IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2012-08-16

th1areplaceafill:  Have anything to show me?00:42
replaceafillnot yet th1a00:42
replaceafillman, i feel the pressure today :D00:42
th1aI just didn't plan on spending the day importing.00:45
th1a(waiting for)00:45
replaceafillsorry about that00:45
replaceafilldoing what i can...00:45
th1aNot your fault.00:46
replaceafillthis whole skillset/skill reverting...00:46
replaceafilli think we need the nodes somehow here...01:11
th1aWell, we knew this view wouldn't work.01:13
replaceafillwell, at least it saves the grades01:14
replaceafillis this your idea?!?!?01:14
replaceafillor something like this...?01:14
th1aJust the regular gradebook view?01:15
replaceafilluse the link again :/01:15
replaceafillyou're in the skills gradebook...01:15
th1aIf I could ACTUALLY LOG INTO CANDO EVER, this would also be easier ;-)01:15
th1aWe need some subheaders in there.01:16
replaceafilli'm thinking on how to get them...01:17
th1aFor the nodes.01:17
replaceafillit has to be the nodes01:17
th1aBasically, yes.01:17
replaceafillok, hold on...01:17
replaceafilli know how to do it, but we need to keep the sorting01:19
replaceafillnah, i'll do double pass01:28
replaceafilli didn't want to traverse twice, but...01:28
replaceafillit's the easiest solution01:28
th1aWe'll live.01:31
replaceafillth1a, reload01:44
replaceafillfound a better way to get the nodes01:44
replaceafillthank you relationships :)01:44
th1aSo practically speaking, this is all the scores for a given student.01:46
th1aOK, so for the demo, the other trick here is to make this switch from pass to fail with a click, or perhaps two clicks.01:47
replaceafillwhat about a checkbox?01:48
replaceafilldo they use "Fail"?01:48
th1aI would say no fail.01:48
th1aThey could be checkboxes for now.01:49
replaceafillthat would be easier i think01:49
th1aCan we render checkboxes as colored cells?01:49
th1aThis is still essentially a demo, so checkboxes will do.01:49
replaceafillbut that means checkboxes everywhere...?01:50
th1aIt is just a little ugly.01:50
replaceafillit's easier to add JS to render the checkbox mark instead of Pass fail01:50
th1aThey don't literally want pass/fail anyhow.01:51
th1aIn fact, they probably only want no score/pass.01:51
replaceafillif a person shows a skill in the 1:1 context01:51
replaceafilland then he doesn't01:51
replaceafillto me that's01:51
replaceafillinstead of set a new one with Fail score01:51
th1aWe could actually implement it so that after you select a cell it just iterates through the levels of a discrete score system until you get what you want.01:51
replaceafillyou scared me with the iteration part01:52
replaceafillbut that sounds nice01:52
th1athree clicks for a score of 3.01:52
replaceafillshould this be generic?01:53
replaceafilli mean, for land it in the gradebook01:53
th1aI think it can be ultimately.01:54
th1aNot necessarily for TOMORROW.01:54
replaceafilldo we need anything else for tomorrow's demo01:54
th1aBut even in the regular cando gradebook, we should require less actual typing.01:54
replaceafillbesides this view?01:54
replaceafillclicking sounds slow01:54
replaceafilla dropdown would be faster imho01:54
th1aYes, that's better if you've got more than two scores.01:55
th1aThis is kind of an extreme case, since it is all binary.01:55
replaceafilli'm +1 on clicking for this01:56
th1aIt is definitely best for this case.01:58
th1aIn the end this view should work really well for the autism case and be kind of weird but potentially usable otherwise.01:58
th1aSo anyhow, the other nice to have for tomorrow is a more direct representation of the view from the excel spreadsheets.01:59
th1aWith the kind of tower of blocks for each skillset.01:59
replaceafillbut that's a report, right?01:59
th1aThats... 80% of the new stuff for them, I think.02:00
th1aThe whole point is that there is not a lot.02:00
replaceafillyou mean done?02:01
replaceafilldidn't catch those last two02:01
replaceafilli think i can pull off the "one click for passing/removing"02:02
replaceafillimho the tower of blocks needs score history02:03
th1aIt shouldn't.02:04
replaceafillit's different assessments, isn't it?02:04
replaceafillover time?02:04
th1aThat is, I think 80% of the job is this form and the block report.02:04
replaceafillgot it02:04
th1aNo, I think each row of blocks is a skill and there is a block for the context.02:05
replaceafillsee indiv_student_competency_report.gif02:05
replaceafillred=1st assessment02:06
replaceafillthat's what i meant02:06
