IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2012-06-21

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MacGregor_May I know does this software support a bar code system to take attendance?06:34
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th1a_replaceafill:  Did you happen to look at ?19:47
replaceafillah yes19:47
replaceafillbut just briefly, tutorial stuff :)19:47
th1a_So the weird part is the standard backend is this thing:
th1a_Which I find a little confusing because then I don't know why you need celery.19:48
th1a_But, more to the point, if we had rabbitmq, we could do other things with it, system integration things.19:50
replaceafilli had never heard of rabbitmq19:50
replaceafilli know launchpad uses it :)19:50
replaceafill"Teach yourself RabbitMQ in six easy lessons"!19:51
th1a_That's interesting.19:52
replaceafillUsing this metaphor RabbitMQ is a post box, a post office and a postman.19:52
replaceafillthis is language i understand ;)19:52
th1a_It basically does what a Zone Integration Server does in SIF.19:55
th1a_So you should be able to do, say, publish/subscribe for add user events.19:56
replaceafilli want little messages like facebook in ST "someone commented your picture" ;)19:57
th1a_Well, yes, that would be nice.19:57
replaceafillmaybe something like this allows us that19:57
th1a_But anyhow, RabbitMQ is probably overkill for just enabling async processes.19:58
th1a_yvl is looking mostly at celery plus
replaceafillwow, so many concepts :D19:59
th1a_I guess the difference is plain celery is very python oriented.19:59
th1a_Celery as a front end to RabbitMQ lets you do a lot more with other systems.20:00
th1a_Where this could pay off then ofc is adding RabbitMQ support to, say, Moodle.20:00
replaceafillaccording to
replaceafillrabbitmq is a server and celery a client20:05
replaceafillth1a_, zyt?22:16
replaceafillth1a_, did you ask for this change?
replaceafillthis revision has made relationship views to expand the whole width:22:17
replaceafillbut looks weird in some views:22:18
th1a_Oh... I don't think so.22:19
replaceafillthat's where it looks weird ^22:19
replaceafilli'll ask menesis about it22:20
replaceafillthat revision also broke the /resources view22:20
th1a_I made a comment about possibly making the sections view full width yesterday if we were adding teacher names (probably a good idea).22:21
replaceafillah yes22:21
th1a_So I don't know if he ran with that.22:21
replaceafilli'm on that one22:21
replaceafilli don't think so22:21
th1a_Yeah, why don't you ask about it.22:21
replaceafillwill do22:21
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