IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2012-05-16

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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner_, yvl, menesis.16:32
yvlgood morning guys16:33
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:33
th1areplaceafill:  Would you like to start?16:35
th1aHave some news?16:35
replaceafillah yes :)16:35
replaceafillthe vice-minister of technology from the ministry of education called me on monday16:35
replaceafillhe wants me to give a talk in the ministry about SchoolTool16:36
replaceafillit seems they're considering doing a small pilot16:36
replaceafillso i'm going to go there next wednesday at 1:30 to meet with them16:36
replaceafilland show them what we've done :)16:36
replaceafillthey already have a custom SIS built in Java16:37
replaceafillbut who knows ;)16:37
replaceafilli'll keep you all posted16:37
replaceafillmy report:16:38
replaceafillcould you log in as teacher00116:38
replaceafilland click on the "Printable Worksheet" link16:38
replaceafilli've started styling some of the gradebook reports16:39
replaceafillalso, you can go to
replaceafilland click on the "Absences" report16:39
replaceafill(those are the two i have so far)16:39
replaceafillwith a "grid" style for the table16:39
replaceafilland the header and footer layout kind of similar to Vinny's design16:40
replaceafillth1a, i didn't know what to put on the right of the big section title16:41
replaceafillVinny has used the school's address16:41
replaceafillall we have is the name, so i was not sure if i should use it16:42
th1aYou haven't styled the tables yet, right?16:42
replaceafilland i used one single letter activity titles16:42
th1aOK.  Had me worried.16:42
replaceafillto make the column really narrow16:43
th1aI'm not sure you should start with the gradebooks.16:43
th1aThey're the biggest mess by far.16:43
replaceafilli agree :)16:44
replaceafillwhat other reports do we have besides thegradebook's?16:44
th1aThat's what we have report registration to discover.  ;-)16:44
th1aWe did just have a very reasonable request for a section roster/timetable report.16:46
replaceafillStudent Detail Report16:46
replaceafillStudent Report Card16:46
aelkner_that's a gradebook report16:46
th1aWe could even just do that from scratch.16:46
replaceafilli think all of them16:46
aelkner_\i think you're right16:46
th1aAbsences by day...16:47
replaceafillthe report card does seem complicated16:47
aelkner_as a a gradebook report16:47
th1aIt is only really complicated insofar as you need diagonal headers.16:47
th1aWe could work together on a section roster.16:48
th1aJust do that from scratch.16:48
replaceafillsection roster is the list of people enrolled in the section, correct?16:48
replaceafill(sorry for the dumb question) :)16:48
replaceafilljust want to be sure16:48
replaceafillah ok16:48
replaceafillok, we can discuss it after the meeting16:49
th1aThis would be one sheet you'd print out for each section that had as much relevant info as we can fit on it.16:49
replaceafillah ok16:49
replaceafillfinally i've been porting some of the gradebook old functional tests16:49
replaceafillto selenium tests16:49
replaceafilli really don't want to break anything in the gradebook :)16:50
replaceafilland yesterday i sent an email to the dev list with an experiment i did16:50
replaceafillhope we get it in the test runner someday ;)16:50
* replaceafill done16:50
aelkner_i think it would be nice to have a flag for running or not running with chrome popping up16:51
aelkner_i agree that it is annoying when one want to do other things while the test runs16:51
aelkner_but i also like seeing the tests16:51
aelkner_my vote would be for having them visiable by default and have the flag for hiding them16:51
replaceafillthat's it from me th1a16:54
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:54
th1aDo you want to work on the section reports this afternoon?16:54
th1ayvl:  How is history?16:57
yvlvery much :)16:58
yvlin progress ATM16:58
yvlshould be done this week16:58
yvlthis will be kind of a short week for me16:59
yvlI only put few hours yesterday, and I'll take the Fri off16:59
* yvl wanted historic records to be quite non-intrusive and not bloat the DB at the same time17:00
th1aAnd... ?17:01
yvland that's what I'm doing17:02
yvlbtw, replaceafill, thanks for finding the pyvirtualdesktop - precisely what I was searching for17:02
* yvl admits being too lazy to run under xvfb manually17:02
* yvl done17:03
replaceafilli've always been interested since i heard you talk about it17:03
th1aOK, thanks yvl.  Glad that's coming on schedule.17:04
aelkner_ok, i moved the layers and nodes objects out of the school year17:05
