IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2012-10-12

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th1aLooks pretty good.16:32
th1aSo can we just give Glenda a little online instance she can review with her data?16:36
replaceafillah sure16:36
replaceafillusing her demo data.fs, right?16:37
replaceafilli'll set it up16:37
th1aWe'll need an up to date instance for Cambodia to test.16:42
th1aAs well.16:42
th1aNo big rush on that.16:42
replaceafillah yes16:42
replaceafilli saw Chandara's email16:42
replaceafilli'll also work on the table versions of the completion report today16:43
th1aLet's walk through the new section report.16:45
th1aAnd project view.16:46
replaceafillah ok16:46
replaceafillyou can log in as
replaceafillto test projects16:47
th1aSo if I go to MP4, shouldn't I see the same scores?16:50
th1aIn the summary?16:50
replaceafillah, not yet :)16:50
replaceafilli'm still adding that16:50
th1aHow far along is that?16:50
replaceafilli can have that ready in ~1 hour16:51
replaceafill(after breakfast) ;)16:51
replaceafilljust got glenda's new file, setting up her instance...17:19
replaceafillhhmm 99% disk used in our vps17:43
* replaceafill needs to do some sandbox cleaning...17:44
replaceafill73% disk used :)17:51
* replaceafill goes to get breakfast, bb in ~2017:51
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aelknerreplaceafill, i'm having a weird problem that causes bin/buildout to crash20:36
aelknerImportError: cannot import name urandom20:36
aelknerthere's only one thing i did since the last time it ran just fine:20:37
aelkneri did a pip install xtutils which is a third library to xlrd and xlwt20:37
aelkneri needed it for the patch operation i wrote20:38
aelkneranyway, have you ever gotten this error?20:38
aelknerrunning make ubuntu-environment yields 0 installed, 0 upgraded20:38
aelkneralso weird that i can do, from os import urandom as _urandom, from a python prompt20:40
aelknerweirder still, when i put a pdb breakpoint before the import, urandom is the only thing missing from dir(os)20:52
aelkneri'm going to try a make realclean and hold my breath20:53
aelknerth1a, ayt?21:02
th1ahi aelkner.21:04
aelknerso, my problems getting my local buildout to run not withstanding21:05
aelkneri wanted to let you know that i got the patch to work21:05
aelknerso i have a new file, it just rearranges the labels within the existing file that i downloaded form the cte site21:05
aelknerthe last step before turning it over to glenda is to test out importing old followed by new21:06
aelknerah, thanks for finding that launchpad bug report, i'm hoping make realclean will rebuild my virtualenv21:07
aelknerand make it work again somehow21:07
th1aLet Me Google That For You21:08
aelknerfor some reason it's stalling during 'Installing distribute...'21:08
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aelknerth1a, yeah, well, your google search woudln't have told me to make realclean21:43
aelknerand that is in fact what solved the problem21:43
th1aWhatever it takes.21:43
aelknermy experience has shown me that the buildout downloads can just break from time to time21:44
aelknerbecause someone put a bad version of something up there temporarily21:44
aelknerth1a, ok, i ran the reimport test and all works well, we can give them the new xls file21:53
aelknerhow do you want to deliver that to them?21:53
th1aI was hoping you could drive it down there.21:53
aelknerbut seriously, i could just copy it to the same directory under the name new_Versio_sklils.xls21:54
aelknerand let them rename it when they want to21:54
th1aI guess so... I don't know anything about it.21:55
aelknerreplaceafill, do you have the user/password for updating that directory?21:55
replaceafillaelkner, the urandom problem is because you updated your system python i think21:56
aelknerwhy would make realclean fix the problem then?21:56
replaceafillbecause you get rid of the python directory21:57
replaceafillyour virtualenv21:57
replaceafillwhich gets out of sync after the update21:57
aelknerwhen you say system python, you mean the python/bin/python in the virtualenv, right?21:58
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replaceafillno, that's your virtualenv21:59
aelknerright, and that's where the problem was21:59
aelknerdir(os) had no urandom21:59
replaceafilldid you update your system lately?21:59
aelkneryes, that happens all the time21:59
aelknerare you saying some package that got updated while doing the update somehow broke my virtualenv?22:00
aelknerwhy would that happen?22:01
th1aI'm updating to Quantal right now.22:01
aelkneri thought a virtualenv is isolated from the system files22:01
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aelknerreplaceafill, ok, so that's going to just happen once in a while, oh well22:04
aelknerlickily it's rare22:04
aelkneranyway, do you have the auth info for updating their server for the verso_skills.xls file?22:05
