IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2012-05-31

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th1areplaceafill:  We should get an example of the roster report to Ismael:
replaceafillah ok17:58
replaceafilli'll set up an instance with it and paste the url in the question page17:58
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* replaceafill goes to the meeting at MINED18:48
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?23:24
th1ahi replaceafill.23:27
replaceafillhey th1a23:27
replaceafillgood meeting today23:27
replaceafilli'll send you an email with the details23:27
replaceafilli have a cando gradebook question23:27
th1aI have one for you too.23:27
replaceafillyesterday, David asked for the Skills Gradebook to be the default23:28
replaceafilli was thinking that if the course doesn't have skills assigned, we send the user to the Projects Gradebook23:28
replaceafilli guess that's ok?23:29
th1aThat is sensible.23:29
replaceafillbut my question is more related to the navigators23:29
replaceafillthe dropdowns23:29
replaceafillon the left23:29
replaceafillif you're in the skills gradebook23:29
replaceafillthey should take you only to other skills gradebooks?23:29
replaceafilli think they should follow the same logic, right?23:30
th1aI would imagine...23:30
replaceafill(the one i explain above)23:30
replaceafillah ok23:30
th1aUnless there is another reason.23:30
replaceafilljust checking23:30
replaceafilli'll change that23:30
replaceafillwhat's your question?23:31
th1aMine is harder.23:31
th1aPerhaps impossible.23:31
th1aSo I was wondering if changes in the project gradebook could show up in the skills gradebook view, but not vice versa.23:31
th1aThat is changes to the skills gradebook would not automatically show up in the project view.23:32
th1aSo if you scored a project, and then subsequently assigned a score in the skills gradebook, it wouldn't be reflected in the project gradebook.23:32
replaceafillso far, in the project gradebook, the user has to create the skill to grade23:33
replaceafilli think we're going to change that so the user only selects23:33
replaceafillinstead of creating23:33
th1aoh, yes.23:33
replaceafillwe could duplicate the skill?23:33
replaceafillin the project worksheet23:34
replaceafillbased on the skills assigned23:34
th1aMy assumption is that it would be common to appear in both.23:34
th1aI guess that's not necessarily Welsh's view.23:34
th1aBut that's the way we would have done it in our school.23:35
replaceafilli was looking at projects only as a way to organize course skills23:35
replaceafillthat the teacher has control on23:35
th1aSkills that are already in the course?23:35
th1aOK, we're saying the same thing.23:35
replaceafillthat's not David's view?23:36
replaceafillat some point i thought of this:23:36
replaceafilldo you remember the "Add activity" form in the gradebook?23:36
th1aOK, never mind what his view is.23:36
replaceafillit has a third-nav23:36
replaceafillwhere you can create a regular activiy, a linked column or an external activity23:37
th1aBasically, can we have those two views show separate scores?23:37
replaceafillthe evaluation stores the activity that you're grading23:38
replaceafillyou want two different evaluations23:38
replaceafillso you'd need two different skills23:38
replaceafillor "objects"23:38
replaceafillthat was aelkner's point yesterday23:39
replaceafillabout two sections sharing skills23:39
th1aDo you know how the history keeps the sequence of scores?23:39
replaceafilllet me see23:41
replaceafillit's a list on the Evaluations adapter23:42
replaceafilleverytime you set something on the adapter (you evaluate something) the history is modified23:42
th1aOK, but you can't really connect a cell to one of those scores though.23:43
replaceafillactually, it's a tree of lists23:45
replaceafillbecause you need to store different activities23:45
th1aYeah this isn't something that VA is concerned with but I think it is a pretty serious mis-feature.23:50
th1aCould we beef up the history so that a cell could be associated with a specific score in the history?23:51
th1aOr... something.23:51
th1aThe main idea here is that a score in the context of a project should not be overwritten by other scores in other contexts.23:52
th1aWhereas the skillset gradebook doesn't have that restriction.23:52
* th1a goes to put dinner in the oven.23:52
* replaceafill wonders if the location proxies could help here...23:55
replaceafilleven though it's the same skill, somehow lying about its path (different parent worksheet)...23:56

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