IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2012-05-28

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th1ahi aelkner_, yvl, menesis.16:33
yvlgood morning guys!16:34
th1ayvl: How are we doing?16:35
yvllost momentum :|16:35
yvlor rather focus16:35
yvlI was actually wondering16:36
yvlwhere are the latest cando branchers of Alan and Douglas?16:37
* yvl thought of adding score history to cando gradebookish views, but was unable to find anything that works16:37
yvlas in - where one can create skills, make them available somehow, and score them in a gradebook16:38
yvlprobably that's a question for replaceafill16:38
aelkner_yvl, you had provided replaceafill with a hack to allow him to code gradebook16:39
th1aI guess I wasn't being paranoid when I suggested we sort this out today.16:39
yvlno, I did not, aelkner_16:39
yvlah, I know what you mean16:40
yvlbut that was not a hack16:40
aelkner_well, i shouldn't be telling you what you and he did, only you and he know that i guess16:40
aelkner_it had to do with the fact swe had no competencies yet16:40
yvlbut we did had competencies16:40
yvlwe did not have "document model" or how you call it16:40
aelkner_right, that16:41
th1aDocuments are not at all required to enter competencies and use the gradebook.16:41
aelkner_th1a, how is that, i don't understand16:41
* th1a sighs.16:41
aelkner_i can sigh, too, but it doesn't help to do so16:42
yvltrue :)16:42
yvlwell, in short16:42
yvllike we talked many many many times before16:42
yvlyou don't see document model in the gradebook16:42
th1aWe have this data model which works, except it doesn't make sense to the average person as a way to enter and view the skills tree as a whole.16:43
yvlhence you don't need it to have a gradebook16:43
yvlso if you want to create a Project (a thing we discussed quite a lot this winter)16:43
yvlyou don't need a tree-like structure16:43
th1aSo for the 80% (or more) of users which really have simple tree-like documents they're trying to type in, we have the document views.16:43
yvlyou just need a class to teach16:43
th1aYou don't need anything other than skillsets.16:44
yvlthere you go, 2 explanations :)16:44
yvlin any case, it would help to know where the latest working gradebook is16:45
yvlso, you know, I can add UI *there* :)16:45
aelkner_look, i do my part to merge my changes to trunk, so you don't have to ask me where my code is16:46
th1aIt would also help to know where replaceafill is...16:46
aelkner_as far as the gradebook working without assigning skillsets, i don't know how replaceafiull did that16:47
th1aProbably having connection problems.16:47
aelkner_i haven't seen the code either16:47
yvlprobably, th1a16:47
yvlwell, I did merge *something* from replaceafill16:47
yvland I merged something else, because aelkner_'s changes needed something in gradebook that was not in gradebook trunk16:47
yvl(or maybe that was replaceafill's changes that needed that extra thing)16:48
aelkner_right, he needed it16:48
yvlso that's one thing to keep in mind for the demo16:48
aelkner_that's what i was referring to as your hack, something you added to gradebook that he used in his cando16:48
yvlupdate not only cando, but also others16:48
th1aOK, well, can we make sure replaceafill knows where what yvl is working on is, so we can probably get this definitively straightened out this afternoon?16:49
yvlI want to add cando score history views to cando gradebooks16:50
yvlfor that I need, well, cando gradebooks16:51
yvl(this was for the record :)16:51
th1aYes, ofc.16:51
aelkner_obviously we are missing replaeafill here16:51
yvlbtw, offtopic th1a -
yvlno need to rewrite in node.js :)16:52
th1aLook, if everyone could send emails to everyone else with the links to their relevant branches, that would be awesome.16:52
th1aYes, yvl.16:52
th1aWe may just need to wait for Raspberry Pi to be widely available.16:52
aelkner_if only we had a web site, say a launchpad or something, where one cold go to find code16:53
yvlth1a, mine is in place, except for the no-yet-implemented part I'm blocking on16:53
yvlaelkner_'s code is in16:53
yvlwe need replaceafill :)16:53
th1aDid you look here:
