IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2012-07-09

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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis.16:30
th1ayvl is sick.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
th1aDon't know where aelkner is...16:32
th1aI'm driving up to Maine this afternoon.  I'll be at FOSSED (nee NELS) Tue/Wed.16:33
replaceafillth1a, is that like a "big" event?16:33
replaceafilli mean16:33
th1aNot at all.16:33
replaceafillare there a lot of people involved in open source + edu?16:33
th1aIt is a small grassroots New England thing.16:33
th1aPretty much everyone there is involved in open source and education though, yes.16:34
th1aSo it is focused.16:34
th1aSo, replaceafill, there's one thing that I should have made more clear a while ago.16:35
th1aOr more recently for that matter...16:35
th1aWe're really deprecating the flourish green + add forms.16:35
th1aMaybe we'll update some of the current ones to ajax, but we certainly shouldn't be making new ones.16:36
th1aSince they are, you know, terrible.16:36
th1a(and my idea, ofc)16:36
replaceafillare you thinking popup forms?16:36
th1aWell, like the CL people said, checkboxes and an add button work fine.16:37
replaceafilli got it now16:37
replaceafillyou mean the (+) buttons16:37
replaceafillthose forms16:37
th1aBasically, either checkboxes plus add, or fully ajaxed  (+) buttons.16:38
replaceafillyou're not talking about the "flourish green" skin :D16:38
replaceafilli understood "we're changing colors to flourish" and getting rid of "the add forms"16:38
replaceafillbut i understand now16:38
th1aOK.  ;-)16:38
th1aSo perhaps you could change those forms in CanDo.16:39
replaceafillah ok16:39
replaceafillall of them?16:39
replaceafilli mean16:39
replaceafilleven section enrollment, etc16:39
replaceafillor just the skills part16:39
th1aJust the skills part for now.16:39
replaceafillah ok16:40
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th1aMainly I don't want to feel like we're digging a deeper hole right now.16:40
replaceafillone thing that confuses me about checkboxes16:40
aelknerhey guys16:40
replaceafillis checkboxes + batch16:40
replaceafillhey aelkner16:40
th1ahi aelkner.16:40
replaceafilli mean,16:40
aelknerhaving connectivity issues here at jeff's school16:40
replaceafillif you get 60 results16:41
replaceafilland 3 batched pages (1-25, 26-50, 50-...)16:41
replaceafillif we have a "Select all" checkbox at the top16:41
replaceafilldoes that select only "visible" or all the results16:41
replaceafillthat's what i like about the "Select all displayed" button16:42
replaceafillbut maybe it's just me :)16:42
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th1aYou can still have a select all displayed button.16:43
th1aYou need one really.16:43
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th1aOK, so what else is up replaceafill?16:44
replaceafilli diagnosed the locations problem in the sections view16:45
replaceafillfor some context: when you add a resource as a location for a section16:45
replaceafillthe teacher cannot see the section view anymore16:45
replaceafillthe problem is not the permission itself16:45
replaceafillwe use 'schooltool.view' for resource titles16:45
replaceafill(the attribute of the problem)16:45
replaceafillthe problem is that only "leaders" can see it16:46
replaceafillresources have leaders or responsible parties16:46
replaceafilland the security settings affect them16:46
replaceafillit's like teachers + their sections16:46
th1aOK, that's just overly restrictive, of course.16:47
replaceafillshould we get rid of the security setting?16:47
th1aJust let anyone logged into the system see the titles of resources.16:47
replaceafillah ok16:47
replaceafilli also started working on search for the projects gradebook16:48
replaceafilli mean, search for adding skills to it16:48
replaceafillth1a, we're still implementing your idea about different grades for skills and projects gradebooks16:49
replaceafilleven if it's the same skill16:49
replaceafillone gradebook won't affect the other16:49
th1aIt is one way.16:49
th1aThe project grades don't get overwritten by the skills grades.16:49
th1aBut the skills grades are overwritten by the project grades.16:50
th1aoverwritten visually.16:50
th1aWhat you see with your eyes.16:51
th1aIt is not a data model issue.16:52
replaceafillso we add logic to the skills gradebook to check in the projects first16:52
th1aIf that's how you want to implement it.16:52
replaceafilldo we have to use history for this?16:52
th1aDoes this make sense to you conceptually?16:52
th1aDo you understand the reason?16:52
th1aThe skills gradebook is canonical overall for the student.16:53
replaceafilli thought they were going to be completely independent of each other16:53
th1aThe project gradebook is just for the project.16:53
th1aIf you learn something two years later, it doesn't change the evaluation of the project.16:53
