IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2012-10-11

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aparisihi at all and compliments for your excellent work.18:28
th1ahi aparisi.18:31
th1aThank you.18:31
aparisiI'm new on this project and I'm testing just now18:31
th1aWhere in the world are you aparisi?18:35
aparisiPerugia, middle Italy18:39
th1aAh.  Interesting.18:39
aparisican I ask a question?18:42
aparisiand sorry for my bad english..18:43
th1aCertainly.  Your English seems fine to me!18:44
aparisithank you18:45
aparisiIs it possibile to have a class with more than one subject?18:45
th1aAnd I have a masters degree in teaching English.  ;-)18:45
th1aAh, I had to double check.18:48
th1aYou used to be able to.18:48
th1aBut I'm afraid you cannot in the current version.18:49
aparisiwhy I cannot in this version?18:49
aparisibecause in Italy in a class (for example 1A) there are more thank one subject18:49
th1aWell, it complicates a lot of issues and didn't seem to be used much.18:50
th1aSo it is certainly something we would consider bringing back if there are requests, so it is very helpful to get them.18:50
aparisiah ok, because I know that in the other states school is organized in other way18:51
aparisiso now I cannot, right?18:51
aparisiok thank you :)18:53
th1aActually, I filed a bug about this about a year ago.18:54
th1aI'll bump it up in importance.18:54
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aparisican I subscribe it?18:57
aparisimaybe I can help you18:57
th1aaparisi:  Basically we started out trying to accomodate all kinds of complex cases, found that the entire project was grinding to a halt in part because of the complexity, and had to simplify a bit.18:58
th1aaparisi:  Yes, do you have a launchpad account?18:58
th1aYou can subscribe to the bug... I think there is a "This bug affects me" link right above the table with the status, etc.19:00
aparisiok done it19:01
aparisithank a lot thla for your support19:07
aparisiI like the project a lot19:07
aparisibut this is a problem, because in Italy one class has more than one subject19:07
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aparisithank, bye bye19:12
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replaceafillth1a, question20:05
replaceafillwhen do you plan to have "parents access"?20:05
replaceafillfirst semester 2013?20:05
replaceafillnever? :D20:06
th1aNext year.20:28
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th1areplaceafill:  Did you get Glenda's database?21:19
replaceafillth1a, ah yes, but i copied it to the vps21:19
replaceafillit was 200 MB!21:19
replaceafilli'll bzip it and transfer it to my laptop to test it21:20
th1aOK, let's make sure and get that done today.21:20
th1aWhen should we review these reports?21:20
replaceafillas manager21:21
replaceafillTerms -> (select a term) -> Skills Completion Report21:22
replaceafillit still doesn't update the chart21:22
replaceafilli should get rid of the Report part in the link21:22
replaceafilllinked sections work now21:22
th1aMaybe the subheaders should have bold text.21:24
replaceafillbtw, it's sorted by (course, section)21:24
replaceafilland i removed the posibility of sorting using the table headers21:24
replaceafillsorting by section makes it confusing imho21:24
replaceafillfilters also work21:25
replaceafilli'm just getting the right numbers out21:25
th1aOK.  Looks good so far.21:26
replaceafillwe could reuse the same formatter for the table version21:26
replaceafillwith columns instead of the charts21:26
replaceafillthat dwelsh requested21:26
replaceafillwhat i'm not sure about yet is how we could use the same formatter for the printed version21:26
* replaceafill wants to use formatters everywhere now ;)21:27
th1aI'm sure we can do some refactoring as we work on printed reports.21:29
replaceafillth1a, i'm looking at the bugs google doc21:29
replaceafilland says we need a filter for location21:30
replaceafilli think i asked you about this already21:30
replaceafill(but i forgot your answer) :D21:30
replaceafillshould we put an additional one on the left?21:30
replaceafillor as a search above the table?21:30
th1aAt left should be fine.21:30
replaceafillwith all the resources providing ILocation21:31
replaceafillwill add that right now21:31
replaceafill(before i forget again) ;)21:31
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replaceafillth1a, question22:05
replaceafillis it better "Select a location" or "All locations"22:05
replaceafillfor the filter default value22:05
replaceafilljust "All"?22:05
replaceafilli don't like the bold letter for course titles :/22:07
replaceafilldo you?22:07
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th1aThose are by course?22:09
th1aI think it is better because the section titles might not make it clear at all what courses you're looking at.22:10
replaceafill(you can't see it with this data)22:10
replaceafillbut with dwelsh data, lots of sections22:11
replaceafillthe report uses batching22:11
replaceafilli'm not sure if that's convenient22:11
replaceafillbut again, dwelsh has a looot of sections22:11
replaceafillbatching improves load time22:11
th1aYes, that's fine.22:12
replaceafillwill check glenda db now22:12
replaceafillhhmm /mygrades view for cando students is showing the html in the description of the skill22:40
replaceafillth1a, glenda's db seems to work22:41
th1aOK.  Good.22:41

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