IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2012-06-22

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jelknerGood morning, th1a!16:20
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jelknerGood morning, replaceafill!16:25
replaceafillgood morning jelkner16:25
jelknerDid you see my planning document?16:25
replaceafilljelkner, not yet16:26
jelknerI couldn't sleep16:26
jelknerso i've been up since 4 AM :-(16:26
jelknerbut at least i got some planning done16:26
jelknerso i'm ready for our 10 AM session16:26
jelkneri'm sure i'll crash soon after that, though16:27
jelknerand go home and take a nap16:27
replaceafillyou should :)16:27
jelkneri want to make sure paul and david start well, first, though16:28
jelknerreplaceafill, are you looking at the planning document?16:29
th1ajelkner, what time is your meeting?16:30
jelknerth1a, 10 AM16:30
th1aaelkner: ayt?16:32
aelkneri joined the hangout16:32
th1aTry again.16:33
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jelknerreplaceafill, are you here?17:01
replaceafilljelkner, yes17:01
jelknerso paul and david are here too17:01
jelknerbut i never thought to ask them if they had laptops17:02
jelknerthey don't17:02
jelknerso here we are at nvcc (northern virginia community college)17:02
jelknerand they don't have an easy way to join the chat17:02
jelkneri have it on the screen17:02
jelknerso what we may need to do this morning is have me type for the 3 of us17:03
jelkner(or take turns when my fingers get sore ;-)17:03
jelknerand just use this morning to plan17:03
jelknerthen we'll go to acc and i'll loan them laptops for the  summer17:03
jelknerso, here is the agenda:17:04
jelkner1. discuss the user stories17:04
jelkner2. discuss the working process (where will the code be hosted? how will updates be made, etc)17:05
jelkner3. talk about a schedule for next week17:05
jelknerthat's all i have17:05
jelknersound good?17:05
jelknerok, let's start with 117:06
replaceafilli have a question about one bug17:06
jelknerlet's start with that17:06
replaceafilli think we already have that17:06
replaceafillcan you confirm?17:06
replaceafilli just looked at you hilt section17:07
replaceafilland "Mousing over the date at the top of the column" shows the date + quiz ttle17:07
jelknercool, i'll check now17:08
jelknerwhen i mouse over i see a date17:09
jelknernothing else17:09
replaceafilli went to your HILT A ICT P5 section, Quarter 4, May17:10
replaceafillhover the 22 for example17:10
replaceafillif you remember, the only periods that have that data are the ones *after* we implemented the story17:10
jelknerhold on17:12
jelkneryes indeed, mr. cerna17:12
jelknerit works now!17:12
replaceafillall the periods after that should have their titles set the same way17:13
replaceafillyou're starting  with a fresh instance for your summer course, correct?17:13
jelknerso that's cool, we've nailed our first story already!!17:13
jelknerYou didn't mark it as finished, did you?17:13
replaceafillno, *that's* the bug :)17:14
replaceafillor i did17:15
replaceafillthe bug is duplicated!17:15
replaceafill(i think)17:15
jelknerso we need to clean that up17:15
replaceafilli'll mark it17:15
jelknernow, i'm asking paul and david if they can make the link go back to pyquiz17:15
jelknerand show me the student's results17:15
jelknerbefore that, we need to handle the next story17:16
jelkneractually, that's the first story17:17
jelknerbut we can't link back from the journal until its done17:17
jelknersince that is what we would be linking to17:19
replaceafilljelkner, you didn't answer my fresh instance question17:19
replaceafillyou're starting with a fresh instance for your summer course, right?17:19
jelknerbut we need to figure out where to host it17:19
jelknernever mind17:20
replaceafillit's because i think paul and david should change the use of dates to datetimes too17:20
jelkneron the same machine, yes17:20
jelknersounds good to me17:20
jelkneryou're the boss17:20
replaceafilli think there's a bug about that17:20
replaceafilllet me look17:20
replaceafillmaybe not the availability thing17:20
replaceafillbut just change the code to use datetimes from now on17:21
replaceafilli didnt do it with your past Data.fs because involved evolving the data17:21
replaceafilland i wanted to avoid that17:21