aelkner_if anyone merges with trunk, they'll need to wipe their Data.fs17:05
aelkner_i didn't bother to create an evolution because we all agreed that there was no real beta tests out there17:06
aelkner_except for us developers having sandboxes17:06
aelkner_so i started working on the new document object17:07
aelkner_as we agreed i'll be creating a IDocumentContainer off of app and put IDocument(INode) objects there17:07
aelkner_the thing about Document objects is that they are nodes, root notes really17:08
aelkner_but they just will have an extra attribute called hierarchy17:08
aelkner_which will be a list of layers17:08
yvlwell, whatever floats your boat :)17:08
aelkner_thanks yvl, i like having a boat that floats :)17:09
th1aIt needs to have layers and labels for skillgroups and skills.17:09
aelkner_yes, th1a, i caught that you wanted them to be able to say 'Add Competency'17:10
aelkner_so we need the lowest layer to be the name of skills17:10
aelkner_here's the thing, yvl, i wanted to double-check your original intent17:11
aelkner_nodes, in any case i can think of, should each have one and only one parent, the root having none17:11
aelkner_and one and only one layer17:11
yvlno, but do go on17:12
aelkner_so all nodes that are children of the document would have layer, 'Course'17:12
aelkner_and those below that, 'Competency Group'17:12
aelkner_well, what did you intend then?17:12
yvlnodes should have none or one or more parents17:13
th1aDocuments are a simplified subset of what the data model allows.17:13
th1aThat's kind of the point.17:13
yvlnoes should have none or one or more parents17:13
yvland I still don't see any points in creating extra objects17:13
aelkner_i still don't see the point of having more than one parent17:14
yvlbut if it makes your life easier, please do go on with the implementation17:14
th1aBecause nobody will every be able to use this otherwise.17:14
th1aThere is a point to having more than one parent.17:14
th1aVA CTE requires it.17:14
th1aThey have nodes with more than one parent!17:14
yvlyes :D17:14
aelkner_i mean, what is it that they require that we would need more than one parent17:14
replaceafillis that the INDUSTRY vs EDUCATION part?17:15
th1aThey have multiple overlapping document structures.17:15
th1a(that's the way I see it)17:15
aelkner_i don't see a need for overlapping docment structures17:15
th1aMy point is that it is necessary, because our primary user requires it.17:16
aelkner_so if someone else sees that need, by all means show me how17:16
th1aHowever, it is an uncommon case.17:16
yvlaelkner_, can you please take a look at CTE data and confirm that?17:16
th1aaelkner_:  This has been a requirement all along, so drop it.17:16
th1aIt is a real, actual requirement.17:16
th1athe most common use case is, you're a secretary, with a book of standards, arranged in a hierarchy, and you have to type this shit in.17:17
th1aThat's what you're worried about aelkner_.17:17
th1aThat has to make sense to a school clerk in San Salvador.17:17
th1aOr a teacher, and ALL of them think of skills as coming packaged as documents.17:17
aelkner_yeah, i'm with you on that17:18
th1aDocuments are to hide our abstractions.17:18
aelkner_it's a good thing, too, because we don't even have a definition for our abstractions17:19
th1aThere isn't a problem with the underlying skills data model though.17:19
aelkner_so we better hide them :)17:19
aelkner_and my issue is, i do't know what coding assumptions to make when i don't even see the purpose17:19
aelkner_of having multple parents/layers17:19
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aelkner_i mean, how often do i have to code protectively for those cases, and wy?17:20
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aelkner_it wou;ld really help, coding it i mean, if i knew what the point was17:20
aelkner_that way, i could have and if statement, you know like in python and all17:20
th1aYour objective is to hide multiple parents and show the one relevant to the current document context.17:20
aelkner_al right, here's the scanario17:21
th1aWhich, as I said in the original email, you may just do by tracking user navigation.17:21
th1aRemember what parent they came from.17:21
th1aGo back that way.17:21
aelkner_what parent?17:21
th1aThe parent of the node you're looking at.17:21
aelkner_what if it has more than one?17:22
th1aKeep track of which parent they came from.17:22
th1aTake them back the same way.17:22
aelkner_how do you keep track?17:22
aelkner_if i visit a url path/to node/docment.html17:22
aelkner_what do i know about which parent?17:23
yvlI think this is what you have to solve17:23
th1aCookie?  Session variable?17:23
