IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-07-10

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replaceafillth1a, zyt?21:03
th1ahi replaceafill.21:03
replaceafillyou busy?21:03
replaceafilli want your opinion on something21:04
th1aThe current session just ended.21:04
th1aSo yes, I'm available.21:04
replaceafillah ok, let me set it up21:04
replaceafillth1a, just fwd a request from dwelsh21:09
replaceafilland the associated bug21:09
replaceafilli've started with a simple table for the Sections in the course view21:10
th1aYeah, I'd thought the same thing several times.21:11
th1aSo yes, go ahead and do a full table view.21:11
th1aI think probably a table sorted by year rather than a tree.21:11
th1aSince you really want more meta-data in there.21:11
replaceafillactually, i think you don't need the year21:11
th1aDefinitely teacher.21:12
replaceafillsince it's huge in the view title21:12
replaceafillCourses for 2011-201221:12
th1aI guess you don't need the year since the course is within the year.21:12
th1aDefinitely teacher though.21:12
replaceafillthe view /sections has:21:12
replaceafillTitle, Term, Courses, Teachers, Students21:12
replaceafilltitle, term, teachers, students?21:13
replaceafillsortable by title, term and teachers21:13
replaceafillby term by default21:13
replaceafillis that ok?21:13
replaceafilland maybe we should include metadata for the Courses in the section view21:14
th1aSort by term then title.21:14
replaceafilllike course id, government id21:14
replaceafillah ok21:14
th1aOh, yes, good idea.21:14
replaceafillkk, i'll work on that21:14
replaceafillabout yesterday meeting with dwelsh:21:15
replaceafillhe asked for two more things:21:15
replaceafillsort to the skillset the way they appear in verso21:15
replaceafillinstead of using labels21:15
replaceafill(the question in my last email)21:15
replaceafilland he requested a "way to associate a skillset of competency through the course attribute"21:15
replaceafillkind of what we did with layers, so i'll add a filter for searching skillsets21:16
th1alast email?21:17
th1aHow are they sorted in verso?21:17
replaceafillthey're sorted the same way the API spits them out21:17
th1aDo they have any kind of id or label?21:18
replaceafilli think they're sorted by id21:18
replaceafillbut we cannot use that for the label21:18
replaceafillbecause the gradebook uses labels if they're available21:19
replaceafilldwelsh asked for that logic to be removed for the cando gradebook, maybe in the virginia package21:19
replaceafillso he could have a label with the id, and the long title21:19
th1aGradebook uses labels for what?21:19
replaceafilldropdown of worksheets21:19
th1aWell, if the label can only be five characters, and we're using the full width of the tertiary bar, what shows up in the bar should be label: title.21:20
th1aDoes that solve the problem?21:21
replaceafilldon't know if dwelsh will want that, but i'll do it that way and show it to him tomorrow21:21
th1aHe'll love it.21:22
th1aWhen are you meeting tomorrow?  I really need you guys to at least send me emails before and after these meetings.21:22
replaceafillwe're supposed to meet at 421:23
replaceafilli'm reporting you here ;)21:23
replaceafillok, thanks th1a21:24
replaceafillenjoy the conf21:24
th1aThanks replaceafill.21:24
th1aHave welsh invite me to the hangout but don't wait for me.21:24
replaceafillah ok21:25
replaceafillc u21:25
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