IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-06-26

aelknerreplaceafill, ayt?00:11
replaceafillaelkner, yes00:11
aelkneri hve welsh on the phone00:11
replaceafilli have him on chat :)00:12
aelknercan you add schooltool.virginia to one of your test instances?00:13
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pgulleyreplaceafill, we've encountered a scenario where pyquiz will want to import more than just the username from schooltool18:37
pgulleyfrom a user.18:37
pgulleywould it be okay if we had it import more information on first log-in: the actual name, etc18:38
replaceafillpgulley, pyquiz already gets the user "full name" on get_user_info19:24
replaceafillsee schooltool.pyquiz.xmlrpc.get_user_info19:24
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* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:22
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dreichWe're signing off now, we'll be back for the meeting22:13
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* replaceafill is back22:18
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jelknerWe're waiting for mattva0123:34
replaceafillah ok23:34
jelknerother than that, the gangs all here23:34
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jelkner1. developers ask jelkner any customer questions they have regarding use23:35
jelkner2. developers and sys admins deploy system23:35
jelknerthat's it, right?23:35
replaceafilli'd like 3. a few comments on code changes23:35
jelknerthat will be after i leave23:36
jelkneri've got students coming at 5 pm23:36
jelkneri'm only needed for 1, yes?23:36
jelknerok everyone, i'm all ears23:36
jelknerbut since no one else is talking23:37
jelkneri need:23:37
jelknerand pyquiz23:37
jelknertalking to gradebook23:37
jelkner(and perhaps later cando too ;-)23:37
dreichI've a few customer questions23:38
dreichfor editing deployed quizes23:38
dreich(if you've made a mistake)23:38
dreichit'll kinda break things if you edit it after a student's already taken it23:38
jelknerso for now, don't allow it23:39
jelkneri agree23:39
jelkneri saw that email23:39
dreichso putting in an edit feature that only works if students haven't taken the test is good?23:39
jelkneri'm fine with that23:39
dreichcool, that's done23:39
replaceafilldreich, finished?23:39
replaceafilli mean, is it finished?23:40
dreichthat story is, yeah23:40
replaceafilli just tested the Edit this deployment link and doesnt work23:40
replaceafillthe view does23:40
dreichi'm not sure if they can be deleted yet, pgulley?23:40
pgulleydeleting quizzes is not finished.23:40
replaceafilljelkner, for deleting actions, do you want the confirmation step?23:41
pgulleywhat isn't working? we can change quiz sections, date, and attempts.23:41
replaceafillpgulley, the edit pencil takes me to /edit23:41
replaceafillas in /edit from the server's root23:41
jelknerreplaceafill, what is standard ST behavior?23:42
pgulleyoh. oops. quick fix.23:42
jelknerlet's make it work as much like ST as possible23:42
replaceafilljelkner, ST has confirmation dialogs23:42
replaceafillthat's why i asked23:42
jelknerthen we should too23:42
replaceafillit seems like users don't read them anyway :D23:43
jelknerand they should use the same vocabulary23:43
jelknerand look the same23:43
dreichreplaceafill, there's another way to get to a working edit page, we just forgot to put that in both places that were meant to be linked to it23:43
replaceafilldreich, no problem, i was able to see the view23:43
replaceafilldreich, i assumed it was WIP23:43
dreichreplacefill, we think it's done, but it's not tested yet23:44
replaceafilldreich, sure, we can talk about that in 3.23:44
replaceafilli have no more questions for jelkner23:44
jelknerdeploy away, gentleman23:45
replaceafillabout deployment23:45
replaceafillhere's what i think we should do23:45
replaceafillsince we're going to bleed...23:45
replaceafillall of us!23:45
replaceafillespecially mattva01 ;)23:45
replaceafilluse trunk branches for everything23:46
replaceafilljelkner, how are you going to handle the back up part?23:46
replaceafilli mean, of your current instances23:46
* jelkner is glad mattva01 is here for this23:47
jelknerwe just backup the version and Data.fs23:47
jelknerof both ST and pyquiz23:47
replaceafillah ok23:47
jelknerto that we could run it again in the unlikely event that we need to23:48
jelknerthen we blow them away23:48
dreichwhat about images once those are added?23:48
jelknerand start clean23:48
replaceafilldreich, what do you mean?23:50
pgulleywe're working on adding images to quiz items, and have been discussing where they're stored on the server23:51
pgulleythey'll also become an issue for backing things up23:51
replaceafillpgulley, i think you could start blowing the database up23:52
replaceafillstoring them in the Data.fs23:52
replaceafillor you could use stuff like z3c.blobfile23:52
replaceafillbut the ZODB gives you blobstorage for free23:52
replaceafillimho, it's not worth it yet to worry about it23:52
replaceafillbut it's jelkner's call23:53
pgulleyalright, if that's feasible we'll just do it that23:53
pgulleyit came up because I started implementing image things earlier today.23:53
replaceafillwe're using pyramid-zodbconn = 0.2 btw23:54
replaceafilland yes, once you start using blobs, you need to backup the blobs directory23:54
replaceafillmattva01, are you doing jelkner's back up?23:56
mattva01I thought the blobs were in the zodb?23:57
mattva01that's fine, as long as I know the directory23:57
replaceafillthat's the config option you set in the link above ^23:57
mattva01yeah I see it now23:57
mattva01I say put it in the codebase but have .bzrignore set up23:58
replaceafillsame case as the Data.fs23:58
replaceafilland sessions23:59
dreichsounds good23:59
replaceafillmattva01, for setting up the new instance you'll need:23:59

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