th1a(from two years ago)16:53
th1aThe skills gradebook is the sum total of everything.16:54
replaceafillshould dates of the scores affect this logic?16:54
replaceafill(that's what i think when you mention the 2 years part)16:54
replaceafillah ok16:54
th1a(it could, but we're not there in general)16:54
replaceafillwell, i start with "different skills in the project" for now :)16:55
replaceafilland we continue from there16:55
replaceafillalso, i have in my notes the accordion change to skillsets16:55
replaceafillto display the skills without visiting the skill set16:55
replaceafillat least in course skill sets16:55
th1aOr that could be a tree maybe.16:56
replaceafillit's just for displaying right?16:56
th1aProbably should be.16:56
replaceafillok, i think i can have that today16:56
replaceafilland last16:56
replaceafilljelkner's last bug:16:56
replaceafilllatest bug*16:57
replaceafilli think he's just confused as i said in my comment16:57
replaceafillok, i think that's it from me16:57
th1aI think he's confused.  ;-)16:57
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.16:57
aelknersorry th1a , struggling with the lab here, having to use putty to get to freenode16:59
aelknerso i created the tertiary view and updated the Nodes object to have label17:00
aelknerchanged the columns in the table to label, title, layers17:00
aelknerhere's the link:17:00
aelknerthe Customize link is now 'Skills'17:01
aelkneri struglled with tests locking up, and replaceafill helped me see that my test was computationally too complex17:02
aelknerso now i know not to do query_all inside a query_all loop\17:02
aelknerthanks again for that replaceafill17:02
replaceafilli think query_all inside query_all is good when for positive checks17:02
replaceafillnot so good when the selector is not present17:03
th1aSo aelkner's nodes search should have the layer selection stuff that replaceafill just did too.17:03
aelkneryou mean a layer dropdown17:04
th1aThe checkboxes.17:04
aelknerok, i'll look at what he did there17:04
replaceafillth1a, i think it's safe to merge my changes for dwelsh to trunk, right?17:05
replaceafillit all seems "standard" now17:05
aelkneri haven't limited the label to five characters yet in the Node object becuase i had trouble figuring it out17:05
aelknerthen it occured to me that i could probably set the size attribute of the widget in updateWidgets17:05
aelknerso i'll try that next17:06
aelkneralso, i added the label column to the node import, but it doesn't limit to five chars either yet17:06
aelknerth1a: what should i do if the label is > 5 chars in the xls file, error or auto-truncate and forgive?17:07
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aelknerok, will do17:08
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aelknerif i get the size thing working in the input widget, there will be no need for an error there17:08
replaceafillaelkner, why don't you set the length of the TextLine()?17:09
replaceafillalthough those messages look kind of creepy in the validation error17:10
replaceafill"Too short" :S17:10
aelknerok, i'll try that, thanks17:10
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aelknerother task on my list include:17:11
aelknerchange Skills serach to look at all skill set attributes17:12
aelknerchange description fields to be HTMLField type to cause the ckeditor widget to render17:12
aelknerchange node view to have accordion, that one you suggested not taking more than a couple hours before showing you what i got17:13
aelknerwhen are we meeting next?17:14
th1aWednesday morning.17:14
aelkneri saw you are going to FOSSED17:14
th1aRegular time.17:14
th1aYeah, but we can still meet.17:14
aelknerah, ok17:15
aelknerso i'll prepare the accordion for you to look at by then17:15
th1aLet's pause for a second and consider tree vs. accordion here.17:15
aelknerok, go ahead17:15
th1aI guess the thing is an accordion makes more sense if you're only going down one level and you need to show a description.17:16
th1aSo I guess accordions are better in these cases, replaceafill?17:16
replaceafilli agree17:16
th1aOK.  That's settled.17:16
replaceafillthat applies to the course skills view17:16
mattva01I apologize for distracting replaceafill :p17:17
replaceafillmattva01, np17:18
* replaceafill is helping mattva01 to set jelkner's instance17:18
aelkneryeah, you delivered a broken egg, the shame :)17:18
mattva01no he didn't17:18
replaceafillnope ;)17:18
th1aOK, I guess we're done here.17:18
th1aThanks guys.17:19
aelknerah, never mind, i was just gong on the first issue17:19
aelknerok, thanks guys17:19
replaceafillthanks everybody17:19
th1aSee you Wednesday.17:19
aelknergood luck at FOSSED17:19
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:19
th1aOh, I have nothing pressing to do at FOSSED.  Catching up on networking.17:19
th1aFeeling out the competency tracking market a little maybe.  ;-)17:19
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