yvlaelkner_, if you can find me a working gradebook, that would be swell16:54
aelkner_i haven't touched the gradebook for months16:54
th1ayvl:  You don't have to worry about it at this point.16:54
th1aThe ball is in replaceafill's court.16:54
aelkner_and replaceafill has code that he has been keeping to himself for months16:54
* yvl too, maybe, but that is a secret!16:55
th1aIt is probably here:
yvlI checked that out, it seems like an unfinished merge16:55
aelkner_yes, that's his branch, funny how launchpad let's you find that :)16:56
aelkner_note he hasn't commited to it for a month16:56
th1aWell, anyhow, we'll get it sorted out.16:56
th1aHe's mostly not been working on CanDo lately.16:56
yvloooh :D16:56
* yvl thought it was 04.28 today :D16:57
th1aAnyhow, anything else yvl?16:57
yvlso I assumed Douglas pushed something Fri :D16:57
yvlno, th1a16:57
yvlthat's that16:57
th1aOK, no use banging your head over this, we'll get it sorted out.16:57
aelkner_i added the layer table to the document add view16:58
aelkner_it uses javascript to allow the user to add to the table, if they hit the Add layer button, it adds a row16:59
aelkner_it doesn't allow them to add a row if the top row is blank16:59
aelkner_it doesn't care if they have blank rows when they submit, it just ignores them16:59
th1aThat'll do for now.17:00
th1aWhat is the Course List for?17:00
aelkner_what Course list?17:01
aelkner_the add document view doesn't have a course list17:02
aelkner_so what are you asking about?17:02
th1aThe Skills Document view does.17:02
aelkner_link please17:02
aelkner_so, you see that your top layer is Course17:03
aelkner_so there's an Add link titled Course17:03
th1aOh, right.17:03
th1aI tricked myself.  ;-)17:03
aelkner_and a Course list, i.e., the child nodes17:03
th1aI'll have to remember that one when someone asks me.  ;-)17:04
aelkner_the other think i worked on was groking the module yvl pointed us to17:05
aelkner_i see how it goes to the cte site to download json data for the cte skills tree17:05
aelkner_and it populates a crazy pickle db with these tricky python dictionary/clever __getattr__ lazy load objects17:06
yvlthat is crazy17:06
th1acrazy, tricky and clever?17:07
aelkner_the tripple threat :)17:07
yvlbut if you edit only to make an xls or whatever17:07
yvlyou don't need to think about how it's done under the hood17:07
yvlI wanted it to be able to resume downloading, and this was a simple hack17:08
yvl(since downloading everything is slooooooooooooooooooooow)17:08
yvlit took many an hour17:08
yvlbut I wrote an example how to look at them17:08
yvland I hoped if you stepped over that with pdb it would be really clear17:09
yvl(the example starts at if __name__ == '__main__')17:09
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aelkner_i looked at that and did pdb around17:09
Douglasgood morning!17:09
yvlhi man!17:09
th1aWho is this Douglas?17:10
aelkner_morning Douglas!17:10
* Douglas is at the mall :(17:10
th1aGetting some wifi action?17:10
Douglasth1a: did you get my phone message?17:10
Douglasyes :)17:10
Douglassorry for interrupting, i'll go read the logs17:10
th1aDouglas: Oh, no.  I didn't check.17:11
th1aThat's not a very reliable way to get in touch with me I'm afraid.17:11
Douglasth1a: ah, no prob17:11
th1aOK, so... back to the aelkner_ and yvl show...17:13
th1aIsn't there just something aelkner_ can iterate through?17:13
yvlit is17:14
yvllet's let aelkner_ continue17:14
aelkner_so what we need is a script that runs outside of the schooltool server that reads from the cte site17:15
aelkner_and creates an xls file, something that will take hours as yvl just said17:15
yvlno17:15 has a database and it loads it17:15
yvlyou need to iterate the loaded database and create an xls file17:16
yvli.e., edit, and change it to output and xls17:16
aelkner_i know what i would need to do at this point, i was just wondering why not have created the xls directly17:17
yvldid not have the format back then17:17
yvland wanted to preload everything because17:18
yvl- getting everything is fast17:18
yvl- xls format might change for some reason17:18
aelkner_sure, ok17:18
yvlgetting everything is slow :D17:18
th1aCan you handle this now aelkner_?  More questions?17:19
