IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-05-29

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replaceafillaelkner, you around?05:13
replaceafillaelkner, i just pushed all my changes and send the email about it05:22
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th1ayvl: In what sense again are score systems f'ed?16:02
yvlnot extensible16:03
yvlthey're not f'ed at all16:03
yvlit's going to be fine16:03
th1aSo in the Gantt chart your upcoming tasks are:16:04
th1amodal love16:04
th1along running processes16:04
th1aperformance testing16:04
th1aCTE API Importer16:04
th1aSection searches16:05
yvlscore systems in journal?16:06
th1aYou could also do that.16:06
yvl[looking at the Gantt chart]16:08
yvlok, journal is first in the chart, so be it16:08
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th1aThat's fine.16:10
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replaceafillth1a, we'll meet again at MINED next Thursday at 11 am "to plan which schools are going to use ST"18:03
replaceafillth1a, you around_18:53
th1aI am.18:53
replaceafillthis user:
replaceafillis asking if it would possible to give parents access someway18:54
replaceafilli was thinking of advisors18:54
replaceafillbut i'm not sure how much info an advisor can see about an advisee18:54
th1aOh... I am dubious.18:54
th1aI guess you could have a non-teacher advisor.18:55
th1aThere's no question we'll need to do it for real soon.18:55
th1aI was thinking parents should have entirely custom views.18:56
replaceafillright, i point him to your plan email18:56
th1aThe reason it hasn't been done is because done badly would be a disaster.19:00
replaceafillthis question helped me find a bug in the Advisory accordion19:01
th1aThat's good.19:01
replaceafillif you set an advisee for someone but not an advisor19:01
replaceafillthe accordion doesn't show anything19:01
th1aIn theory you should be able to set a non-teacher advisor that would work.19:02
replaceafilli think it's an easy fix, i'll fix it right now19:02
replaceafilli was trying that19:02
th1aWe could spend a day or two looking at that issue at some point.19:02
replaceafillhhmm using advisor won't work for the user, the advisor cannot even see the student's index page19:04
th1aYou always think about these things wrong replaceafill.19:06
th1aThe problem is not that the advisor won't work, the problem is that the permissions for advisor aren't set correctly.  ;-)19:06
replaceafillso, an advisor should be able to see the advisee's page?19:06
th1aDon't you think?19:06
replaceafilli always think these are the right rules19:06
th1aThat's what I mean.19:07
replaceafillso that's a bug!19:07
th1aThey're often wrong -- it is very hard to inspect.19:07
th1aOr... it is easier to inspect but difficult to interpret.19:07
th1aJust by looking at.19:07
th1arebooting to double check the death of my second monitor...19:23
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replaceafillhhmm i wonder if the webdriver exceptions i get are related to selenium being to fast...20:46
replaceafillor these damn bars in chrome asking me if it should remember the password...20:46
th1aaelkner: ayt?21:01
th1aWhat's your status?21:02
aelkneryou saw i got course skills import/export to work yesterday21:04
aelkneri think we need to add a documents column to nodes importer21:04
th1aI'm not worried about that immediately.21:05
th1aWelsh isn't interested in documents tomorrow.21:05
aelkneri'm working on building the xls for import with Nodes, Layers, SkillSets, etc. sheets21:05
aelkneryou know, the script21:06
aelknerthing is, without documents, what could we show him after importing the nodes, layers, etc?21:06
th1aAre we going to be able to walk through this today?21:06
th1aThe nodes, layers, etc. are still there.  He just really needs the gradebook.21:06
aelknerif you are just demonstrating the gradebook ui, then all you need is importing skillsets and skills21:07
aelknerand we can link skillsets to courses in ui or import as well21:07
aelknerso i can focus my work on only getting the skillsets and skills from verso into the xls21:08
th1aI guess if we're behind, yes.21:08
aelknerwithout the document, there's no point to having the other nodes is what i'm saying21:08
aelknerhaving the nodes at all i mean21:09
aelknerskillsets and skills leads to gradebook demo21:09
aelknerdocument leads to nodes demo21:09
th1aI for one would be reassure if I knew the full import worked.21:09
th1aBut if we're behind, sure.21:09
aelkneroh, no, i can get the nodes imported soon, but there isn't any urgency for the demo if there's still nothing to demo21:10
aelknerthat's all i'm saing21:10
aelknerunless i add the documents column to the import21:10
aelknerit would take longer to come up with the ui for connecting nodes to a document21:10
aelknerbut we'll need that eventually, too21:10
aelknerso i'd recommend that we get the skillsets and skills in and look at what we have then21:11
aelkneri could do that in the next couple hours21:11
th1aOK.  I guess we're going to have to look at this tonight then.  8:00?21:11
aelkneri was going to recommend that time as well :)21:12
aelknerth1a, how familiar are you with the cte tree?21:14
th1aNot very, why?21:14
aelknerwell, it looks like Duty Area is another name for Task List21:15
aelknerdoes that sound right to you21:15
aelknerwhen they are adding to the document, should it be Add -> Duty Area for adding the skillsets21:16
aelknerand Add -> Task for adding the skills?21:16
aelkneri'm trying to define the layers right21:16
th1aWell, basically the premise of the document model is that it is for simpler cases than VA CTE.21:18
th1aVA CTE has overlapping trees.21:18
th1aWith separate sets of layers.21:18
aelknerah, but we can handle that with overlapping documents :)21:19
th1aYes, but I don't care about that.21:19
aelknerthat's because of the querystring usage in the views21:19
th1aDoes task list = skillset?21:19
th1aduty area = task list = skill set?21:19
aelknerthat's what i'm thinking21:20
aelknerdoes it look that way to you, too?21:20
th1aI'm only going by what you're saying, so yes.21:20
aelknerif so, we just need to decide what we think they would want to call it, they can always say otherwise21:20
aelknerbtw, if it's called Task List, then the table legend would be Task List list21:21
aelkneri'm really not comfortable with my use of 'list' in lieu of plurals21:22
aelknerthere should be a plural function that's i18n, but that could be a pipe dream21:22

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