replaceafillbut now it's a good time to start doing that17:21
replaceafilland it's an easy fix17:21
replaceafillthe real fix to that bug will involve using a datetime widget from jquery17:22
replaceafillwhich is available in deform17:22
replaceafillbut to me fixing the bug it's not a priority17:23
replaceafillthe change in the code is :)17:23
replaceafillmaybe i should write that in some of your docs...17:24
replaceafilljelkner, you there?17:25
jelknersorry man17:25
jelkneri'm here17:25
jelknerbut we are talking17:25
replaceafillyes, np17:26
replaceafilli just wanted to know if i was disconnected :)17:26
jelknerprof. reed is here17:26
jelknerso he is trying to help get them online17:26
jelknerwhich would be a big help17:27
jelknerso, let's talk about the development process while we wait17:27
jelknerwe use the same machine, right?17:27
jelkneryou can actually retire the old instance17:27
jelkner(after we back it up of course)17:28
jelknerand we can start fresh with the one we will use in the summer program17:28
replaceafillwe should schedule a meeting for that btw17:28
jelknerand the st instance too17:28
replaceafillso you can copy the backup, like last time17:28
jelknernext tuesday afternoon?17:28
jelkner4 pm?17:28
* replaceafill writes that down :)17:28
jelkneri'm going to give them laptops today17:29
jelknerright after this meeting17:29
jelknerthen they can start working on bugs17:29
jelknerand hopefully have something to add by next tuesday ;-)17:30
jelknerwhich we can then test with the new instances17:30
replaceafillare the guys getting online soon?17:31
replaceafillor should i start discussing the current infrastructure now?17:31
replaceafilli just want to point out a couple of things they can use for development17:31
jelknercan you give us a few moments to change location?17:33
jelknerthen we can get them online17:33
replaceafilli'll be here17:33
jelknernew plan17:36
jelkneri'm going to go with them to acc17:37
jelknerwe will issue them laptops17:37
jelknerso they have a reliable way to work17:38
jelknerlet's meet again in 1 hour17:38
jelknerdoes that work?17:38
replaceafillok, i'll have my breakfast meanwhile17:38
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jelkneri'm back, mr. cerna18:07
jelknerdavid and paul are configuring their laptops18:07
replaceafillgive me 10 mins18:07
jelkneri think they will take that long anyway18:08
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replaceafillok, i'm back18:11
jelknerpaul is here18:14
jelknerand david will be here presently18:14
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jelknercool, the gang's all here ;-)18:15
replaceafillhey guys18:15
jelkneryou have the floor, mr. cerna18:15
replaceafillok, so let's talk code18:15
replaceafillbranches you need:18:16
replaceafilllet me look at something18:16
replaceafilli think we have new eggs for schooltool18:16
replaceafillok, you only need the first two18:17
replaceafillschooltool.pyquiz should get the latest schooltool eggs for you18:17
replaceafillyou need both servers running to try stuff18:18
replaceafillsince pyquiz depend on schooltool.pyquiz xmlrpc methods18:18
replaceafillthere's a README.txt in pyquiz, but i'm not sure how updated it is :(18:18
replaceafilland about tests:18:19
jelknerthey can be README.txt testers18:19
jelknerif it's not up to date18:19
jelknernow would be a good time to fix it18:19
replaceafillbtw, feel free to change anything you don't like :)18:19
replaceafillor you don't understand18:19
replaceafillsometimes when you're the only developer you assume a lot of stuff :)18:20
replaceafilllike docs ;)18:20
replaceafillok, on tests:18:20
replaceafilli "borrow" a feature yvl wrote for schooltool18:20
replaceafillthat allows you to use selenium + chrome browser to do functional testing18:20
replaceafillin my opinion is better than the old testbrowser or WebTest18:21
replaceafillso, the most recent tests are written that way18:21
replaceafillthey're still doctests (which are not very story telling)18:21
replaceafillbut when you try them, you should see your chrome browser popup18:22
replaceafillif the configuration is right18:22
dreichthat's cool!18:22
pgulley  yes, I'm a fan of this.18:22
replaceafillif you see buildout.cfg in pyquiz18:23