aelkner_ok, so the idea is to create an xls file that contains nodes and layers to import17:21
aelkner_we already have an importer that handles Nodes and Layers sheets, so that's in place17:21
aelkner_it's raw, and it doesn't know about documents17:21
aelkner_so we need a Documents sheet i guess17:22
th1aThat is not the point of this operation aelkner_.17:22
th1aWe do eventually.17:22
aelkner_and it would have a table, one row per document17:22
th1aBut we want to import all the skills.17:22
th1aFor the demo.17:22
th1aAnd then we DO need to quickly write an importer that connects skillsets to courses.17:23
th1aToday, if possible.17:23
aelkner_the title of the sheet for course skillsets should be 'Course SkillSets'?17:24
aelkner_and it would have a table with year, course id, skillsets as columns17:24
th1aThat sounds pretty good.17:25
th1a(it isn't very complicated)17:25
aelkner_actually, yvl, looking at, i see that a course has only one skillset, right?17:27
th1aI don't think it should.17:27
aelkner_actually, a course doesn't have link to skillset17:28
yvlthere is a thing called CourseSkillSet17:28
yvlit is put in CourseSkills I think17:28
yvlnot it, they17:28
yvlthey (CourseSkillSet) are put in CourseSkills I think17:28
aelkner_CourseSkillSet is derived from GenericWorksheet17:28
aelkner_so it's just a gradebook worksheet, not a cando skillset17:29
yvlbut it allows access to the actual skillset17:30
yvlthis is because, at least in the CTE case17:30
aelkner_the __name__ of the course skillset worksheet thingy matches that of a skillset in the ISkillSetsContainer17:31
yvlthey had different "required" flags when deploying to different courses17:31
yvlyes, aelkner_17:31
yvland when you iterate the CourseSkillSet17:32
yvlyou get CourseSkill (s)17:32
aelkner_so, the importer would create one CourseSkillSet object for each skillset in the third column17:32
aelkner_and attach it to the course17:32
yvlumm... maybe? :)17:33
yvlI think17:33
aelkner_CourseSkills is the list of worksheets17:33
aelkner_each __name__ of which is the name of a global skillset17:33
yvlso, yes17:33
aelkner_ok, the first thing i'll do is write the Course Skills importer today, make sure that works with the gradebook17:35
aelkner_that's assuming i can get the gradebook code that uses the course skills17:35
aelkner_or is that in trunk already?17:35
th1aDouglas:  There is some confusion about the location of your code.17:36
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th1aDouglas_:  There is some confusion about the location of your code.17:37
Douglas_ah yes17:37
Douglas_can i do my report now?17:37
aelkner_i'm done17:37
th1aThanks aelkner_.17:37
Douglas_yvl: sorry for blocking you today :(17:38
yvlthat's ok Douglas_17:38
Douglas_i lost my connection on friday and i was expecting to getting it back on the weekend to merge my last changes17:38
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Douglas_and to request the merges17:38
Douglas_ok, so i hope my ISP changes the damn modem today, if they don't i'll go to Marcela's office to push my branches17:40
Douglas_i can't ssh from here17:40
Douglas_yvl: question17:40
Douglas_i saw you already merged "some" stuff from my branch17:40
Douglas_for the skills gradebook i uncommitted the last revision (a trunk merge iirc)17:41
Douglas_is it easier for you if i merge to trunks?17:41
yvlit's fine any way17:41
yvljust let me know :)17:41
Douglas_ah ok17:41
Douglas_sure, yvl will do17:42
Douglas_apologies again17:42
Douglas_th1a: i'm done17:42
th1aOK, so Douglas_ is merging to trunk and then we should be set?17:42
* Douglas_ thinks so17:43
th1aAnd Douglas is starting to work on IEP's?17:43
Douglas_th1a: i did17:43
Douglas_i haven't finished the ui yet though17:43
Douglas_i'll work on that today17:44
aelkner_th1a, Douglas_can we meet later today, after Douglas_has merged perhaps?17:44
th1aThis evening?17:45
aelkner_i'm free all day today and tomorrow17:45
Douglas_aelkner_: i'll get online in the afternoon for sure17:46
aelkner_this evening, or late afternoon, after Douglas_ has merged, i'd like to check in to discuss status17:46
aelkner_ah, at home you mean17:46