aelkner_th1a, no17:23
th1aTraversal magic?17:23
th1aIf you go straight to a node, you're not browsing a document.17:24
th1aShow both parents.17:24
th1aIf you browse via a document, just remember the path.17:24
aelkner_if you are looking at a node, there is a Done button, where does it go?17:24
th1aThat depends on how you got there.17:25
aelkner_a url17:25
aelkner_this is a web server, not a stand-alone app17:25
aelkner_one can visit a url any time they like17:26
aelkner_and it has to make sense to deliver the payload17:26
aelkner_we do this all over the app17:26
th1aIf they go straight to the node, take them back to the nodes index.17:26
aelkner_we NEVER rely on where the user clicked!17:26
th1aaelkner_:  If you have a better solution to the problem, fine.17:26
aelkner_yes, i do17:26
aelkner_but if i suggest it, you'll reject it, and that's not my fault17:27
th1aIf your suggestion does not meet VA CTE's requirements, it is not a solution.17:27
aelkner_i think it would17:27
aelkner_my suggestion is this:17:27
aelkner_nodes can only have one parent17:27
aelkner_there is no need for an overlapping tree17:27
aelkner_if they need two trees, fine17:28
aelkner_they just create two of them17:28
aelkner_all trees lead to leaves, skilllsets17:28
aelkner_skillsets can in fact be linked to more than one node17:28
aelkner_but none of our views would require knowing how to navigate from a skillset to a node17:29
aelkner_so it wouldn't matter that there is more then one node for a sillset in CTE case17:29
aelkner_i can't see why nodes would overlap17:29
th1aYou'd still have to navigate from skillsets to multiple parent nodes, right?17:29
aelkner_if they navigate the nodes tree, they can get to the skillset17:29
aelkner_they will think they are navigating Courses and Competency Groups17:30
aelkner_but in fact, they will be navgating nodes17:30
aelkner_that part of hiding the objects from the user makes sense to me17:30
aelkner_but the part of having multiple parents does not17:30
aelkner_and noone has defined a use case where it would be needed17:30
th1aThis was all hashed out in VA.17:31
th1aIn fact, I did find some more Post-It notes while cleaning my room, and step 1) at the top was "Create a standards document"17:32
th1aAnd 2) was "Set up levels"17:32
th1aSo we've already talked about all this at length.17:33
aelkner_talking is fun, doing something productive is another matter entirely17:33
aelkner_here's what i'm going to do17:34
th1aIf you navigate directly to a node, do you need to know which parent to go "up" to?17:34
aelkner_i'm gong to code as if nodes have only one parent17:34
th1aNO YOU ARE NOT.17:34
aelkner_th1a, of course17:34
th1aWhat if in that case you just go up to "nodes?"17:34
th1aWhy would you expect the application to guess correctly?17:35
aelkner_for example, /path/to/BasicFuctionalSkills/document.html17:35
aelkner_there's a url that already works in trunk17:36
aelkner_it has a list of Competency groups and a Done button17:36
aelkner_guess what, the Done button knows where to go, funny that :)17:36
aelkner_if there were more than one parent (again why the fuck would we need that), there would be no way to go up17:37
th1aIf you navigate via a document structure to a multi-parent node, where do you think "done" should take you?  The parent you came from?17:37
th1a(note also we don't necessarily need "done" at all in this case)17:38
aelkner_this is a browser, it doesn't require that you get to a url from somewhere17:38
th1aWhat would the user expect?17:38
th1aLook this would work fine with a query string in the url.17:38
th1aif there is a from_parent= then you go back there.17:39
th1aIf not, back up to nodes.17:39
aelkner_ok, that would work17:39
yvlth1a, maybe we could just change the data model to handle what aelkner_ proposed?17:39
replaceafillcouldn't this Done button behave like other links and cancel buttons we have, with a camefrom/back_url attribute?17:39
aelkner_yvl, thanks for validating that i may have a point17:39
aelkner_could you address the two non-overlapping trees point i made a moment ago?17:40
aelkner_i mean, is there really any reason for having overlapping trees?17:40
th1aI see no reason to change at this point.17:40
th1aIt should have been brought up a long time ago, and I'm fine with a fricking query string.17:40
aelkner_there was no reason to bring it up long ago17:41
aelkner_i remember the discussions, and one thing that was clear from listening was that nothing was rally decided17:41
th1aIT WAS DECIDED.17:41
aelkner_th1a, you're just trying to frustrate me, aren't you?17:42
aelkner_i mean, how can you say something is decided and then none can define it?17:42