th1aOh, yeah, forgot about that.02:06
th1aWell, that's not a big deal to add later.02:06
th1aIt would even be hard to demo at all tomorrow!02:06
th1aWe'd have to make fake old data.02:06
th1aJust the tower of blocks should be sufficient.02:07
replaceafilli'll try to get it done02:07
replaceafillthe "current" version02:07
th1aIt doesn't have to be polished.02:07
replaceafilld3 ftw!02:07
th1aMore important is just the feeling that they can enter the scores quickly.02:07
replaceafillok, the one click toggle is first priority02:08
replaceafilli'll go get some groceries02:09
replaceafillwill send you an email when i'm done02:09
th1aOK.  Thanks.02:09
replaceafillsorry about the delay02:10
replaceafillsee you th1a02:10
th1aThanks replaceafill!02:10
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replaceafillhey th1a15:53
th1ahi replaceafill.15:53
replaceafilli wonder why ff takes the http:// out...15:53
replaceafillclick on Bush, Vanessa15:54
replaceafillthen Summary Form15:55
replaceafill(not so nice) :)15:55
replaceafilli went with divs15:55
replaceafillinstead of svg15:55
th1aIt makes sense.15:55
replaceafilldidn't see much benefit15:55
th1aLet's tone down the color.15:55
th1aThey are squares.15:55
th1aRed is good here, right?15:55
replaceafillit's what they have in the gif15:56
replaceafillactually it's the first assessment15:56
th1aTry #6B3A8915:56
th1aI really think there should be some kind of divider between the squares.16:00
th1aTry the same line you use to separate the rows.16:00
th1aAnd make the highlight color #B199C216:04
th1aOK... since these are divs we can probably do some things easily...16:08
th1aAre we using d3 here, incidentally?16:09
replaceafillpure zpt16:09
replaceafillwe could if you want something fancy :)16:09
th1aNo, I assumed it was overkill here.16:09
replaceafillme too16:09
th1aI want to label the individual cells.16:09
replaceafillso, assume regular html + css16:10
th1aMaybe we can just do it on mouseover?16:10
replaceafillhave you seen the tooltips?16:10
replaceafillof each row?16:10
th1aMouse entry?16:10
th1aIs there a javascript event for the mouse entering the cell?16:10
replaceafillwhere are we going to display it?16:11
replaceafilllike in the cando gradebook?16:11
th1alets try sticking the label right in the cell when you enter it.16:11
th1aGive me a quick ugly version.16:11
replaceafillah ok16:11
replaceafilleverything is ugly ;)16:11
replaceafillyou want 1:1, G, N, S displayed, correct?16:14
replaceafilldo you still want the skillset tooltip?16:15
replaceafillor are you thinking of displaying that one differently?16:15
replaceafilli ask, so i can remove it16:15
th1aLeave it there.16:16
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replaceafillth1a, reload16:27
th1aOK, that's annoying.  ;-)16:28
replaceafilli assume they've always used the same layout16:29
replaceafilltheir report doens't have labels16:29
th1ait should16:29
th1aok, get rid of that, and just try putting the labels in all the cells, use #DFDCD9 for the font color.  Try the same size but bold.  Also, can you move the text down a few pixels in the cell?16:31
replaceafillgetting rid of the mouse events...16:32
replaceafillwe should create a flourish-2 skin with purple all over16:34
th1aI kind of like it.16:36
replaceafillme 216:36
th1aLet's ask dwelsh.16:36
th1aIf he's listening.16:36
th1aI think that'll do for now.16:37
replaceafilldo we need anything else for the demo?16:37
replaceafilli don't like the teacher having to see the gradebook in order to get to the score view16:38
replaceafillbut that's not important for today16:38
th1aI'm feeling ok about it.16:40
replaceafillthese last 2 weeks have given me good ideas on how to improve the js code we have for the gradebook16:40
replaceafillwe should plan a little refactoring after the whole cando work16:41
replaceafillput d3 in core maybe16:41
replaceafillsince we're going to use it more16:41
replaceafillth1a, is it ok if i'm not in the hangout today16:42
replaceafilli mean, i can16:42
replaceafillbut i don't think i have anything to contribute with16:42
th1aI think we should be ok.16:42
replaceafillbut i'll be here if there's any problem16:42
th1aThat's fine.16:42
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dwelshdwelsh has updated his SchoolTool server17:05
dwelshfixes are coming right along... great job!17:05
dwelshExpecially impressive... speed and stability of the importers.17:05
dwelshBatch association of competency lists is a terrific new feature.17:06
