IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2012-07-05

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replaceafillth1a, zyt?17:28
th1ahi replaceafill.17:28
replaceafillhey th1a question17:28
replaceafillif we filter a search by layer17:28
replaceafilllike the one dwelsh wants17:28
replaceafillshould we only look for nodes in *that* layer?17:29
th1aThat would be the point.17:29
replaceafillor should we look for nodes in "children" layers?17:29
th1aJust in that layer.17:29
replaceafillah ok17:29
th1aBut the next step would be to allow you to select the node, which would have to trace down to all child skills.17:30
th1aIf this is an insane number of skills for some reason, that's their problem.17:30
th1aBut the table should probably show the number of descendant skills.17:30
replaceafillright now, i only selecting nodes that have skillsets associated17:31
replaceafillsince those are the important ones17:31
replaceafill(in that layer)17:31
th1aWe don't really know what is important.17:31
th1aYou mean nodes directly connected to skillsets?17:31
replaceafillthat's why i'm asking, because if you look only in the "clusters" layer17:32
replaceafillyou wont find anything17:32
replaceafillfor dwelsh case, ofc17:32
th1aBasically look at how sane it is from a coding point of view to let you grab higher in the hierarchy and trace down to the descendent skillsets.17:32
th1aIt can be a little slow.17:32
replaceafillbut i think that's the most natural way of looking at this17:33
replaceafillok, i'll add that to see17:33
th1aOK, for example,17:34
th1aI might have english standards arranged by grade.17:34
th1aWith the hierarchy being like Document > Grade Level > Cluster > Skillset > Skill17:35
th1aWhat I want to pick is Grade Level and apply all the clusters.17:35
replaceafillin dwelsh case, Cluster is Course17:36
th1aYes, basically, but it is fairly arbitrary.17:39
th1aLooks like this may be the first open tablet:
replaceafillth1a, could you check my view?18:31
replaceafillas manager18:31
replaceafillthen Skills18:31
replaceafillAssign -> XXX Skills XXX18:31
replaceafilli still need to make the table ajaxy and add batch to it18:32
replaceafillyou can look for "computer applications" in the Course layer for example18:33
th1aIs that up now?18:37
replaceafillit's restarting18:37
th1aOh... how hard would it be to make layers checkboxes so you could do more than one?18:38
replaceafillone problem i had with that was presenting the results18:39
replaceafillbut maybe now it makes more sense with this table...18:39
th1aDescription shouldn't be in there.18:39
replaceafilli'd need to add the layer column, right?18:39
th1aIn the title.18:39
replaceafillah ok18:39
replaceafillabout description18:40
* replaceafill hopes th1a doesn't get angry here18:40
replaceafilldescription is still a "hack"18:40
replaceafilla work-around as dwelsh said18:40
replaceafillsee the id of the nodes18:40
th1aThey can put whatever they damn please in description.18:40
replaceafillbut for courses, in the import spreadsheet, i put the course..........18:41
replaceafillfor this view,  the description doesnt matter anymore!!!!18:41
replaceafillit matters only for the mass assignment18:41
th1abtw, we're adding labels to nodes.18:42
th1a5 char limited.18:42
replaceafillah yes, i saw aelkner is going to do that18:42
replaceafillok, i'll change the dropdown for checkboxes18:43
replaceafilland will get rid of desc18:43
replaceafillth1a, reload:
replaceafillshould the layers checkboxes be checked by default?19:14
replaceafill(they are right now)19:14
th1aWell... maybe if we make it required, yes.19:14
th1anote that this is all a usability issue only because VA CTE has so many extra layers.  In the end we may just change our script to cut out half of them on the import.19:15
th1aI mean, why don't we make it required and not check all the boxes.19:15
th1aThe only thing you don't want is people checking no layers and getting no results.19:15
th1aAn error is better in that case.19:15
replaceafilli hope this works for dwelsh ;)19:16
th1aI don't seem to get anything for anything other than course.19:16
th1aOh, that's because it is only looking for nodes with skillset children?19:17
replaceafillah, it's because of the skillsets check19:17
th1aCan you add the descendents?19:17
replaceafillwhat do you mean?19:17
replaceafilllike a single skill?19:17
replaceafillthat's a part of the data model i don't get19:18
replaceafillcourses layer has children19:18
replaceafillbut it doesn't map to anything in the datamodel19:18
replaceafilli think duty area should be skillset and task should be skill19:18
replaceafillor something like that19:18
th1aWhat layer is higher up the tree in this case?19:19
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replaceafillcluster -> pathway -> occupation -> course -> duty area -> task19:20
th1aOK, so if you find a cluster in the search, you should look for directly connected skillsets, then look at its children, see if they have skillsets or children, etc.19:20
replaceafilland present the cluster with a (+)?19:21
replaceafillthat's where i got confused the first time i tried to use checkboxes19:22
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th1aPresent the cluster with a +20:46
replaceafillth1a, got it20:47
replaceafilli'm just having trouble getting the children of the node20:47
replaceafillwell, the descendants20:48
replaceafillgetting the children is easy20:48
replaceafillgetting the grandchildren, then the grand grand, etc :D20:48
replaceafillnodes have a nice findPaths method20:49
replaceafillto find all the nodes that takes you to that node20:49
th1aYou could just arbitrarily limit the depth.20:50
replaceafillwell, i'll take it back after lunch20:51
replaceafillbb in ~ 1h20:51
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replaceafillth1a, how should we "unassign" skills?22:38
replaceafillby skillset?22:39
replaceafillaelkner, locations titles make the section index view inaccessible for teachers22:52
replaceafillcan you confirm that?22:53
th1areplaceafill:  I guess so?22:56
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th1aI invited you to hangout replaceafill.23:41
th1aDo we need aelkner?23:41
replaceafillth1a, give me a sec, my camera isn't working23:41
replaceafillaelkner, said he couldn't meet today23:41

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