Douglas_either at home or Marcela's office17:46
aelkner_can we pick a time to meet, any is good for me17:47
th1aAre you two hours behind us Douglas_?17:47
Douglas_6 pm your time?17:47
Douglas_is that good?17:47
th1aWhat about 4:00 our time?17:48
Douglas_hhm ok17:48
aelkner_that's 2:00 in Marcell's office, right?17:48
aelkner_is that too soon?17:48
aelkner_how about 8:00 this evening our time17:48
th1aThis merge shouldn't take long.17:48
Douglas_aelkner_: i'm ok with that time17:49
Douglas_if th1a is17:49
th1aNo, let's do 4:0017:49
aelkner_i could need as much as an hour after i know that the merge has happened to grok the diff and17:49
aelkner_then i may have final questions about how everything will integrate together17:50
aelkner_oh, i know17:50
Douglas_aelkner_: we can meet tomorrow too if you want17:50
Douglas_i mean you and i17:50
aelkner_Douglas_, what's the dependencies on schooltool.gradebook changes17:50
aelkner_and are those changes in schooltool.gradebook trunk now?17:50
Douglas_my flourish branch17:50
Douglas_aelkner_: no not yet17:50
Douglas_but they work17:50
aelkner_but that's part of what you will be doing this afternoon, right, merging into schooltool.gradebook trunk17:51
aelkner_got it, ok, so then i'll want to see the two diffs and then we can meet17:52
Douglas_i'll be here at 4 pm your time17:52
aelkner_when will i be able to start looking at the diffs17:52
aelkner_cause there's no point to meeting until after that17:52
aelkner_we could meet at 4pm our time if you have the merge by 2pm our time?17:53
Douglas_that's lunch time at Marcela's office aelkner_ , but if it's possible i'll merge before and send an email about it17:54
Douglas_i mean before 2pm your time17:54
aelkner_ok, sounds good17:54
Douglas_sorry about all this mess guys17:55
aelkner_i'll let you go Douglas_17:55
th1aOK, thanks guys.17:55
aelkner_happy merging, see you at 4pm17:55
yvlgood luck guys!17:55
aelkner_th1a, i have a question for you17:55
Douglas_thanks everybody17:55
th1aSo we're meeting a half hour early Wednesday and then meeting with Welsh.17:55
aelkner_yvl, you don't have any updates to, rght?17:55
aelkner_ok, cool17:56
aelkner_th1a, can i call you, or you call me?17:57
th1aYou can call me.17:57
aelkner_after the bag of gravel, ofc17:57
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:58
Douglas_see you guys17:58
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replaceafillaelkner, you around?20:39
replaceafillaelkner, we don't have an xls for assigning skills to courses yet, right?20:39
replaceafillxls importer*20:39
aelknerthat's right, i'll be adding that today20:40
replaceafillah ok20:40
replaceafilli just was wondering if i missed it20:40
aelknerbtw, the importers are broken now20:40
replaceafillin trunk?20:40
aelkneri'm fixing them now to work of the app context20:40
aelkneryes, in trunk20:40
aelkneri'm fixing them right now to work off pf app context20:41
replaceafillcool, i'll use the UI then20:41
aelknerand the link for Import Skill Data will go right below Import XLS in the School tab view20:41
aelknerreplaceafill, ayt?21:33
replaceafillaelkner, yes21:33
aelknerok, i just pushed some more changes to cando trunk21:34
aelknerthe importer and exporter now work off of app context21:34
aelknerthe links are fond in the school tab view21:34
* replaceafill goes to see21:34
replaceafillah cool, i can use the importer now21:35
aelknerexcept for the course skills which i'm doing next21:36
aelkneri don't know if you saw the chat before, but i21:36
aelkneri'll be making a Course Skills sheet that has a three-column table21:36
replaceafillyes, you explained that while i was online21:36
aelknerYear ID, Course ID, SkillSet IDs21:36
aelknerok, good21:37
replaceafillcan you help me with something21:37
replaceafilli don't understand21:37
aelknersure, shoot21:37
replaceafillsee cando.course.SectionSkills21:37
replaceafillthat's the class to get the "worksheets" for the skills gradebook21:37
replaceafillsimilar to the old Activities interface21:38
replaceafillthe thing is, all_worksheets spits ICourseSkillSet objects21:39
replaceafillwhich is similar to the gradebook worksheet (it stores the skills)21:39