aelknerok, so you didn't in fact copy the file there yourself, so i just don't rememebr that we emailed the file22:06
aelknerbut that's what i'll do now22:06
aelknerth1a, sent the note to Lee and folks22:11
aelknershall we talk about the label sorting in the views now?22:11
aelknerso, first of all, do you really want to mix the skillsets and skills with nodes in the Search tab?22:12
aelknerfirst of all, the title of the view is Nodes Container (Search)22:12
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th1aI think we can manage to change that.22:12
aelknerthe table column labels are Label, Title and Layers22:13
aelknerif we mix the skillsets and skills in there, i guess we could just put those pretend Layers in those cells22:13
aelknerwhat should the title/subtitle of the view be then?22:14
th1aWell, I'd say the whole thing has to be presented as a document search instead of a node search.22:15
th1aAnd... actually do that.22:16
th1aJust search the levels defined in the document.22:16
th1aWell... we can't do that too strictly.22:16
th1aIt will search all skills and skillsets.22:16
aelknergood that you bring up the document22:17
aelknerthe thing is, when we are in the document, we know what the hierarchy is22:17
aelknerwhen we are in the Nodes Container Search, or whatever we call it, we don't have that info22:17
aelkneri think it wold be a good idea to force the user to choose a document before dong the search22:18
aelknerthat erases the concerns i was about to raise about how to know what layer a skillset is for22:18
aelknerbecause they don't actually have a layer in the data model22:19
aelknerfrom the context of the document, we at least know that the last two layers of the document's22:20
aelknerhierarchy are the skillset and skill layers22:20
th1aActually, I think this way lies madness.22:20
th1aLet's assume that you DON'T want to get too tangled up in documents.22:20
th1aBecause they are so weakly defined.22:20
aelknerok, in that case, take this example22:20
aelknerthe user has set up two sets of layers that are intended for two different documents22:21
th1aHow about this:22:22
th1awe list all the layers, plus skillsets and skills with their document names in parentheses.22:22
th1aSkillset (Strand, Competency Group)22:23
th1aSkill (Standard, Competency)22:23
th1aSince Skillset and Skill get document specific names.22:23
th1aJust make it "Search"22:26
th1aBreadcrumb "Skills >> Search"22:27
aelknertitle, Search, not subtitle?22:27
aelknerno subtitle, i mean22:27
aelknerso if we have:22:27
aelkner1) Cluster, Course, Strand, Standard layers, used by document122:28
aelkner2) Program Area, Course (same one as above, why not), Skillset, Skill layers for document222:28
aelknerwe get the following layers checkboxes:22:29
aelknerProgram Area22:29
aelknerSkillset (Strand, Competency Group) sorry, i mean Competency Group for Skillset just above22:29
aelknerSkill (Standard, Competency) same mistake mentioning Skill instead of Competency above22:30
aelknerwould those make sense as the checkboxes?22:30
aelknerand then, when showing a Skillset in the search results, the layer in question would appear in the Layers cell22:31
th1aWell, you probably just need tocall it a skillset or skill there.22:32
aelkneroh, right, just as the checkbox suggests22:33
th1aI don't think you can say what document a skillset belongs to definitively.22:33
aelknertrue enough22:34
aelknerincidentally, what if we have no document defined, the user has one layer and all nodes are for that layer22:35
aelknerwould there still be the three checkboxes:22:35
aelknerWhatever layer22:35
aelknerSkillset (uh, nothing to put here)22:35
aelknerSkill ()22:35
th1aWell, you don't need empty parentheses.22:36
aelknerno i understand, i just put them there to illustrate the issue22:37
aelknerwe cold just have no paraentheses in that case22:37
aelknerok, so we can even handle the case of no data, the startup case, the two checkboxes being:22:41
aelknerbtw, no nodes can be returned if no layer is specified in any of the nodes22:41
aelknerthat's the desired result, right?22:42
th1aIs it even possible to do that?22:42
aelknerwell, not at the moment because of the filter logic22:42
aelknerbut in theory the filter logic could allow nodes with no layers to get through22:43
aelknerbut that would be confusing22:43
th1aCould you do it through the XLS?22:43
aelknerdo what?22:43
th1aMake a node with no layer.22:43
aelkneroh, sure22:44
aelknerand through the web, too22:44
aelknerthe add node view doesnt' even ask for the layer22:44
aelkneryou have to click the layers pencil in the node index.html view after the fact22:45
th1aCan it have children?22:46
th1aWithout a layer?22:46
aelknerthat's a different pencil22:47
aelkneranyway, the search doens't return such nodes presently, so until we have a reason to change it...22:52
th1aLet's not worry about it.22:54
aelknerok, it's clear enough at this point what we want, i have what i need22:55

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