that's all it takes, to add a skillsets to a course, visit the gradebook17:18
aelknerthen remove the skillset from the course, revisit?17:18
th1aI'm just guessing.17:18
th1aBut look, right now we're getting a traceback caused by a feature that exists strictly for the convenience of the user.17:19
th1aSo just capturing it and getting them into the gradebook is fine.17:20
th1ayvl:  So that route gives them enough context?17:20
th1aOh... wait.17:20
th1aIs this maybe because they're trying to go to a section that doesn't exist?17:21
yvlthat also could trigger it17:23
aelkneras a user fix, we could suggest they visit a section and choose the Gradebook link in the left sidebar17:24
yvllike I said, yes17:25
yvlbut not a gradebook link17:25
yvlthe cando link17:25
th1aOK, I'll send an email to Welsh and we can discuss it tomorrow.17:26
th1aMake replaceafill fix it.17:26
th1aAnything else gentlemen?17:28
aelknerno, i'm good, i'll use yvl's core branch and pull from it occasionally17:29
aelkneras long as the section roster report works, i'll be good to go17:29
aelkneroh, are we meeting tomorrow, same time?17:32
th1aYes, but without yvl iirc.17:33
th1aHm... you two might need to check in without me.17:34
th1aI can't be here Thursday, but you two should plan on it just in case you need to ask each other something.17:35
th1aWe'll meet Friday if necessary.17:35
aelknerok, i'll plan on it17:35
yvlalso, if you get stuck, you can email me17:37
yvlaelkner, done17:43
yvlfeel free to pull17:43
yvlth1a, the traceback looks weird17:45
yvl(the latest)17:45
yvlplease ask Douglas to look at it when he gets back17:45
th1aI will. Thanks yvl.17:46
yvlok, thanks guys17:46
yvlsee you Thu17:46
yvlor Fri :)17:46
yvljust re-pushed my branch17:48
aelknerok, i'll repull17:54
aelkneryvl, i can't start the server17:56
aelknerAttributeError: type object 'CanDoGradebookOverviewBase' has no attribute '__implemented__'17:56
th1amenesis:  Those gradebook issues were for the other schooltool.17:57
aelkneryvl, are you using a different version of cando from trunk?17:57
aelkneri did get a number of errors while running buildout, but we get errors there even when things work17:59
aelknerusually server errors that are recovered by hitting on another server, so i'm guessing it's not that18:00
menesisyvl left the office18:17
aelknerthanks menesis, i sent him an email18:23
th1aaelkner:  Did you start from scratch trying to get the branch to work?18:51
aelknerth1a, yes, i already worked with trunk versions of cando and gradebook19:25
aelkneri'm not sure what version yvl is using19:25
th1aIt starts for me.19:26
th1aJust branched and "make run"19:26
aelknerso you have a sandbox that uses trunk versions of cando and gradebook19:26
aelknerand yvl's core branch?19:26
th1aI guess?  I just did what I said.19:27
aelknerbranching yvl's core branch only, or adding cando and gradebook to buildout.cfg?19:27
aelknerperhaps his core branch works with eggs19:27
th1aI just branched and "make run"19:27
aelknerright, so it may work with the eggs, but not with trunk19:27
aelknerbut i need to develop changes to gradebook package so trunk + my changes19:28
aelknerhopefully yvl responds to my email because otherwise i'm stuck19:30
aelknerin the meantime, i'm going to try and duplicate your success of using only eggs19:31
aelkneryes, it starts with the eggs19:32
aelknerput back the trunks and fails again, i'm going to try schooltool trunk against them now19:36
aelknerschooltool trunks works against the other trunks, as expected19:47
aelkneri'll have to see what yvl says19:47
th1aWhat did yvl work on, the section roster?19:49
th1aWhy don't you try this:
th1aThat's all in core.19:51
th1aI'm going to pick up Julia, aelkner.19:52
aelknerok, i'll look at bug report, i'm guessing there's a branch there19:53
aelkneri'm also trying yvl's branch again from scratch19:53
aelknerin case it was a networking problem during bin/buildout19:53
aelkneroh, the bug is a core only report, duh, i see how that can help me get unstuck19:57
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mattva01hey, anyone here?20:17
th1ahi mattva01.20:20
mattva01oh hey!20:20
th1aWhat's up?20:20
mattva01so, having some issue with cando20:20
mattva01i'm on 12.0420:20
mattva01and it's telling me python-schooltool.virginia does not exist20:21
mattva01I checked the ppa20:21
mattva01and it's only published for quantal and raring20:21
mattva01could I just use the quantal package?20:22
mattva01would that cause any massive issues?20:22
th1aYou may need our handy table:
mattva01well then someone told Virginia CTE the wrong info20:23
mattva01I can just reinstall20:24
mattva01you should probably inform them that the instructions they are giving out are incorrect20:24
th1aThey look correct to me.20:24
th1adid you use the dev ppa?20:24
th1aThat's the point.20:25
mattva01gah, it's this fucking proxy20:26
mattva01hashes were wrong so it ignored the ppa20:27
mattva01 http proxies cause major havok with this process, I may hand the CTE resource center  the workarounds I had to use today20:29
aelknerth1a, so for the resource report, you want it to be requested from the School tab?20:33
aelknerReports -> Resources?20:33
th1aJust from resources index I'd think.20:34
aelknerso, from there, a new Reports linkset with Resources link?20:34
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aelkneralso, i guess it should have title, id, type as columns20:37
aelknergrouped by type, sub-sorted by title20:37
aelknerhmm , well if the titles are in the first column and their sort is interrupted by going to the next group20:40
aelknerthat would probably not look good20:40
aelkneri'll just sort by title but include the type as the third column20:40
th1aCan't you use type as a subhead?20:43
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mattva01ok quick question21:14
mattva01if a proxy times out the connection after an xls file has been uploaded, does cando continue to process it?21:15
th1aI don't know.21:16
mattva01seriously http proxies suck so much, using a sock tunnel seems to bypass it though21:26
mattva01so getting an error21:49
mattva01when importing an XLS21:49
mattva01when importing the SectionDetails table21:49
mattva01I get an error SectionDetails --------------  invalid school year: B121:50
mattva01 but in that column is "Section"21:51
mattva01nvm, I can't read instructions apparently22:00

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