th1aaelkner_:  Do you really think I can't come up with a counter-example, if I try hard?17:42
aelkner_it doesn't make any sense17:42
aelkner_if there is a need for overlapping trees, show me an quick simple example17:42
aelkner_i've been trying to say for a while now17:42
aelkner_if you have no ability to provide an example, then you don't have anything17:43
aelkner_again, i ask, why overlapping trees?!17:43
th1aWhat if you have two documents which are the same nodes re-arranged?17:43
aelkner_th1a, to answer your question, no i don't believe you can17:43
aelkner_why would you have that?17:44
th1aWhat if the revision is reorganization?17:44
aelkner_revise all you want17:44
aelkner_you dont need ovelapping trees for that17:44
aelkner_just a new tree17:44
aelkner_remember, you made me realize this before17:44
aelkner_we don't care about the trees more than  as a navigation to the skillsets17:44
yvllooking at this discussion, I'm starting to think that it would be fastest to restrict to one parent, one layer relationship17:45
aelkner_so the user creates any number of trees if they like17:45
yvlas in - fastest to get it working now17:45
aelkner_yvl, thank you, thank you17:45
aelkner_glad to see someone is listening17:45
th1aI don't see how it is faster than what we already have working now.17:45
th1aNow we have to add a bunch of new validation, right?17:45
aelkner_ok, so here's the deal17:45
yvlit's like two places17:46
yvlone for parents "have only one"17:46
yvlon for layers "have only one"17:46
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th1aThis is to save us using a query string?17:47
yvlso if that makes things going forwards now, we should consider it17:47
yvlyes, since Node.findPaths will return one path -17:47
yvlas long as we enforce this17:47
aelkner_yvl, yes, thats enforce it17:47
th1aSkillsets still can have multiple parents?17:48
aelkner_what i'm trying to do is get this done, and that involves not, i repeat not, overengineering17:48
aelkner_th1a, skillsets need no parents17:48
aelkner_tey live alone, isolated, they are the real skill containers17:48
aelkner_te nodes are for navigating to them17:48
aelkner_more than one tree could lead to the same skillset, np17:49
yvlso in a way - yes, they can have "multiple parents"17:49
th1aSo... how do I navigate to and from?17:49
aelkner_but the trees need to have integrity17:49
yvlI'm just rephrasing what aelkner_ said17:49
aelkner_yvl, yes, skillsets have multiple parents in that sense17:49
aelkner_but, nodes do not17:49
th1aSo how do I know which node to navigate to from a skillset?17:50
aelkner_you never need to, why would you need to do that?17:50
yvlthat is a very good question17:50
aelkner_if you navigate the document, you get to the skillset17:50
yvlfor example, when you are in a course, and see a skillset17:51
th1aBecause I am a normal human navigating my skills document.17:51
yvland it is used in, say, 20-ish nodes17:51
aelkner_guys, listen up please, do not interrupt for a second17:51
aelkner_i already coded these views and they work fine17:51
aelkner_the user gets to the skillset from navigating the document tree17:52
aelkner_and yes, i did need to have a next_url querystring17:52
aelkner_to allow the Done button on the skill view to work17:52
aelkner_but that was ll17:52
th1aThat will work for nodes, too.17:52
aelkner_actuall, the skillset view was not even a skillset view but a node view17:53
th1aHere's another case -- CTE resource puts out a new document every year, but most of the top level nodes don't change.  I think it is better to have a node point to multiple documents if it appears in multiple documents.17:54
aelkner_th1a, if CTE puts out a new document every year, why don't we have them make a new tree17:55
aelkner_why do we need to overlap this shit, to make our lives more difficult?17:56
aelkner_it doesn't make their's any simpler17:56
th1aWell, for one thing it makes it clearer which nodes have changed.17:56
th1aIf you can look at the child development node and see that it points to the 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 documents, that's helpful.17:57
th1ahi highvoltage -- we're in the middle of a small design dispute.  ;-)17:57
aelkner_th1a, i'm curios how it helps them to think about nodes, but go ahead and explain that17:58
th1aWe've already made our lives difficult, and you've already implemented the only solution that I can see we need, so I don't understand the problem.17:58
highvoltageth1a: I see :)17:58
aelkner_we didn't need to make our live difficult, and we still don't17:59
aelkner_we have objects that can point to each other, that is good17:59
highvoltageth1a: well, if the zentyal guys join... at least they have lots of software experience so they'll understand17:59
