IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-06-19

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replaceafillyvl, you around?15:26
yvlhi replaceafill16:15
replaceafillhey yvl16:15
yvlsorry, was coding, didn't notice IRC :|16:16
replaceafilli have a catalog question16:16
replaceafilli'm adding search for skills for the projects gradebook16:16
replaceafilland i was thinking of using a catalog for searching skills16:16
replaceafillhowever skills are contained inside skillsets16:16
replaceafillwhich makes a single catalog not useful16:17
replaceafillbecause i'd need to access the skillset in order to use the catalog16:18
replaceafilllike ICatalog(skillset)16:18
replaceafillmy point is, skills are not stored in a single container16:18
replaceafillso the add and modified events wouldn't fire for a single container16:19
yvlI can't recall how much of what I wanted is actually developed16:19
yvlbut you don't need to access the skillset16:19
replaceafilli could attach the catalog to the skillsetcontainer?16:20
yvlif a skill is added or modified it (shouldn't) matter where it is added/modified to16:20
replaceafilland it would find the skills?16:20
yvlneed to test / look16:20
yvlgimme a sec :)16:20
replaceafilli checked zope.catalog and i think it looks inside the container you registered the catalog for16:22
yvlyou can catalog ISkill simply16:22
yvlinherit from AttributeCatalog16:23
replaceafillah ok, that's what i've done :)16:23
replaceafillbut haven't tested it yet16:23
replaceafill(coding the view)16:23
yvland like PersonCatalog does, use setIndexes to also add indexes for skillset titles or whatever you need16:23
replaceafillbut the registration made me doubt16:23
replaceafillyes, i added a text index + attributes16:24
yvlsee ContactCatalog for example16:24
yvlcontacts live in many places :)16:24
replaceafilli thought they were only in a single container16:25
yvl(bound contacts ;) )16:25
replaceafillah damn!16:25
replaceafilli thought they lived in the same container, and we only used a traverser for attaching them to the person!16:26
yvlso the only problem is that for some reason the skill catalog would not be updated when skillsets are modified or something16:26
yvlyou'll have to test such cases16:26
replaceafillah got it16:26
yvlor maybe something that implements ISkill is cataloged and you don't want that for some reason16:27
yvlbound contacts live in person annotations btw16:27
replaceafillso when i add a skillset (containing skills), those skills wont be registered16:27
* yvl shrugs16:27
replaceafilli'll try it and let you know tomorrow16:28
yvlthanks man16:28
replaceafillthank *you* :)16:28
yvlreally, those are sometimes tricky, I can't give a definite answer without actually testing16:28
yvl(because I often forget something)16:28
replaceafilli think we'll need a "special" subscriber, but we'll see16:29
replaceafillmaybe it works out of the box ;)16:29
* yvl keeps his fingers crossed ;)16:30
yvloh, and try out selenium downloads some time16:30
yvlthey'rrrrrre fun! :D16:30
replaceafilldo they only work for xls and txt?16:31
replaceafillcould i download a pdf? :)16:31
yvlunless you want to test something else and know how to do it ;)16:31
yvlyes, you can download16:31
yvlbut you'll use dnld = downloads.get()16:32
replaceafillah cool, i'd just want to make sure the request dialogs work :)16:32
replaceafillah ok16:32
yvland then do something with dnld.filename or dnld.path16:32 just automatically does xlrd.open_workbook for XLS16:32
replaceafillah got it16:33
yvlalso, I'm thinking to add default filename parameter for browser.screenshot, like name='screenshot'16:33
replaceafillthat's another feature i need to test :)16:33
yvlwhen running in headless, doing manager.screenshot('what') is priceless16:33
replaceafillhaven't used it yet16:33
yvl(in -D mode at least)16:34
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th1ayvl: ayt?16:40
yvlyes, th1a17:03
th1aCan you ask Živilė about your invoice.  She included the airfare to portugal on it again and it should have been paid last month.17:04
yvloh, ok17:06
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?19:08
replaceafillas teacher00119:08
replaceafillnote the XXXs :)19:09
replaceafillthe third-nav has two options, browse & select (default from the projects gradebook) and create new skill19:10
th1aHow are the search results proritized?19:12
replaceafillthey're not sorted right now19:13
th1ateacher001 doesn't have permission to view the skills.19:13
replaceafillit's the sorting from the catalog results19:13
th1aI'd prioritize title over description.19:13
th1alabel > title > description19:13
replaceafillah ok19:14
replaceafillso, the teacher should be able to go to the skill, and back here?19:16
replaceafilli was thinking on some kind of popup with that info19:16
replaceafillhover box or something19:16
th1aI've been seeing this view as more the launchpad for navigation.19:16
th1aBut... that's just imagining without really walking through it.19:16
replaceafillyou want to use it for /skills?19:17
replaceafillah ok19:17
th1aAnyhow, a teacher should be able to see all the skills, so those links should work.19:17
th1a(that is, the basic permissions may be wrong here)19:18
replaceafilli think so19:18
replaceafilla problem we have right now is that the catalog is indexing all skills, including the ones created just for projects19:20
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th1aWell... let's not get hung up on that at the moment.19:21
th1aOne thing to add is filter by level.19:21
replaceafilllike groups in the person search19:21
replaceafilldropdown below the searchbox19:21
replaceafillwhat should the dropdown contain? first level in the layers hierarchy?19:22
replaceafill(i don't know the right names for the hierarchy btw) :)19:23
th1aLet's start with All levels and the node levels.19:23
th1a(that is, not skillsets and skills)19:23
replaceafillah ok19:24
replaceafilli'll add that next then19:25
replaceafillwhat about the XXXs19:25
th1aMaybe we should just separate browsing and searching.19:27
* replaceafill just realized this is not browsing ;)19:27
th1aSo call it Search Skills and we'll add another tab for browsing.19:29
th1aPeople may like this better anyhow.19:29
th1aAnd let's add a popup for the details.19:29
replaceafillthanks th1a19:29
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replaceafilladded the Filter by... dropdown21:29
th1aAh... that's not what I meant at all.  :-D21:30
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th1aFilter by level.21:30
replaceafillah you meant layers?21:31
replaceafilli understood nodes21:31
replaceafillok, changing21:31
th1aShould be easy enough.21:32
* replaceafill is trying to understand what's the benefit of searching skills by layers...21:34
replaceafilli'm definitely missing something...21:34
th1aWelsh just wants to search courses.21:34
th1a"courses" in the skill tree.21:35
replaceafillbut this form searches "skills"21:35
replaceafillinside something (the filter by...)21:35
replaceafillso the filter by should present the nodes in the "Course" layer21:36
th1aBasically there can be a lot of repetition within a branch of the tree.21:37
th1a"Automotive" may give you 50 things at different levels.21:37
replaceafillbut looking for the "Course" layer sounds "hardcoded"21:38
th1aYou have a drop-down with all the layers in the system, pick one.21:40
th1a"course" is just a layer.21:40

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