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mattva01jeff is still connecting19:50
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replaceafillmattva01, kk19:50
jelknerok, here is the deal19:50
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jelknerour looooong awaited opportunity to present to the APS data folks and ask for an ST pilot is tomorrow morning at 8:30 am19:51
jelknerhere is what i need to to do today:19:52
jelkner1. setup an instance with an integrated st gradebook and skills gradebook19:52
jelkner2. populate it with some demo data (just enough to show the tool)19:52
jelkner3. prepare a presentation for tomorrow morning at 8:30 am19:52
jelknercan we do this?19:53
jelkneri talked to th1a19:53
replaceafillwe already have one19:53
replaceafilllog in as:19:53
* jelkner thinks, replaceafill is always one step ahead of me! ;-)19:53
replaceafillit has joe youcha math skills demo19:53
replaceafillcan you log in?19:54
replaceafillyou'll see the Gradebook tab19:54
replaceafilland a CanDo tab19:54
jelknerjust did19:54
replaceafilli think the gradebook is empty, but you can create the activities you need19:54
replaceafilli could enable the journal too if you want?19:55
jelknerdo external activities work yet?19:55
replaceafilljelkner, no not yet, sorry19:55
jelkneri'll just talk about that19:55
replaceafillit's in the TODO list :)19:55
jelknertell them we had it last summer19:55
jelknerand we will have it this summer19:55
jelknerno need to enable the journal19:55
jelkneri'll use my own instance for that19:56
jelknerso i can talk about pyquiz19:56
mattva01replaceafill, you have saved me tons of pain, and for that I thank you :p19:56
replaceafillah, yes19:56
replaceafillmattva01, :D19:56
replaceafillglad to know ;)19:56
jelknerdamn, this is *way* easier then i anticipated!19:56
replaceafillthis is the instance i use to show Tom and David new stuff19:57
jelknerwe'll try not to destroy it then19:57
jelknerok, i need to go work on the presentation19:57
replaceafillit's just demo data, dont worry19:57
jelkneri've already got everything i need19:57
replaceafilli'm doing our laundry but i'll leave the chats open in case you need something19:58
jelknerreplaceafill, go back to your wife and daughter19:58
jelknersorry to take you away from them19:58
replaceafillnp man19:58
jelkneri got to say hi to marcela19:59
jelknerso this was worth it anyway19:59
jelknerok, i'll call you if there is any unexpected problem19:59
jelknerbut i don't think i will need to19:59
jelknerlooks like i'm good to go19:59
replaceafillgood luck ;)19:59
jelknerreplaceafill, it's ok to add activites and worksheets, yes?20:01
* jelkner takes that as a yes ;-)20:01
jelknerhow do you fill down competencies?20:07
jelknernever m ind20:08
jelknerwhy is it left click instead of right click?20:10
jelknerthat is non-standard20:10
jelkneri figured it out20:10
jelknerbut my first instinct was definitely to right click20:11
replaceafillto me, it should be left click, but with an indicator or something20:11
jelkneroptions menus are usually right click20:12
jelknerthat's standard20:12
jelknerbut firefox itself uses the right click20:12
jelknerin this case, for options that don't apply20:12
mattva01intercepting right click is a pain, I think most people create like an invisible canvas window or something20:12
jelknerlike "open link in new tab"20:12
jelknerfair enough20:13
jelknermattva01 was already telling me that20:13
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jelknerreplaceafill, where can i get the ST logo?20:39
replaceafillhold on20:40
jelkneryou guys should make those easier to find20:42
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