dwelshSection summary is very pretty, interactive and cool.17:06
dwelshAs Glenda and I verify updates, we continue to refine and add to our list of bug fixes and minor features.17:07
th1aDo you have anything with data to look at?17:07
dwelshGreat job everyone.17:07
dwelshDo not yet have a section with evaluations.17:07
dwelshWill certainly create this shortly.17:07
dwelshHave to leave office, but will be back at 1:30pm for Autism meetings.17:08
th1aCheck this out:
dwelshWill do... this afternoon.17:08
th1aWe're ready.17:08
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aelknerth1a, a question about skill score systems17:51
aelknerfor gradebook activities, we support only ranged value17:52
aelknerfor report activities, it's ranged values + discrete + even things like comment17:52
aelknerfor skills, do we only want discrete values?17:52
aelkneri need to know what kind of vocabulary to create for the dropdown17:53
aelknerdiscrete values scoresystems include letter grade, pass/fail17:53
aelknerthings that have a limited list of values and a passing score value17:53
th1aYes, skills are discrete only.17:54
aelknerok, thanks17:54
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replaceafillit's raining LP mails! :D19:01
th1aYeah... LP needs a method of sending me an hourly summary.19:08
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aelknerth1a, you're gong to laugh, but i'm finally going to an eye doctor today20:39
th1al lol20:46
aelkneranyway, so i won't be around if you're looking for me during the meeting20:49
aelknerwish me luck driving home after they've blinded me with those drops :)20:50
aelkneractually, i will wait for them to wear off some, because i do want to reach home safely20:51
th1areplaceafill:  We could do unsaved highlighting for the checkmarks on the new form, right?20:51
th1aTake it easy, aelkner.20:51
th1aNo rush.20:51
th1aAnd eventually we should have ajax... ;-)20:51
th1areplaceafill:  We should repeat the skill labels in the subheaders.20:56
th1aIn the new forms.20:56
replaceafillth1a, reload the score form20:56
th1aYou could make them bold but, say the same color as the header #6C7B7C20:58
th1aCan you center those better, too?20:58
dwelshdwelsh back online20:59
dwelshneed a teacher logon to check the graphic chart21:02
th1athen click on vanessa bush and select Score21:03
dwelshlooks like a very strong attempt to me21:04
dwelshlike that the check marks toggle21:04
replaceafilldwelsh, question21:04
replaceafilldo you think this toggling approach could work on the cando gradebook21:05
replaceafilljust curious21:05
th1aYes, it would just take more clicks, but we were discussing it yesterday.21:05
dwelshI'm checking to see what it does to the score history21:05
dwelshI see the check and remove history entries21:06
th1aRight now I think the score system is just pass/no score.21:07
th1aThat obviously might change.21:07
th1aAnd since WE HAVE A COMPUTER we can filter, etc. these however is necessary in the future.21:08
th1aSo, are we doing this via hangout or are you handling it dwelsh?21:13
th1a(I'm fine either way)21:13
dwelshStephen has arrived.21:13
dwelshCan we do a hangout?21:13
th1aI can.21:13
dwelshsetting one up.21:14
th1ajust a minute...21:15
dwelshok.  Invite is there for Tom, Douglas & Alan21:15
dwelshStephen and I are both in my office.21:15
th1aIt will just be me unless there's a crisis.21:17
th1aIn the report the order should be 1:1 | S | N | G21:28
th1aSome are noted as not being relevant to 1:1, so we need to account for that.21:30
th1a(i.e., group skills)21:30
replaceafilli shouldn't change anything right now, right?21:31
replaceafillsince you're doing the demo21:31
th1aYou don't need to.21:31
th1aDave is also creating a Google doc, ofc.  ;-)21:31
replaceafilli'll fix it as soon as you're over21:31
th1aWe're also going to use an X as an explicit not passing.21:32
replaceafillah ok21:32
th1aSteven is happy with it so far.21:41
th1aSo we need to try to do toggling of the score.21:42
th1aNothing > X (fail) > V (check) > X > V > etc.21:42
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* replaceafill goes to get lunch22:31
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replaceafillth1a, how was it?23:37
replaceafillstill going?!?!23:37
th1aI was shopping.  ;-)23:38
th1aI'm letting dwelsh handle the user meeting.23:38
th1aI don't need to stick my nose in that far.23:38
th1aI'm going to make dinner.  I'll send in my agreements tonight (electronically).23:39

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