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th1aOr something.00:03
replaceafilllet me do some experiments :)00:04
replaceafilli have to find out about the multiple sections anyway00:04
replaceafillbtw, i found a bug today when i was preparing my presentation for MINED00:19
replaceafillusers cannot see their own photos00:19
jelknerthat's not a bug, its a feature ;-)00:19
jelknerat least in my case00:20
replaceafillthen, the bug is that they see the area for the picture with the word "Photo" on it :)00:20
jelknerreplaceafill, will you be available on Saturday, June 23rd?00:29
jelknerThat's the day Paul and David will start.00:29
replaceafillmaybe not the whole day00:30
replaceafillbut i'll be around00:30
jelknerPaul and David are low maintenance.00:31
jelknerThey won't require the whole day.00:31
jelknerI want to meet on this channel and go over the bugs.00:31
jelknerPrioritize and assign them.00:31
jelknerThen they can get to work.00:32
replaceafillah ok00:32
replaceafillwhat time are you starting?00:32
jelknerWe haven't decided00:32
replaceafillah ok00:32
jelknerbut we'll pick a time that works for all of us00:32
jelknerlet's wait until it gets a little closer00:32
jelkneri just wanted to put it on your radar00:33
jelkneri can't wait00:33
jelknerthis is going to be *fun*!00:33
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th1ayvl, menesis: ayt?16:42
menesisth1a: yes?16:42
th1aDid you see
menesisHe helpfully attached a Data.fs16:44
menesisfirst failure was fixed already16:44
menesisbut I see a further failure in next generation16:44
menesisI am investigating16:45
th1aYou mean fixed already this morning or fixed in a previous version?16:45
menesisfixed in trunk16:46
menesisbut there is another failure16:46
menesisthat needs to be fixed too16:47
menesisand then make a bugfix release16:48
th1aOK.  So these are fairly shallow bugs then?16:50
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menesisth1a: trying, but looks simple16:59
th1aOf course, this is a high priority.17:00
th1aCan you please update them on the status before you go home for the weekend?17:00
th1aThe main thing is they know we're working on it.17:00
menesisI have updated the bug17:02
th1aThanks menesis.17:03
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jelknerreplaceafill, th1a are you here?17:29
replaceafillhello jelkner17:30
jelkneri'm wondering when i can get a word with you all about cando17:30
jelknerdwelsh and i keep having these involved conversations17:30
th1aI have about 15 minutes right now.17:30
jelknerok, does cando now store competency history?17:31
jelknerso couldn't that be the answer to all our prayers?17:31
th1aUm... yes?17:31
jelkneri mean, we talked about projects yesterday17:32
jelknerso a project is simply a collection (subset) of skills at a particular moment in time17:32
jelknerwhen you view it17:32
jelknerthat's what the system gives you17:32
th1aI was discussing this with replaceafill yesterday.17:33
jelknerthat's the most elegant solution to the whole mess17:33
jelkner"quarter summaries" could be done the same way17:33
jelknerjust another query based on skills at a particular moment in time17:33
jelknerit does mean that skill evaluations would need to be time stamped17:34
th1aWe are looking into tying project sheets to individual scores in the history.17:34
jelknerare they?17:34
th1aWe can't do that now.17:34
jelknerok, that's all i had17:34
jelkneroh, and a question17:35
th1areplaceafill is looking at how difficult it would be at this point.17:35
jelknerreplaceafill, how did your second demo go?17:35
replaceafilljelkner, second demo?17:35
jelkneri thought you had another meeting this week with the mined subgroup17:35
replaceafillah yes17:36
replaceafillwe created a deployment plan17:36
replaceafilli'll fwd you the email i sent to th1a17:36
jelknerhow many students?17:36
th1aYes, congratulations replaceafill.17:36
replaceafilljelkner, sent17:37
jelkneri have to admit this is getting personal with me ;-)17:37
replaceafilljelkner, they haven't told me that yet, you'll see that they still need to select more schools17:37
jelknerit drives me crazy when dwelsh says "cando has hundreds of users and the gradebook only has 5"17:38
jelkneri'm counting on el salvador to put an end to that ;-)17:38
replaceafilli think it will17:39
jelknerok, gotta go17:39
jelknerteacher stuff17:39
th1aDon't worry about dwelsh, jelkner.17:39
jelknerlater gentleman17:39
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th1areplaceafill:  Could you throw up a demo site for me?20:18
th1aOr point me to one a friend can use.20:19
replaceafillth1a, cando, schooltool trunk?20:19
th1aI guess SchoolTool trunk for now.20:19
replaceafill>>> /etc/sudoers: syntax error near line 20 <<<20:23
replaceafilli probably f***ed the sudoers file :(20:24
replaceafilllinode to the rescue ;)20:24
replaceafillanyway, th1a demo running at:20:24
th1aThanks replaceafill.20:25
replaceafilli was going to set up apache so your friend doesn't have the evil port problem20:25
replaceafillbut then sudo got in the way ;)20:25
th1aI don't think that will be an issue.20:25
th1aI'm very, very sad to report that my 17" monitor broke so I had to upgrade to a second 20" monitor.20:43
replaceafillwhy does upgrading make you sad?20:44
th1aIt does when I'm joking.20:44
th1aSucks having almost a full meter of display.20:44
th1aKind of shocking how cheap it is.20:45
th1aAlso, once you're trying to do video chat and see other stuff at the same time, you really need it.20:45
replaceafillah definitely, i always watch the nba games in my external monitor ;)20:45
th1aDo you think the Celtics are going to win a couple here at least?20:46
replaceafilli couldn't believe they lost on wed20:46
th1aI missed that game.20:46
replaceafillthey were up by 3 or something with 2:30 or something remaining20:47
replaceafillthen they were to overtime without camila's favorite player :D20:47
replaceafilli think they'll win game 320:48
th1aThe NBA is such a home-favoring league.20:48
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replaceafillaelkner, i had to reboot the vps to fix the sudoers error21:10
replaceafilllet me know if you're having trouble or something after this21:10
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