replaceafillbut i cannot navigate from a ICourseSkillSet back to the section :(21:40
replaceafillwhich the gradebook view depends on21:40
replaceafilli can only navigate to the course21:40
replaceafillfor example in the gradebook we have:21:41
replaceafillself.section = self.context.__parent__.__parent__21:41
replaceafillmeaning worksheet/activities/section21:41
aelkneryes, i know21:42
aelkneri think what needs to change is:21:42
aelknerall_worksheets needs to locate the sheets as it serves them up21:42
replaceafillusing a location proxy, right?21:43
aelknerlike the gradebook does for the worksheet, to give you an example to use, yes21:43
aelknerthen the parent thing should work21:43
aelknerbtw, self.section = self.context.__parent__.__parent__21:44
aelknerthat should be handled with an adapter ISection(worksheet)21:44
aelknerperhaps we never got around to refactoring it21:44
aelknerlet's talk about that after the demo21:44
replaceafillsure, i think we have enough tests now to do that kind of thing21:45
aelknerwe can have a code status discussion and maybe do a little refactoring21:45
aelkneryes, thank god for the tests!21:45
replaceafillok, i'll review my location proxy, something is not right in my configuration21:45
replaceafill__parent__ still sends me to the course21:45
replaceafilli'll pdb it21:46
replaceafillthanks aelkner21:46
aelknersure, i hope we are allowed to reproxy21:46
aelkneror relocate21:46
aelknergood luck pdbing :)21:46
replaceafillsee you later21:46
replaceafilli'm home now btw ;)21:46
aelkneri'll look for your notification of when you did the merges21:47
replaceafillsure, i'll just fix this and will merge21:47
aelknerreplaceafill, btw, another thing i thought of, a risk i think21:49
aelknerif two courses have a skillset in common, then the all_worksheets would serve the same sheet up twice21:50
aelknerwhat's more, since the sheet has __name__ that matches the __name__ of the skillset in the skillset container21:50
aelknerhaving two section worksheets that come from two different courses but are for the same skillset21:51
aelknerwould lead to an ambiguous definition of what course_worksheet['foo'] would be21:51
aelknerif there are two sheets that have the same __name__, 'foo'21:52
aelknersorry, course_worksheet['foo'], for that i meant to say section_skillsets['foo']21:52
aelknerbut do you see my point?21:53
aelkneri'm thinking that all_worksheets need to check if sheet.__name__ in self.keys()21:56
aelkneror something like that21:57
replaceafilli added it21:57
replaceafill    def keys(self):                                                         |from schooltool.cando.interfaces import ICourseSkills, ICourseSkillSet21:57
replaceafill        return [i.__name__ for i in self.values()]21:57
replaceafill    def keys(self):21:57
replaceafill        return [i.__name__ for i in self.values()]21:58
replaceafillaelkner, but that would happen if the section has many courses, right?21:59
aelkneronly then, but we need to handle it22:01
aelknerthat can wait for after the demo as well22:01
replaceafillgood point though22:01
*** th1a has joined #schooltool22:10
*** menesis has joined #schooltool22:13
th1aaelkner?  replaceafill?23:01
replaceafilli'm here23:01
replaceafilli'm putting the mode buttons in the gradebooks23:01
replaceafillabout to finish to show you23:01
replaceafilli think we have an error in the assign.html view for skills23:14
aelkneryeah, i've been struggling with it myself as i check my import/export23:16
replaceafillin the button, right?23:17
replaceafillthe add all displayed button23:17
th1aWhere is that?23:17
aelknergo to a course23:17
replaceafillgo to a course -> skills23:17
aelknerhit the Skills link23:17
aelknerthen Assign Skillset23:17
th1aHow long has that been there?  Before today?23:18
aelkneroh, yes, yvl did all of that stuff23:18
aelknerdiscussions he had with replaceafill to get the gradebook changes to demo23:18
th1aOh yeah.23:18
th1aOh, so we're in much better shape than I thought!23:18
th1aI'd forgotten that worked at all.23:19
th1a(that's why we needed to review everything now...)23:19
aelknerit was a hack, but it's moments away from being a feature :)23:19