th1aOK guys, if stranger's show up, we're all happy on this channel.17:59
aelkner_ok, th1a, i tell you what, i'll take this offline with yvl so you can meet wth others18:00
th1aNo, you will not.18:00
highvoltageth1a: (ah, I sent you an email, btw, which I'm already referring too but not sure that you read it)18:00
th1aI saw it but have not read it yet.18:00
th1aThe bottom line here is that these documents and how people use them aren't particularly rational.18:00
th1aAnd sooner or later someone's going to want to do something that you think makes no sense.18:01
yvlth1a, maybe we can just implement the simplest approach now, without changing the underlying model,18:01
th1aSo I'm happy to have something flexible enough to accomodate that.18:01
yvland then return to it this autumn, if need be18:01
th1aI think we should keep what we have and change it if there is a problem.18:02
aelkner_i don't see a need to change the data model18:02
yvlwell, here's the thing - limiting to one parent is not changing that much18:02
yvlis more like18:02
aelkner_yvl, yes!18:02
yvl... not implementing all of the features18:02
th1aLet me put it this way.18:02
th1aSomebody someday will probably have to pay money to remove this restriction someday.18:03
th1aWhich is stupid considering we've already implemented it without it.18:03
yvlwell, we implemented the DM part18:03
yvlnot the views18:03
yvlso "removing restriction" means coding extra in the views18:04
yvlI'm just saying, th1a, this might, maybe, be less...18:04
yvlhow to phrase it...18:04
yvlinvestigations on the details on how the views should work18:05
th1aThe fact of the matter is that we devoted considerable time to creating this level of flexibility.18:05
th1aSo we might as well keep it.18:05
th1aHiding the flexibility is not so much work.18:06
th1aBut if we'd designed this less flexibly it would have been much easier in the first place.18:06
aelkner_th1a, we don't need to change anything, so i'm not sure what you're referring to18:06
aelkner_we just never needed the multiple parent thing18:07
aelkner_so since never needed it, and never will, np18:07
th1aI'm saying, if we were ok making these trees, the whole thing would have been simpler18:07
th1aYou don't know that we'll never need it.18:07
th1aAnd if you thought that, you needed to say so in VA.18:07
th1aWe had lengthy, days long design discussions and settled on this design.18:08
th1aWe spent extra time to implement it.18:08
th1aAnd there is no need to paper over it to avoid using a few query strings.18:08
th1aThe time for YAGNI was four months ago.18:09
aelkner_so here's what i'm going to do18:13
aelkner_each node will have one and only one level, telling us what it is, Course, Competency Group18:13
aelkner_class Document(Node):18:14
th1aDoes each node only have one level now?18:14
aelkner_we use relationships which are always mant to many, so the data model currently already allows it18:15
aelkner_yvl, i was going to ask to discuss a singleton relationship property, but that's for another discussion18:16
aelkner_no time now18:16
aelkner_i need a document object to define what the hierarchy is18:16
aelkner_another new relationship of document to layers18:16
aelkner_that list of layers will be the hierachy18:17
aelkner_since relationships act as dictionaries in that they are hashed18:17
aelkner_there is no order, so18:17
aelkner_i will need to count on layers having parents18:17
aelkner_so if we have Course layer, no parent18:18
aelkner_Competency Group layer, parent, Course18:18
aelkner_and a final layer, say, Competency, parent, Competency Group18:18
aelkner_then is would be possible for the document object to have a hierarchy attribute18:19
aelkner_that would be a non-ordered list of layers (again hashing means no order)18:19
aelkner_and i would use the parental relationship of the layers to determine which order they go in18:19
aelkner_if a layer can have more than one parent, i'm not sure how that would be possible18:20
aelkner_i mean, i do need to write python, so it has to be possible to calculate18:21
aelkner_and since it doesn't make sense for there to be multiple parents anyway18:21
th1aaelkner_:  Stop.18:22
th1aHere is what you're going to do.18:22
th1aYou're going to build on what we did with the skills browser view you just wrote.18:22
th1aYou're going to make a very simple document object to define the top layer.18:22
th1aAnd you're going to use query strings to let people navigate up and down through the documents.18:23
th1aThat's all we need.18:23
th1aAnd we need to let the user define the layers so they can add them in the correct order.18:24
