IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2012-05-17

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th1ahi eein.19:40
eeina couple things i the demographics it would be cool to add from an existing group to the "Limit to group(s)" part19:42
eeinthis would kinda solve the whole thing i was asking about last week, the nurse medical fields etx19:42
th1aIt doesn't limit the viewer -- it limits which people have that field.19:42
eeinthen you could just make a group Nurses and then limit access to just that fies19:42
eeinim still trying to setup a test so i dont follow19:43
th1aOK, so say you wanted to track what nursing degree your nurses have.19:44
th1aYou could create a Nursing Degree field and limit it to nurses.19:45
th1aThen that field would only show up on the add/edit form for nurses.19:45
th1aIt doesn't affect who can see the Nursing Degree field.19:45
th1aWe could do what you want too, it is just a matter of priority, time, demand, etc.19:46
th1aAnd controlling the overall complexity.19:46
th1aOr someone else could implement it.19:47
eeinthe other thing that seems a little backwards is i just made a section, i picked a teachers for the instructor but when i go to add a student everyone is listed, i suspect it is the same for the instructor part i just hadnt noticed19:48
eeinit doesnt limit to just students, which i kinda understand19:49
eeinsince roles dont really "mean" anything19:49
eeiner nm i see the filter drop down for just students19:49
th1aWell, we made a decision very early on to allow anyone to be instructors or pupils.19:49
th1aThat was probably not worth the bother, but it is water under the bridge.19:50
eeinthat makes sense, its better than software pigeon holing you19:50
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