replaceafillyou'll see some paths you may probably change18:23
replaceafillselenium.linux_chrome.binary = "/usr/bin/chromedriver"18:23 = "/usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser"18:23
replaceafillyou can download the latest chromedriver from:18:23
replaceafilland point the first line to it18:23
replaceafilland the second line should be your chrome browser binary18:24
replaceafillfor running pyquiz tests you don't need schooltool.pyquiz18:24
replaceafillor for writing them :)18:24
replaceafillthe sample data for the functional tests is at18:25
replaceafilladd/modify what you need18:25
replaceafillas long as all the other tests run ;)18:25
replaceafillwe don't have 100% coverage18:26
replaceafillbut i've written enough tests to guarantee grades are calculated correctly18:26
replaceafillsome views like the management of quizzes don't have many tests18:26
replaceafillabout launchpad18:27
replaceafilli think you're both familiar with it, right?18:27
replaceafilli know you may prefer github :)18:27
pgulleyactually, we had a quick question- lp:schooltool.pyquiz doesn't seem to exist18:27
pgulleydo you want us to use the one in your repo?18:27
replaceafillyou're right18:28
replaceafillit's not a project, it's a branch :(18:28
replaceafillhold on18:28
dreichyep, that works!18:29
replaceafilli'll have a project for next week, so we can all merge to the same place18:29
replaceafillthat is, a launchpad project18:29
replaceafillfor schooltool.pyquiz18:29
dreichyeah, sounds good18:29
* replaceafill checks his notes...18:30
replaceafillah yes18:30
replaceafillthey havent been a priority for mr elkner18:30
replaceafillbut if possible i'd like you to use mark up to help on that18:30
replaceafillfor instance18:31
replaceafillin a new template use i18n:domain="pyquiz"18:31
replaceafillor i18n:translate in tags18:31
replaceafillnot a big deal, but it's small stuff that can help later18:31
replaceafill<legend><span i18n:translate="">User Information</span></legend>18:31
replaceafill<input class="button-ok" type="submit" value="Log in"18:32
replaceafill               i18n:attributes="value" name="LOGIN" />18:32
replaceafilli think the first step for you would be to branch (which i think you already have) :)18:32
replaceafilland run the makes in both branches18:33
replaceafillschooltool brings a sample data spreadsheet18:33
replaceafillthat you could use18:33
replaceafill(i use it)18:33
replaceafillso you don't have to create years, terms, students, etc18:33
replaceafillby yourself18:33
dreichthat's very useful18:34
replaceafilli think that's it18:34
dreichthere's a problem with make, though, looks like18:34
replaceafillthat's all i have in my notes :)18:34
jelknerpgulley just mentioned that the makefiles have an outdated python version18:34
pgulleyso in running the make, it looks like it wants to work with python2.618:34
replaceafillah, that's in the irc logs somewhere :)18:35
replaceafillah no18:35
replaceafillin the TODO.tx18:35
replaceafill* Support python2.718:35
* replaceafill goes see jelkners server18:35
pgulleythere was a collective chuckle at that. we can fix it locally for now.18:35
jelknermy server is old18:36
replaceafillyeah, jelkner's server doesn't have 2.718:36
jelknerstill running lucid18:36
jelknerbut we'll be on precise starting in september18:36
replaceafillwe could change the Makefiles to use the available system python18:36
jelknerthis summer we'll still be using that lucid vm18:37
replaceafillas far as i know nothing in the code depends on 2.6 or 2.718:37
replaceafillfor example, ST trunk works that way18:37
replaceafillif you have only 2.6, it uses it18:37
replaceafillit should be an easy fix18:38
replaceafillit just has to be done :D18:38
pgulleyDavid and I just changed the makefile to use 2.7 for now, it shouldn't cause problems.18:39
replaceafillas long as it works ;)18:40
replaceafilljelkner, that's it from me18:40
jelknerso, we are back to the stories18:40
jelkneri need help estimating how long they will take18:41
jelknerwe should pick a few that they can work on by next Tuesday18:41
replaceafillwe're picking from your doc plan?18:41
replaceafillthe 4 there18:41
jelknerThe most important one to me is the first one:
jelknerSee student responses to quiz18:41