replaceafillth1a, aelkner
th1aSo we can do the demo without the course/skillset importer.23:20
replaceafillclick the CanDo tab23:20
replaceafillwhich takes you by default to the projects gradebook23:20
replaceafill(that's one question)23:20
replaceafillthere's also a 'XXX Mode XXX' at the top of the sidebar23:20
aelknerth1a, you can answer replaceafill questions about the view, but i just wanted to say, course skillsets import/export any minute23:22
th1aThe radio buttons don't actually work yet?23:22
replaceafillit does23:22
replaceafillreload your file resources23:22
* replaceafill goes try chrome :)23:22
th1aYeah, the radio button itself isn't working.23:23
th1aIs everything merged to trunk now or whatever?23:23
replaceafilli just need to get rid of the XXX part23:23
replaceafillis Mode ok?23:24
th1aMaybe just call it "View"23:24
replaceafillonfocus="..." :D23:25
replaceafillok, changing to "View"23:25
replaceafillth1a, the radio buttons work now23:26
replaceafilland i changed to "View"23:27
replaceafilli think i messed up my skills importing23:27
* replaceafill goes to see23:27
th1aI think that might be best as a plain old radio button.  Hard to be confused by it.23:27
th1aI want to work some on that label box tomorrow if possible.23:28
th1aI still don't really want it there.23:28
replaceafillth1a, can you explain the "plain old radio button" part a little more please?23:29
th1aI mean, as opposed to trying to come up with something fancier.23:29
th1a(I don't even know what)23:30
replaceafillah, you mean you like it the current way?23:30
replaceafilli thought you wanted some change23:30
replaceafillaelkner, do you mind if i clean this a little bit before merging to trunk?23:30
aelknerreplaceafill, just pushed CourseSkills import/export to trunk23:30
th1aAt this point I think the assumption tends to be something fancier than a plain old HTML widget is the assumption.23:31
aelknerreplaceafill, please do23:31
replaceafilli can trunk after merging too23:31
replaceafillaelkner, cool, thanks23:31
* replaceafill really wants to add a couple of tests for the mode options23:31
replaceafillat least that the buttons take you to the right worksheets23:31
th1aThat would be prudent.23:33
th1aOK, we good?  Can I go light the grill?23:33
replaceafillaelkner, thanks for the help with the proxy23:33
* th1a goes to light the grill23:33
replaceafilli had misconfigured the registration :)23:33
th1aThanks guys.23:33
aelknerreplaceafill, the proxy works ok?23:33
replaceafillnow i'll get rid of one gradebook class23:33
aelknerth1a, can we meet later?23:34
th1aUmm... not really.  Why?23:34
aelknerok, 2:00 tomorrow then23:34
th1aOK.  See you then.23:34
aelknerhappy grilling :)23:34
replaceafillline 16723:35
aelknerwhen you merge, do me a favor23:36
aelkneroh, never mind, i'm just paranoid23:37
aelknerok, i'm gong to say it23:38
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, will continue cleaning after that23:38
aelknerplease just commit the change and don't overwrite the turnk23:38
aelkneri know that it might have only been yvl and menesis who have done that, but it really annoys me23:39
aelknerso sorry if i'm stating the obvious23:39
replaceafilli don't understand you23:39
replaceafilldon't overwrite the trunk?23:39
aelkneryeah, just add a revision to it23:40
replaceafillopposed to...?23:40
replaceafilli think i know what you mean23:40
aelkneras opposed to merging trunk to your branch and forcing yours into trunk23:40
replaceafillwhen the history gets hidden23:40
aelknerright, you remember now23:40
replaceafillgot it23:40
replaceafilli hate that too :D23:40
replaceafilli think i haven't done it in the past (sorry if i have)23:41
replaceafilli won't23:41
aelknerbtw, what's the eta on your trunk commit, this evening?23:41
replaceafillfor sure23:43
aelknerok, i'll be around, so ping me23:43
replaceafillother than getting rid of hacks i think i have all the functionality in23:43
replaceafillkk, will do23:43
aelknerwe can look over the newly fully integrated parts together23:43
replaceafilli'll go get lunch now23:44
replaceafillsee you later aelkner23:44
aelknercya later23:44

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