th1aThat is all we need.18:24
th1aThis entire project is time constrained.  We need to keep moving.18:25
th1aWe could just drop the entire task for now since VA doesn't really care about it.18:27
aelkner_let's let yvl go18:30
yvla bag of gravel would be appreciated18:31
* yvl has some commitments :|18:31
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.18:32
* th1a is on the phone with aelkner_.18:32
yvlthanks guys18:32
replaceafillthanks everybody18:32
yvldon't hesitate to email if anything18:32
aelkner_thanks guys18:32
th1aHave a good week/weekend.18:32
th1aOh, there will be emails.18:32
aelkner_yvl, thanks, will do18:32
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* th1a and aelkner_ made up.19:31
replaceafillth1a, i think vinny didn't put the date of the report on the templates, should we keep it?21:20
th1aThe date it is printed?21:20
replaceafillat the bottom21:20
replaceafillcreated with school tool, page number, date21:21
th1aWe have it currently?21:21
replaceafillyes, we have that format ^21:21
th1aWhat are you working on?21:21
replaceafillthe new footer :)21:21
th1aLeave it out for now.21:22
th1aIs the footer going to keep you busy for a while?21:26
replaceafillhhmm not really, i already finished21:26
replaceafillbut i'm adjusting what i've done21:26
replaceafillmaking it easier to use21:26
replaceafillcleaning, etc21:26
th1aOK, shall we think about a section roster report?21:29
replaceafilli still wonder what to put where vinny placed the school info though21:29
th1aJust the name of the school for now I'd think.21:29
replaceafillah ok21:29
th1aWe really should add school address & phone.21:30
replaceafilli think we could attach them as preference attributes to the app21:30
replaceafillapp object21:31
replaceafillthey're annotations21:31
th1aCan you point this person to the colors css sheet?
replaceafilloh oh, and the question finally came :D21:32
replaceafill"how do i customize the look/feel?"21:32
th1aThis is what we're trying to deal with now:
replaceafillah yes21:33
replaceafillthe "poster" part confused me21:33
th1aMe too.21:33
replaceafilli thought he wanted something big to put in a wall or something21:34
th1aThat's why lots of follow ups are necessary.  ;-)21:34
th1aWe immediately get into the classic "how do I identify the section" issue.21:34
replaceafillvinny put the term at the top right21:36
replaceafillthat maybe helps21:36
th1aLets base this off the student profile report.21:36
th1aSECTION ROSTER also in the top bar.21:38
th1aI'd say course name should be biggest, and maybe we put instructors at right where the address is?21:40
th1aAlso in a bigger font.21:40
th1aCourse name(s)21:42
th1aHm... maybe we should let those have the whole width.21:42
th1aNot have two columns.21:43
th1aWe'll have to fiddle with the font sizes.21:43
th1aI think course and instructors we should just flow to the right.21:44
th1aIf there are multiple instructors they can be on one line.21:44
replaceafillsomething like:
replaceafillthat one is using the section title21:45
replaceafillwhere you want the course21:46
replaceafillbut i mean,  the layout21:46
th1aThis is kind of a mess.21:48
th1aThe never ending battle over section identifiers.21:48
replaceafill"and where's the school year"...21:49
th1aThat's not a big concern.21:49
th1aIdentifying the damn thing is.21:49
th1aJust put the term and year in the header.  You don't need the term's start and end dates.21:51
th1aOr... just the term title is fine really.21:51
th1amumble grumble21:51
th1aI guess do term | year21:52
th1aDo that for now.21:52
th1aOK, so Course(s) titles where Charles Brown now is.21:53
th1aNothing at right.21:53
th1aBelow the course titles, first line is21:53
th1asection title (if any) and then section ID in parenthesis21:55
th1aHistory A – 1 (history_a_2012-spring_teacher002_000)21:55
th1aThen Instructors:21:55
th1aThen the hairball -- we'll need a version of the schedule table.21:56
th1aActually the design should translate just fine.21:57
th1aMaybe we should just put a check in the periods it meets,21:57
th1aso that gets rid of some spacing issues.21:57
th1aThen we just need a table of students.  Last, first, middle, ID.21:58
replaceafillID from demographics, correct?22:00
replaceafillor username?22:00
th1aI guess demographics.22:00
replaceafillshould the schedule table repeat in each page?22:02
replaceafillth1a, i'll go get lunch, i'll try to have the roster ready in the morning to show you22:09
th1aCool.  Thanks.22:09
*** ignas has quit IRC22:27
th1areplaceafill:  Can you tell Vinny if we need inches or pixels?22:47
replaceafillth1a, done23:00
*** menesis has quit IRC23:20

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