jelkneras it is now, students can see what they got right or wrong, but teachers can't18:42
jelknerso that is definitely the top story18:42
replaceafillcan you describe a workflow for it?18:42
replaceafilli mean, do you want to see the list of students in the section "inside" the deployed quiz?18:43
jelknerLet me think this through18:43
jelknersince I can imagine a few ways18:43
jelknerlet me start with one:18:43
replaceafillbtw pgulley and dreich18:43
jelknerTeacher looks at journal and notices that johnny only has a 3 on today's quiz18:43
replaceafilljelkner, sorry, go on18:43
jelknerShe clicks on the link at the top (oops, that's another story ;-) and it takes her to the quiz18:44
jelkneror maybe it isn't a separate story18:44
jelknersince we need some workflow, right?18:45
jelknerthat would be the first one i would want18:45
jelknersince that's what i frequently wanted to do during the spring18:45
jelknerask the question, so, what did such and such student get wrong?18:45
jelkneras it works now, the journal is the only view i get of the results18:46
jelknerso that's where i would want to start18:46
jelknerthoughts, mr. cerna?18:46
replaceafilllets set some terminology in place for all of us18:47
replaceafillin pyquiz we have:18:47
replaceafillQuiz -> the container for questions18:47
replaceafilland DeployedQuiz -> the link between the Quiz and a Section18:47
replaceafilldeployed quizzes have data as start, and end dates18:48
replaceafillthe date you want to relate it to18:48
replaceafillnumber of attempts, etc18:48
replaceafillmy point here is18:48
replaceafillthe "current" "View Quiz" link in the journal18:48
replaceafilltakes you to the Quiz18:48
dreich(btw, not to interrupt, but I wanted to mention that running make on pyquiz required apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt-dev )18:48
replaceafilldreich, that should be part of the 'make ubuntu-environment' rule18:49
replaceafillHOW TO INSTALL18:49
replaceafill$ bzr branch lp:pyquiz18:49
replaceafill$ cd pyquiz18:49
replaceafill$ make ubuntu-environment18:49
replaceafill$ make18:49
replaceafill(from the README.txt)18:49
dreichoh.  right, thanks for pointing that out18:49
replaceafillif it's not part of ubuntu-environment, it's a bug :)18:49
replaceafilljelkner, so continuing with the link part18:50
replaceafillthe link takes you to the Quiz18:51
replaceafillwhere you can see deployed quizzes18:51
replaceafilland select one18:51
replaceafillif i understand you correctly18:51
replaceafillyou want the link to take you to the deployed quiz directly?18:51
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jelkneri do18:52
jelkneror better yet18:52
replaceafilloh oh18:52
jelknerto the view of the students results that generated the score18:52
jelknerthat's the most natural18:52
jelknerit would be sweet18:52
jelkneri look down the column and see johnny got a 318:52
jelknernever ming18:53
jelknernever mind18:53
jelknerthat would mean the 3 would have to be a link18:53
jelknerthat would rock!18:53
dreichthat could possibly be doable, and really cool18:53
* replaceafill is thinking about it18:54
jelknerif that works, that would be my first story18:54
replaceafilli'm trying to find a way to match the period id with the deployed quiz18:55
replaceafillperiod id in the journal18:55
replaceafillthe thing with the deployed quiz (as it is right now) is that it only has a date18:56
replaceafillor a period of dates18:56
replaceafillin "theory" you could deploy the same quiz twice to the same date18:56
replaceafillto the same section18:57
replaceafillor even different quizzes to the same date18:57
*** dreich has quit IRC18:57
replaceafilljelkner, the only way i see we could guarantee it works the way you want18:58
replaceafillis to add "constraints" to pyquiz18:58
replaceafillfor example to not allow quizzes to be deployed several times to the same journal period18:59
*** dreich has joined #schooltool18:59
replaceafillyou don't use it that way anyway...18:59
jelknerthat sounds totally reasonable (and desirable) to me19:00
replaceafillit's like when we removed the ends date from the form19:00
replaceafillor the category19:00
replaceafillbecause it's only warm-ups now19:00
jelknerah yes19:00
jelknerhold on then19:00
jelknernow i see where this is going19:00
