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th1ahi replaceafill.16:30
replaceafillhey th1a16:30
replaceafilllet me set up my instance16:30
replaceafillAdd -> Skill16:33
replaceafill"Search Skills" is actually Search, Browse and Select :D16:34
th1aWill it actually find a skill?16:35
replaceafillno, it uses the same table logic as /nodes16:35
replaceafillwhich only searches for, well, nodes16:35
replaceafillonce you have the node you want, click on it16:36
replaceafillthen it could contain child nodes16:36
replaceafillor skill sets16:36
th1aCould you add an individual skill if you could find it at this point?16:37
replaceafillit would be possible, yes16:37
replaceafillwe'd need a really smarter filter16:38
replaceafillbasically two options in this filter are "lies"16:38
th1aDo we let the user select skill set or skill in filters where those things don't actually work anywhere else?16:38
replaceafillthe Skill Set and Skill options don't do anything16:38
th1aIs that just a bug here or elsewhere?16:39
replaceafillbecause you don't have "nodes" on those layers16:39
replaceafillit's in /nodes too16:39
th1aThat's a serious bug.16:39
replaceafillskillsets and skills are not nodes16:39
th1aI know, I'm just saying they shouldn't be choices in the filter then.16:39
replaceafilli think we could make the filter look in the skillset container too16:40
replaceafillbut i think searching for skills may be expensive16:40
th1aWell, let's backtrack a second.16:40
replaceafillah sure16:40
th1aSo right now this is seriously bugged:
th1aBut just taking out skill set and skill from the filter would fix it.16:41
th1aI mean, you might want to search for them, but in the meantime, that's just a missing feature, not a bug.16:42
th1aBut really, we should just include them in the search, because why not.16:42
replaceafillagain, skillsets i kind of see it16:43
replaceafillskills, not so much16:43
replaceafillofc we could fix it :)16:43
th1aWell, if I am a user at "search" I'm going to expect to be able to find a skill.16:44
replaceafillso, because of the lacking of skillsets/skills search16:45
replaceafillin the projects gradebook16:45
replaceafilli first select a node16:45
replaceafillwhich you can keep navigating from16:45
replaceafillor get to its skillsets16:46
replaceafilland then to the skills16:46
replaceafillwhen you add a skill, you really create a copy in the project gradebook, with the original skill as equivalent16:47
replaceafilland here i have a question about the update process16:49
replaceafillwhen the teacher grades a skill in the project16:49
replaceafillwe should look for the equivalent (original) skill and look for evaluations on that skill16:50
replaceafilland update the evaluation if exist, correct?16:50
replaceafillbut, should we create one evaluation, if no previous one exist?16:51
replaceafillah ok16:52
replaceafilli just was wondering if this could mess up other teachers skills gradebooks16:52
replaceafillbut they have the score history anyway16:52
replaceafilllike "why does Tom already has a grade on this skill if i haven't graded yet?"16:53
replaceafilland then comes the "section in evaluations" discussion16:53
replaceafillbut i'm still testing the update part16:54
replaceafillwhat do you think of the "adding" part?16:54
replaceafillis it ok?16:54
replaceafillah btw16:54
replaceafilli kept the "New Skill" tab16:54
replaceafillso teachers could create new, independent skills16:54
th1aWell, remind me of whether or not changes in a skill by another teacher show up in the skills gradebook normally.16:55
th1aI'm ok with the new skill tab there.16:55
replaceafillth1a, i think with yvl's latest change, they wont16:55
replaceafillsince skills in the skills gradebook are now "section aware"16:55
replaceafillbut i'm still "grokking" that change16:56
th1aI think that's probably the proper behavior, but our student reports have to be aware of that.16:56
replaceafillgood point16:56
replaceafilli need to revise those!16:57
th1aWe need to be very conscious of the distinction between:16:57
th1aa) student's score in a project;16:57
th1ab) student's score in a section;16:57
th1ac) student's scores overall combined.16:58
replaceafillreports by section should only look into the section's skills, right?16:59
replaceafillwhat i'm going to test today is:16:59
replaceafilladd a skill to a project, grade it and see how affects an unrelated/different section17:00
replaceafillit shouldn't, right?17:00
replaceafillif i understand yvl's latest change correctly17:01
replaceafillbut i'll better look and test :)17:01
th1aWe probably should change the history view to show all the assessments of the skill for the person, perhaps in separate tables.17:02
replaceafillseparated by?17:04
th1aThis Project | This Section | Other Projects | Other Sections17:04
replaceafillby context of the assessment :D17:05
replaceafilli'll finish the update behaviour and check how affects this/other sections17:06
th1aMaybe I'll ask Alan about the search.17:08
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th1areplaceafill:  What is a "custom competency list?"19:37
replaceafillth1a, i think he refers to our work with the social skills19:38
th1aHow is this different than any competency list?19:38
replaceafillit's the same format19:38
replaceafilli just created a "translator" from the old lists he had19:39
replaceafillold xls format -> current xls format19:39
th1aSo... the answer is just "Get your XLS into this format?"19:39
replaceafilli think so19:39
replaceafillthe format we've used with the social skills is more user friendly i think19:40
replaceafillbut you need to translate it anyway19:40
replaceafilli think dwelsh will want a similar approach19:41
replaceafilluser friendly format -> translator -> current format19:41
th1aWell, the whole point of using XLS is that it is relatively easy to transform for non-programmers.19:42
th1aIsn't that the answer?19:42
replaceafillimho, the current format is not user friendly19:42
* th1a rolls his eyes.19:42
replaceafilltell him to give it a try :)19:43
th1aWell, for one thing we need to update the sidebar, etc. for /import-skills.html19:44
replaceafillah yes!19:44
th1aAnd provide a template.19:44
th1aWell, I'm kind of waiting for something to kick my butt into documentation writing mode.  Maybe I should start here.19:47
th1aOK, I gotta go get Julia.19:48
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