jelknerso i shouldn't be hasty19:01
jelknerwe have other users (i'm thinking mainly of joe youcha)19:01
jelknerand me too, once it works19:01
jelknerwho will want to use pyquiz to track skills19:02
jelknerthat is one of the big goals for the summer19:02
jelknerso we don't want to make decisions now that would prevent that possibility19:02
jelkneri haven't even thought of how that would work19:02
jelknerbut the idea is to tag assessment items (quiz questions) with skills19:03
jelknerand to use pyquiz to aggregate student's performance on a given skill19:03
jelknerthe constraint you are proposing wouldn't impact that, would it?19:04
replaceafillyou couldn't give a section two quizzes the same day for instance19:05
replaceafillbecause they would overlap in the journal19:05
replaceafillthey currently do19:05
replaceafillthat's why you can't link back from the journal easily19:06
replaceafillso i linked you back to the Quiz19:06
replaceafillfor the user to decide which deployed quiz to go to19:06
replaceafillwhich can also be confusing19:06
pgulleywait- if we had the quizzes return to the gradebook instead19:06
dreichdo quizzes have unique IDs in both schooltool and pyquiz, or are they kept track of only by date?19:07
pgulleyI feel like having a new instance created for each quiz in the gradebook would resolve that problem- have the attendence thing dealt with some other way.19:07
replaceafilldreich, schooltool doesn't know about the quizzes19:07
replaceafilluntil the teacher updates the grades19:08
replaceafillwhich he should have done anyway19:08
pgulleycan it, though? pyquiz communicate with the gradebook and create an assignment?19:08
replaceafillpgulley, that it can't do19:09
replaceafillassignments, really journal periods19:09
replaceafillare set by the section schedule in schooltool19:09
replaceafillthey're in stone19:09
replaceafill(kind of) :)19:09
replaceafillit's not like the regular schooltool gradebook19:09
pgulleyhrm. so how does a teacher go about adding assignments into the gradebook?19:09
replaceafillwhere teachers can create anything they want19:10
replaceafillpgulley, that's the regular "points" gradebook19:10
replaceafillpyquiz links with the schooltool journal19:10
jelknerreplaceafill, is it time to talk about quizzes as "external activities"?19:10
pgulleywhy do we have to go through the journal?19:10
replaceafillpgulley, because jelkner uses "daily" warm-ups19:10
replaceafillpgulley, in the code, it's possible to link to the gradebook19:11
replaceafillbut we hard-coded it since jelkner asked for it19:11
replaceafillso it's not possible to pick a "gradebook" category anymore19:11
replaceafilljelkner, we don't even have external activities in flourish yet!19:12
jelknerwe will have to have them soon19:12
jelknersince cando will need them to work again19:13
jelknerthis may be the time to do all that19:13
jelknerand perhaps our young jedi developers here can help?19:13
jelknerjoe youcha will definitely want that19:13
replaceafilljelkner, so you're thinking about linking gradebook activities to...?19:14
replaceafilli'm confused19:15
replaceafillwe have a way to send a score to the gradebook19:15
replaceafillwhy do we need an external activity?19:15
replaceafillremember, we started using the gradebook :D19:15
replaceafillwith all those categories19:15
replaceafilland a PyQuiz worksheet19:15
replaceafillbut then we "twisted" it ;)19:16
replaceafillto daily warm-ups19:16
replaceafilland we said "journal!"19:16
replaceafillanyway, we can send grades from pyquiz to both components19:17
replaceafillthe gradebook gives you 1-1 relationship that pgulley was asking for19:17
jelkneri only asked for what i asked for because i knew about the lyceum journal features19:17
jelknerand thought it would be easiest19:17
jelknerit worked19:17
replaceafillit did19:18
replaceafilland i remember you said:19:18
replaceafill"we should leave the others available, because i know someone will want to use them"19:18
jelknerbut now we are coming to limits to that approach19:18
replaceafillmaybe we are that someone ;)19:18
jelknerjoe is19:18
jelknerand us19:18
jelknernow is the time to start thinking about that19:18
jelknersince this summer we have 6 hour classes19:19
jelknerso i may in fact want to give more than one quiz in a day19:19
replaceafilla big +119:19
replaceafillthe gradebook is more a place for something like that19:19
replaceafill(multiple grades)19:20
jelknerso let's make that decision now19:20
jelknerfor this Summer, we test pyquiz with the gradebook19:21
jelknerbtw pyquiz with the cando gradebook is in the cards for the future19:21
jelknerthat's what i was talking about19:21
replaceafillthat won't be a problem19:21
replaceafillwe just need to write new xmlrpc methods for cando19:22
jelknerso, back to our story19:22
replaceafilllike the ones we have for the gradebook and journal19:22
*** pgulley has quit IRC19:22
replaceafillbut your story changes a lot if you talk gradebook instead of journal19:22
jelknerlet's change it19:22
jelknerthat's why we are meeting19:23
*** pgulley has joined #schooltool19:23
*** pgulley_ has joined #schooltool19:23
replaceafillbecause you already have the 1-1 relationship19:23
jelknerto agree on the big first story19:23
jelknerit now sounds like this:19:23
replaceafillok so, pgulley and dreich need to make the categories available again19:23
jelkner1. teacher creates quiz19:23
replaceafillsorry, go on19:23
jelkner2. teacher associates quiz with worksheet in gradebook?19:24
jelknerthat's the part i'm not clear on19:24
replaceafilljelkner, 2. is automatically done19:24
replaceafillthe gradebook has a single 'PyQuiz' worksheet19:25
jelknerthat works19:25
replaceafillall the quizzes gets dumped there :D19:25
jelknerlet's do that19:25
jelknerok, back to my story then19:25
pgulley_this isn't vim19:26
jelknerso i just associate a quiz with a section, like before19:26
jelkner3. teacher clicks update grades19:26
jelknerand they go over19:26
jelkner4. each student's grade is a link back to the results of the quiz view19:26
jelkner5. teacher clicks on johnny's 3 and sees what he did wrong19:27
jelknerwhat about this?19:27
jelknermr. cerna, thoughts?19:27
replaceafillit seems doable :)19:28
* jelkner smiles19:28
replaceafillwhen you drop the journal periods ;)19:28
jelknerlet's do it then19:28
jelknerdreich, pgulley, do you know what you have to do?19:28
replaceafillone question for you jelkner19:28
pgulley_yes sir.19:29
replaceafilli think i already asked it19:29
replaceafillyou're going to use bleeding edge for the summer, correct?19:29
jelknerbetter to ask again and be sure ;-)19:29
replaceafillso, pgulley and dreich19:29
jelknerbleed, baby, bleed!19:29
replaceafillyou will need to branch schooltool code19:29
*** mattva01 has quit IRC19:29
replaceafillwhen you branch my schooltool.pyquiz19:29
jelkneri'm planning on needed a transfusion by summer's end19:29
replaceafilland you run make19:29
replaceafillyou get the latest eggs from:19:30
replaceafilljelkner, get one for me ;)19:30
replaceafillpgulley, dreich so you get the revision of the branch19:30
replaceafillfor example:19:30
replaceafillcontains revision 483 for lp:schooltool.gradebook19:31
replaceafilland so on19:31
replaceafillyou will need to go to your schooltool.pyquiz buildout.cfg19:31
replaceafilland change a few things19:31
replaceafillcan you open that file19:31
replaceafilldevelop = .19:32
replaceafillshould be something like:19:32
replaceafilldevelop = . /path/to/schooltool/trunk /path/to/schooltool.gradebook/trunk19:32
replaceafillbranch all the trunks and change those paths19:32
replaceafillby all trunks i mean:19:32
replaceafilllp:schooltool, lp:schooltool.gradebook19:32
replaceafilljelkner, since you're practically ditching the journal...19:33
dreichjelkner's on the phone19:33
replaceafilli think we don't have to talk journal changes anymore19:33
replaceafillah ok19:33
replaceafillso guys19:33
replaceafillcontinuing the buildout.cfg change19:33
replaceafillyou know19:33
replaceafilli'll paste the change you need :D19:34
dreichawesome, thanks19:34
dreichwe're just bzr branching all the things you mentioned19:34
replaceafillagain, develop are directory paths19:35
replaceafilland you just set all the packages in [versions]19:36
replaceafillso the development branches are used19:36
replaceafillat the end your bin/start-schooltool-instance script19:36
replaceafillshould have the right paths to code19:36
replaceafilllet me know if you need further help on that19:37
replaceafillah btw pgulley and dreich19:38
replaceafillin pyquiz, i've used class-based views19:38
pgulley_alright, that's cool.19:39
replaceafillone of jelkner requirements was that pyquiz looked similar to schooltool19:39
replaceafillso we can copy all the resources in schooltool trunk to pyquiz19:39
replaceafilland get the css changes, etc19:39
replaceafillthe page structure is the same as schooltool's19:39
replaceafilli mean html-wise19:39
replaceafillsame main divs, etc19:40
pgulley_right, yeah.19:40
replaceafillagain, load the sample data xls into your schooltool and give it a look19:40
replaceafillfor ideas19:40
replaceafillon how things can look19:40
replaceafillhhmm, although there has been a change we still don't agree on19:40
replaceafillbut you shouldn't worry about that ;)19:41
* replaceafill is writing to himself :P19:41
replaceafillanyway, a good goal for today would be for you to have working environemnts19:41
dreichyeah, we can do that19:42
replaceafilljelkner, you should also add low-hanging fruit bugs for tuesday19:42
replaceafilllike the Done button bug19:42
jelknerremind me about that?19:42
replaceafill(if you think that's still necessary)19:42
dreichthat sort of thing will just be good to get us used to the code19:43
jelknerreplaceafill, you should assign those19:43
replaceafilli think there's also one for pgulley19:43
replaceafillno no no no no no19:43
replaceafillxp remember19:44
jelknerwhat i mean is19:44
replaceafilleveryone takes what he wants19:44
jelknerbut you can suggest things that would help them get started19:44
* replaceafill looks for pgulley's bug19:44
jelknerand be useful, yes?19:44
replaceafillpgulley, dreich what are your usernames in lauchpad?19:45
replaceafillsame as here?19:45
replaceafilli'm going to select "only pyquiz" bugs19:45
replaceafilland assign them19:45
dreichI'm ellimistd19:45
replaceafillso they don't need to think very much about the gradebook for starting19:46
pgulley_no, I'm nano3-1419:46
* replaceafill doesn't see launchpad the same anymore :)19:46
jelkneranyway, i'm hoping to setup the infrastructure next tuesday at 419:46
jelknerrunning ST, running pyquiz19:46
jelknerand then I can setup classes for summer19:47
jelknerand we can begin testing19:47
replaceafilldreich, just asssigned you:
jelkneri'll create a test section for that purpose until school starts on july 219:47
jelknerare we finished?19:47
jelkneri want to show my college from nvcc how pyquiz works19:47
jelknerhe will be using it with me19:47
replaceafillpgulley, dreich i'll be here19:47
replaceafillping me when your instances are running19:48
replaceafilland see jelkner's demo so you can see all the suckiness in pyquiz ;)19:48
replaceafilli'm going to keep assigning bugs19:48
replaceafillthis one should be fun:
replaceafillpressure on the poor student ;)19:51
jelknerok, are we finished here?19:52
replaceafilljelkner, i think so19:52
jelknersince th1a isn't available to drop the back of gravel19:52
jelkneri don't know when to stop19:52
jelknerpgulley, dreich, are you set?19:53
replaceafilli'm not worthy to throw gravel in this channel :D19:53
dreichI think we are!19:53
replaceafillthanks gentlemen19:53
replaceafillexpect a rain of launchpad assignment mails19:53
jelknerthank you, mr. cerna!19:53
replaceafillyou can start working on those19:54
replaceafilleven though jelkner wants different :D19:54
replaceafillbut as we said, they'll help you to get started19:54
replaceafillyou agree jelkner ?19:54
jelkneryou're the boss, mr. cerna19:54
replaceafillsee you guys tuesday 4pm19:54
replaceafilldreich, pgulley mail me anytime19:55
replaceafillto yahoo please :P19:55
jelkneryou'll see them before then, i'm sure!19:55
replaceafilland i'm most of the time here19:55
replaceafillso you can ask here too19:55
dreichyep, we'll be in here as well19:56
replaceafilllet me know if you run out of bugs :)19:56
dreichyes sir!19:58
*** jelkner has quit IRC19:59
dreichreplaceafill, do you think you could help us through setting up schooltool a bit?21:00
dreichgreat, thanks21:01
replaceafillwhat do you need?21:01
dreichok, so we've bzr branched all those things you named21:01
replaceafilldoes "make run" works?21:01
dreichschooltool, school.pyquiz, etc21:01
replaceafillin schooltool.pyqzui21:01
dreichit does not, that's the only one where it doesn't work21:02
dreich"IOError: invalid Python installation: unable to open /home/dreich/pyquizetc/schooltool.pyquiz/python/local/include/python2.7/pyconfig.h (No such file or directory) make: *** [bin/buildout] Error 1"21:02
replaceafillrun it again and paste me the error message21:02
replaceafillit's the 2.7 thing :(21:02
dreichwe've found pyconfig.h, it's in python/include/python2.721:03
dreichthere's no /local/21:03
replaceafilli think we need to change the Makefile21:03
replaceafillto match schooltool's trunk21:03
replaceafilllet me try it21:04
*** pgulley_ has quit IRC21:04
* pgulley is still here21:04
replaceafillif you see Makefile in schooltool trunk, you'll see it uses virtualenv21:04
replaceafillthat's what we need in schooltool.pyquiz21:05
replaceafillgive me 10 mins to do it, ok?21:05
replaceafillunless you want to do it?21:05
replaceafillit's basically copying the same conf21:05
replaceafilli mean, rules21:05
replaceafilldreich, want to give it a try?21:05
dreichyeah, we'll see about it21:06
replaceafillthen you can do the same in pyquiz ;)21:07
replaceafilland remove that line in the TODO.txt21:07
dreichit still doesn't seem to be working, although I almost definitely did it wrong21:14
dreichwe just copied "python:21:14
dreichrm -rf python21:14
dreichvirtualenv --no-site-packages -p $(BOOTSTRAP_PYTHON) python"21:14
dreichfrom schooltool's to pyquiz.schooltool's21:15
replaceafillok, let me try it21:15
dreich(changing PYTHON to BOOTSTRAP_PYTHON, because that's how it looked like it was defined)21:15
pgulleyso, I just tried to install pyquiz.schooltool with the included setup.py21:19
pgulleyand also got an error.21:19
pgulleybut a different one.21:19
replaceafillyou need to update the file21:20
replaceafillcopy the one from schooltool's trunk21:21
replaceafilland try your change21:21
dreichrunning that21:23
replaceafillwe need to update base.cfg too21:23
replaceafilli'll push my changes21:23
replaceafilldreich, pgulley changes pushed21:28
replaceafillrevision 2521:28
dreichmine's still running the make with the copied bootstrap.py21:29
replaceafillah cool, it's probably downloading eggs21:29
dreichlooks like it21:29
dreichbut I'll pull when it's done21:29
* replaceafill creates a project for schooltool.pyquiz21:32
dreichwhat's the default pyquiz admin info?21:42
replaceafillall pyquiz info comes from schooltool21:42
replaceafillschooltool's is:21:42
replaceafilli mean, all pyquiz login info comes from schooltool21:42
dreichoh, right!21:43
pgulleyalright, so pyquiz returns an internal server error when we try to log in.21:52
pgulleywe have both a schooltool.pyquiz and a pyquiz instance running...21:52
pgulleythe error is in transport.py21:53
pgulleyHTTPConnection Instance has no attribute 'getreply'21:53
replaceafillsomething has changed in python2.7 probably21:54
* replaceafill tries running both21:56
replaceafilli'll do the same python change to pyquiz Makefile21:58
replaceafillthe Transport.request method in 2.6 is very different to 2.7 :(22:02
dreichoh no22:02
replaceafillyou can install python2.6 for pyquiz in the meantime22:03
dreichoch aye22:05
replaceafillyes dreich pgulley22:10
replaceafilli think that would be faster right now22:11
replaceafill(using 2.6 for pyquiz)22:11
replaceafilli'll dig into the 2.7 during the weekend22:11
replaceafillthey've created some new methods/indirections22:11
dreichgreat, thanks22:20
pgulleyso we can't get python2.6 working consistantly for some reason- we can install it but pyquiz will still use 2.722:43
pgulleyeven if we change the makefile22:43
pgulleywe've tried reinstalling from the start22:43
pgulleyat this rate I think we may wait to see if there is a good transport fix- can we help with that?22:44
replaceafillstill uses 2.7?22:45
replaceafillin pyquiz22:45
replaceafillmake sure BOOTSTRAP_PYTHON is 2.622:46
replaceafilland then:22:46
replaceafillmake clean22:46
replaceafillmake run22:46
* replaceafill goes to get lunch23:11
*** pgulley has quit IRC23:12
*** pgulley has joined #schooltool23:15
pgulleyreplaceafill, dreich and I have to head out- we haven't been able to get this to work. We'll look into the transport thing over the weekend as well.23:16
*** pgulley has quit IRC23:17
*** dreich has quit IRC23:18

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